Integrated gaming between mega traditional will and bitcoin is the norm in the future

The war between large traditional consortia and Bitcoin will be joined by national forces in the future, a multi-power game, a whole new world war.

Integrated gaming between mega traditional will and bitcoin is the norm in the future


The war between consortiums and bitcoin is a new world war, with national powers joining in the future.

This is a war between a giant consortium with traditional power behind it, represented by Musk, and Bitcoin, and the future will be a multi-powered war, a new “world war”. The following text is circulating on social networks today, and it’s an all-out war (2021.5.14 – now)

On May 14th, Cryptocurrency CEO Zhao Changpeng said he had taken down Musk’s tweet

On May 14th, Musk said he was working with Doge developers to improve the efficiency of the doge transfer system.

On May 14, a large number of value coin investors began to express their desire to stop Musk’s “market manipulation” and said “doge is a junk coin.”

On May 16th, Michael Saylor said that the world needs Bitcoin, not doge.

On May 16, Musk said doge could win if it had 10x faster block confirmation, 10x larger block size, and 100x lower fees.

On May 16, one of the core developers of Litecoin argued that the above features Musk said were simply not achievable, and that doge could not use such a fast network at all.

On May 16, Musk retorted, “I’m the founder of paypal, I know more about online payments than you do.”

On May 16, Musk was questioned about how to solve the over-centralization of doge coin.

On May 16, Musk was questioned by a large number of famous cryptocurrency technicians and institutional investors, who all thought that doge was useless garbage and that Musk should not keep protecting such a garbage coin.

Here comes the heavy drama!

In the early morning of May 17, Musk said “those nasty comments make me want to All In Doge”

In the early hours of May 17, Musk commented on Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin titty saying “he should wear sexy pants with the Bitcoin logo on Halloween”, a direct jab at Bitcoin believers.

In the early morning hours of May 17, Musk pointed out that Bitcoin is actually highly centralized. The implication was that “you fanatical believers in bitcoin are not qualified to say doge is bad and bitcoin is no good”

In the early hours of May 17, more and more Bitcoin believers started calling Musk out, and Musk’s Twitter messages were full of curses from HODLER.

So he directly used the big move, implying: Tesla will liquidate bitcoin on the next earnings release date

Such heavy bearish news quickly sent bitcoin prices reeling.

Bitcoin’s 24-hour low price reached a disastrous 43825

Bitcoin’s bull market was a success and a failure for Musk.

If Musk hadn’t announced in late January that Tesla would support bitcoin payments and that Tesla would start hoarding bitcoin, then bitcoin would not have been able to break out of the January downtrend, and then catch up with the NASDAQ stock setback in late February, and the bitcoin bull market would have mostly ended in February and March.

If Musk hadn’t announced on May 13 that Tesla was suspending bitcoin payments, then bitcoin might have been able to try again to hit the $60,000 mark, and perhaps this crazy feast could have been continued, and if Musk hadn’t hinted today that Tesla would sell bitcoin, then bitcoin might have been able to stabilize at the $50,000 mark. The gods are fighting, the mortals are eating.

Perhaps Musk, indeed, represents the “will” of the traditional consortium to rewrite the crypto market landscape. For the real traditional forces now, the amount of money that used to change bitcoin is child’s play.

Traditional capital is very large, and they are bullish on the future of cryptocurrencies, but they are not making money on bitcoin, or even if they did, the total market cap of the entire bitcoin is just how much, and with the early holders, they can’t control bitcoin, just like they controlled US Dollar, and now they need to rewrite the crypto landscape and take control again. This power to control the crypto, now is the European and American consortium, soon there will be other big countries to join, the power of the country to join the game, is a comprehensive game of multiple forces, will be more complex.

Environmental protection is itself a “rule of the game” created by the European and American traditional consortium capital, that is, the so-called political correctness, all financial and economic have to enter this circle, in order to be qualified to play the game.

Europe and the United States are using environmental protection to suppress China, those large European and American consortia are certainly using this, can be the most powerful weapon, the general public does not matter, but the large consortia can not smash their own established model, the traditional field of capital is much larger, much larger than the bitcoin.

I think Musk is not saying that he wants to kill Bitcoin, he is not saying that he wants to kill Bitcoin, because Bitcoin can’t be killed, he should know that, but he wants to make his own project cluster all for the dog coin, forming a “closed loop “It’s a great idea to have a cluster of projects associated with the dogcoin cryptocurrency, and it will expand to outside organizations, so there are bound to be a lot of people who want to join him. Musk is certainly not likely to issue coins by himself, himself, that is not obviously centralized? If you don’t keep one for yourself, then there is no point. Dogcoin, like Tesla, is the ideal brand in his mind and has formed a brand perception, and both have common attributes.

There are always people who take past people and things analogous to what Musk is doing now with Bitcoin. If it used to be the budding period of anti-Bitcoin, then it is now the growing period of anti-Bitcoin, and if it used to be the spring of anti-Bitcoin, then it is now the summer. Things in the budding period may not grow up, but things in the growing period may not be the same. On the one hand Musk’s influence, capital control ability and the previous people are completely different, the other is that environmental protection is a hard concept

On April 1, 2019, April Fool’s Day, the official Twitter of Dogcoin released a survey asking who should be the next CEO of Dogcoin. the final result was that Musk won with 54% of the votes. Musk gladly accepted the “position” and changed his Twitter profile to “CEO of Dogecoin”.

