Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

Written at the top: At a weekly meeting about two months ago, everyone’s head was hot and the table was digging a deep hole to sort out the entire information database of investment institutions and project entities in the encryption industry. Tormented weekends and nights, and traded an unknown number of hairs for semi-permanent dark circles. Although the Foresight Wiki was officially launched on Wednesday (August 31), just like the Beta mark, this product is still evolving, and I hope you will use it more and give more feedback.

And it was on a dizzy night when the information was recorded, I suddenly realized that some interesting information could still be dug out of the more than 3,000 institutions that were recorded. Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report.

There is no common market size in this report, nor the amount of VC investment, nor even much in-depth research related to investment project preferences, more of which are relatively shallow in the process of collecting information but may be related to traditional The data of “Tu Yile” with a different perspective of the industry analysis report.

Therefore, don’t be too serious, change your attitude and perspective, and re-understand the world map of investment institutions in the crypto field.

Regional distribution of institutions registered

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

Unsurprisingly, this is the most serious picture in the entire article. Among the more than 3,700 investment institutions included, we have counted about 2,700 institutions with clear registration location information, and produced a global report as of August 2022. Distribution map of investment institutions in the crypto space within the scope.

It is not surprising that North America occupies an absolute advantage. The number of institutions registered in the United States has reached 1,235, accounting for 33% of the total. Among them are well-known giants, including Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Coinbase Ventures, AU21 Capital, Spark Digital Capital, CMS Holdings, Digital Currency Group, Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital and Sequoia Capital to name a few. Other popular registration countries or regions are the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and South Korea.

This distribution has a very obvious correlation with the regulatory attitudes of various countries and regions around the world. According to the data and charts of Comply Advantage, the following figure shows the supervision of exchanges, ICOs and related regulations in countries around the world by the end of 2021. Trends, shades of color represent regulatory rigor:

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

Comparing the two figures, taking North America as an example, the United States and Canada, the two largest countries in North America, will be more strict in terms of encryption supervision, prohibiting encryption exchanges and ICOs, and there will also be corresponding regulations. In comparison, the United States is more relaxed, and although there will be regulations, crypto exchanges and ICOs are in a gray area. In the two North American countries with little difference in size, under different supervision, the United States has as many as 1,235 investment institutions, while Canada has only 66.

Similarly, Switzerland, which has stricter encryption regulations in Europe, has only 59 encryption investment institutions, and the relatively loose UK has 163. Among Asian countries, Singapore has the largest number of crypto investment institutions in Asia due to its relatively friendly regulation, with 149 institutions, accounting for 4.1% of the world.


Since the institutions included in the Wiki include a considerable number of traditional institutions involved in the encryption field, there will be some interference if simply counting the establishment time of the institutions, so here I directly exclude the 700 or so institutions that were established earlier than 2013. , the distribution map of the establishment time of the remaining institutions is obtained.

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

It can be seen that although investment institutions in the encryption field have begun to appear in the past few years from 2013 to 2016, the number of establishments has maintained a steady growth of 100 or less each year. In 2017, the market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Only in 2017 There are as many as 264 crypto investment institutions established in one year, and the number of institutions established in 2018 also reached 230. The year-long bear market in 2018 cooled the market in 2019, but the number of institutions established that year still exceeded This growth momentum has returned in the past two years as the market picks up again after 2020.

About investment

Among the institutional entities included, there are 3,600 entities with investment records in the field of encryption, but more than half of the investment institutions have participated in less than 5 projects in the field of encryption so far, and the proportion of institutions with investment projects below 25 has even exceeded. 90%. Although this data may be higher than the real situation due to the objective factors of missing information, we can still think that the number of institutions that are really active in the encryption field is much lower than the total number of 3,700 included, and the number of active institutions may be Only a fraction or even less of this total.

In order to eliminate distractions and dig out more valuable information, I made a simple and rude choice. I did not choose one-tenth, that is, 300, or even 100, but only selected Wiki selections. The portfolios of the top 30 institutions on the list were briefly sorted out, but also some interesting information was obtained.

These 30 institutions made a total of 2,543 investments in 1,317 projects, of which 637 projects were invested by two or more institutions. The most frequently invested projects appearing in this extremely small sample are Jambo and LayerZero Labs, both of which have received investment from 9 of the 30 institutions, while Orderly Network, Lido, Coin98 Labs and 1inch Network have all received 8 of them. institutional investment.

