Institutions frequently set up chain travel funds: Where does the money go?

The explosion of chain games is a foregone conclusion. 

The phenomenon-level Axie Infinity depicts the broad prospects of chain games for the public, and the popular “meta-universe” is naturally compatible with the game, which has pushed chain games to a new climax and has become the focus of the market.

Right now, more and more funds are pouring into GameFi. Not only is the chain game project favored by the primary market, but some leading institutions have also even established a GameFi special fund to seize the trend of chain games.

According to Golden Finance, under the recent upsurge of online games, four special funds for online games have been established, with a total scale of US$450 million. They are the Play Future Fund established by Play Ventures, BSC and Animoca Brands (NFT developers) jointly launched GameFi, jointly established by GameVest and FTX, Solana Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Bitkraft Token Fund I, launched by game investment platform BitKraft Ventures. Next, let’s take a look at what projects these funds have invested in?

After sorting out public information, it is found that, except for GameVest, other chain game funds have taken action.


ReNFT is an NFT leasing platform through which NFT holders can lease their assets and obtain cash flow income during the asset holding period. From the perspective of NFT renters, if there is a temporary demand for a certain NFT asset and do not want to buy it out at a time, you can rent a suitable NFT asset through the product platform.

When CryptoPunks and Loot exploded this year, ReNFT immediately supported the leasing and fragmentation of the two projects. It is worth noting that in October this year, ReNFT also received a strategic investment led by Animoca Brands.

  • Guidi


Guidi aims to empower all game communities and create interoperability throughout the meta-universe, to solve and discover problems for players while improving player performance and maximizing the rewards they can obtain.

In November this year, GuildFi complete DeFiance Capital and co-led investor Hashed, totaling a $ 6.0 million seed round of financing Alameda Research, Animoca Brand’s isoparametric vote. In the next stage, GuildFi plans to connect games, NFTs, and communities through the development of Web3 infrastructure, and to elevate the game guild to a new level, thereby maximizing the life-long interests of players and achieving interoperability across the universe.

  • Faraway Games

The start-up game studio Faraway was co-founded by Alex Paley and Dennis Zdonov. Its first game, Mini Royale: Nations, is a first-person shooter. Recently, Faraway announced the completion of a US$21 million Series A financing led by FTX and Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from a16z, Solana, Jump Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Pantera Capital. The funds will be used to develop browser-based games on the Solana network.


Faraway stated that Mini Royale: Nations will be the first multiplayer online game on the Solana chain.

  • Yield Guild Games (ASB)

YGG, a well-known chain game guild by insiders. The popularity of Axie Infinity is inseparable from the promotion of YGG.

Today, YGG is positioned as a channel between players and games. These games include  The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time, Embersword,  Splinterlands, Guild of Guardians, etc. On the one hand, it makes the game very easy to use; on the other hand, it allows players to access the game by investing in-game assets and organizing scholarship programs.

  • Immutable X


Immutable X known as the first Ethernet Square on layer2 as games, applications, market transactions, NFT provides zero gas costs, scalability, and a real-time trading platform.

On December 1, Immutable X announced the launch of its first community development grant (Alpha), with a total value of 12,000 IMX. The program will recognize creative ideas and talented community members for expanding the Immutable X ecosystem.

  • Alethea AI

Alethea AI, an AI infrastructure service provider for smart NFTs, is committed to creating a scalable and interactive smart NFT (NFT). Previously, Alethea AI and Robert Alice launched the first iNFT work GPT-3 NFT at Sotheby’s Auction House Successfully auctioned for 478,000 US dollars.

In addition to Bitkraft, there are NFT Fund Metapurse, crypto investment institutions Multicoin Capital, Capital, Alameda Research, billionaire investor Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban), Dapper Labs, etc. among its investment institutions. Alethea AI plans to build a meta-universe composed of robots.

  • Horizon Games

Horizon Blockchain Games is a game developer blockchain, aims its products, will Web3, Ethernet Square coexistence, and economic power to bring players, and other consumers and developer. Horizon Blockchain Games released the card collecting competitive game SkyWeaver in 2019. It is reported that Horizon Blockchain Games will also launch a wallet and developer platform Sequence in the future.

The game financing is very hot recently. According to the statistics of blockchain game platform service provider Blockchaingamer, as of November 10, investment in the field of blockchain games this year reached 2.56 billion U.S. dollars. Under the blessing of capital, GameFi has become more popular. In addition, according to Footprint Analytics data, in this year’s investment, the game category led other segments of the cryptocurrency market with 111 financings.


We expect that in the future, with the mature development of Web3.0, GameFi can provide rich scenarios and diverse gameplay for the implementation of blockchain technology, and can attract large-scale incremental users to enter the market.

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