Musk represents the traditional consortium capital + world powers + traditional bitcoin whales, the game is the norm in the future. The bitcoin whales would have been comfortable, but the traditional superpowers will not let them be comfortable. The world’s major powers definitely don’t want the bitcoin whales to take control of world finance.

The idea of forking dogcoin is that those people have too low a pattern and simply don’t understand Musk. Not only ordinary people, but now even many financiers and big V’s will think that Musk forked dogcoin, these people simply can’t understand the grand scheme of things.

It can only be said that it is a “will” of the traditional consortium, but also depends on the various world powers, there are some countries’ ‘will’. Comprehensive game is the norm. The days of Bitcoin giant whales will not be easy in the future.

On the one hand, people who oppose crypto have become more and more “hostage” to the world tide. All kinds of traditional forces, including traditional consortium capital and major world powers, have seen the future of crypto economy, which is a new world-class battlefield.

Most of those who oppose cryptocurrencies see the speculative side, but their opposition is irrational, knowing that the essence of cryptocurrencies is mathematical logic, which does not trust anyone’s so-called “integrity”, but uses logic to achieve “algorithmic trust”. “. Without abstraction, the world would not be able to move an inch.

That’s why the people who attacked Bitcoin and the people who attacked Copernicus at the time are the same kind of people, that’s why.

In addition, people in the crypto circle seem to see that the whole network is denouncing Musk, but in fact, I am afraid that this is only the well vision in the circle, and then look outside the circle, look at the whole world. The people who are vocal about it are definitely those who have a vested interest in Bitcoin. Moving the roots. Musk also doesn’t want to piss off the cryptocurrency community, and again bitcoin is going up, there’s no need to have a problem with money. Also I read the words of another bitcoin holder who posted video content of bitcoin environmental protection, reply, meaning and Musk common prosperity.

V God destroyed the vast majority of SHIB. triggered by the outbreak of basically two lines, one is technology-driven to bring a surge in user volume, the other is the viral spread of user volume surge, no matter which one, the essence is the user volume surge. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

AC and Musk completely different two roads, AC’s experience may not apply to Musk. I think Musk is doing well for himself, sticking to one coin, just like he did with Tesla in the beginning.

Although the overall decline is currently looking as if it’s going into a bear market, it’s just a small twist, though, and the bigger the bull market, the bigger such small twists and turns on the way forward. A bull market is the best time for large investors to manipulate the market, and it would be nice to have 10% of the people making money. A bull market is just an acceleration device for the influx of a large number of users.

Many people are worried that the bull market will end soon, but in fact, the real protagonist of this bull market, “decentralized applications”, has not really launched its fist yet, UNISWAP and various L2-based dAPPs will enlarge the crypto user base ten times more in this bull market. The bigger climax will be the L2 layer network application that brings bigger user growth, just like the pancakeswap driven by meme coins a few days ago (the trading protocols themselves are the biggest user applications), which will see a huge number of external users come in and reach the climax of the bull market. At that point the surge of new users because of the app will also bring up the bitcoin price.

In other words, there are two major directions to look at: one is technically supposed to be applications, which often have low upfront investment costs but a large market, and will generate 10,000x coins. (Note: will not be the infrastructure class, because the infrastructure class has been highly valued in the early stages, such as DFINITY, storage, L2 layer network, 10,000 times basically impossible), the application should be just in demand, there is a strong appeal of the gene. The second category is to have a very strong communication characteristics, such as meme class. Can not only look at the technology-driven user growth, viral propagation properties are also very important.

No matter the technical base or the pure viral type of propagation, the user expansion ability is very strong. The key to coin growth is the growth rate of user volume. Of course dogcoin has attracted a large number of people outside the circle, but that is not enough. The high risk stimulus of pure speculation will produce huge ups and downs through the market’s own regulation, thus allowing the application to rise. In addition various Web3 infrastructures will take shape from concept to product in this bull market, we can already see from the current blockchain wallet how individual users perceive what is the user side of Web3, but the wallet is only an early form.

The goal of decentralization is not to make centralized applications disappear, but to make them the users’ own applications, not those of tech giants. dfinity is very likely to become the next generation of decentralized biggest infrastructure, for ethereum, just like when the personal computer operating system went from DOS to WINDOWS. Ether has more of the asset advantage of the pre-formed DEFI application, that is, the fact that a settlement layer has been formed, and the application on DFINITY has to be done further up the layer, that is, the decentralized version of the multifarious centralized applications we use today. The purpose of such a trend is of course the overall and project itself is more efficient, with less code to achieve complex functions, and the right to data belongs to the individual.

Indeed, the current bull market is just a prelude to dAPP, and based on Web3 infrastructure, the next bull market will see a flourishing variety of dAPPs, not just DEFI and DEFI+, which can be called broadly decentralized applications.

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