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

As the project with the most votes, Jambo really seems to have a taste of “ensure that Web3 happens on the African continent”. Jambo’s two financings will take place in 2022. Although it is a start-up company, the financing lineup is very strong, and it can also be seen that top institutions attach great importance to the African market. For more information about Jambo, you can refer to Foresight News’ previous article ” Pantera Partners Explain Web3 One-Stop Application Jambo: How to Bring Web3 to the African Market?” -Foresight News

LayerZero Labs believes that everyone will be familiar with it. LayerZero Labs is the development team of the full-chain interoperability protocol LayerZero. LayerZero has been built since the first quarter of 2021. It has now launched networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, Arbitrum and Optimism. In the future, it will explore functions such as on-chain unified governance, cross-chain lending, and GameFi integration. Reference reading: ” SushiSwap founder 0xMaki blessing, LayerZero and Stargate imagine space geometry? 

Profiles of other listed projects:

  • Orderly Network: It is a decentralized trading infrastructure.
  • Lido: is a liquid staking solution for Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon and Kusama.
  • Coin98 Labs: DeFi product builder focusing on creating and developing DeFi protocol ecosystems, multi-blockchain applications, DeFi product builder focusing on creating and developing DeFi protocol ecosystems, multi-blockchain applications, focusing on creating and DeFi protocol ecosystem of DeFi product builders developing blockchain applications, applications on multiple blockchains.
  • 1inch Network: 1inch is a DEX aggregator that selects the cheapest transaction link among multiple decentralized exchanges for trading.

social media information

Twitter followers

Since there are many top giants in the Internet age like Twitter and Microsoft among the main investment institutions, I didn’t expect too much from this list, but the results were really unexpected. Although the institutions that are native or only focus on the crypto industry are the latest wave of investment power, their popularity may not match the world’s major asset management giants, but it is interesting that among the institutions that have been counted, Binance Twitter followers directly ranks among the top three. It surpassed Ubisoft, the gaming giant, and almost doubled that of Sony (please cheer for Sony’s good friends every day), and Coinbase Ventures also ranked sixth.

At least in terms of the number of Twitter followers, it seems that the top players in the encryption industry have indeed shown the strength of wrestling with the Internet giants.

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report


LinkedIn followers

However, on a platform such as LinkedIn, where social attributes have weakened and workplace attributes have increased, this data has returned to the level we “expected”. Among all the institutions counted, Binance and Coinbase Ventures, which have the third and sixth highest Twitter followers, are only 35th and 30th in LinkedIn followers, while the number of followers can rank among the top 50 “crypto native”. There are only five institutions and entities.

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

Number of registered employees on LinkedIn

Among the top 100 organizations on LinkedIn in terms of employees, there are only 6 crypto-native organizations and enterprises. As shown in the figure, Block ranks first, and it is also the only organization with more than 100,000 employees.

However, it needs to be reminded here that because LinkedIn’s workplace information does not require certification, we found a lot of intentional or unintentional errors in the process of collecting information. The team members of the project team, perhaps out of the desire to obtain more “strange exposure” opportunities, do not rule out the possibility of deliberately putting personal information in the head agency, so the specific number of this number of employees is not Inaccurate, it can only be used as a reference for Figure Yile.

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

art of naming

As far as the names of investment institutions are concerned, there are 72 institutions beginning with Arabic numerals. Among the institutions starting with the 26 English letters of AZ, the number of institutions starting with S is the largest, at 349. Of course, names starting with A, B, and C are still very highly adopted. After all, such names can generally “take the lead” in the address book list, and are affected by the spelling habits of words. Organizations starting with X The least number, only 19.

Informal Crypto VC Industry Panorama Report

Compared with the first half of the name of the institution, the suffix is ​​actually more interesting. Capital, Ventures, Fund, Labs and DAO have become the most frequently occurring keywords, of which 917 are named after Capital and Ventures. 693 are named after Fund, 112 are named after Fund, and 57 are named after Labs. It seems that people still prefer to be “capital” or “venture”, and less interested in names that seem to be doing “fund” (manual dog head.jpg). Although Venture DAO has become the most common type of DAO, only 67 DAOs are named in the list of employers, and DAOs are still far from the “mainstream”.

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