Indispensable element for Vibe Web3 world above meme

“Have you heard of Vibe style?” If you are a trend player, you may have heard or even followed this trend in the past 2 years. Senior players in the trend circle think: “The essence of Vibe lies in the sense of casualness. Wearing a single product only depends on the most comfortable part of your personal aesthetic. Once you fall into the routine of searching for “oxidized soles”, it will become a deliberately stiff pose. , Losing the truly free and easy Vibe, the way you deliberately maintain is the biggest violation of the “Vibe” spirit.”

Obviously, keywords such as randomness, comfort, ease, and nature are the most important cores of Vibe.

In web3, in various DAOs, we also see the shadow of Vibe. Through the observation of many different DAOs and our own experience, we gradually discovered the importance of vibe. In this article, we try to understand Vibe from the observation of some DAOs, welcome to discuss with us.

In an interview with the New York Times, Trevor, founder of FWB (a DAO), said that in FWB, what everyone can get is Vibe, and the token reflects the value of Vibe. As the most iconic DAO of web3, FWB is obviously the DAO with the most thorough practice of “Vibe style” in web3. So what exactly is Vibe?

Indispensable element for Vibe Web3 world above meme

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What is Vibe?

Why is Vibe so important?

What does Vibe mean to the DAO/web3 community?

How did Vibe come about?

What kind of behavior weakens Vibe?

What is Vibe?

What is Vibe? It seems that it is like a work of art, and it is difficult for us to give a precise and official definition, but we try to understand it from several aspects. The literal translation of Vibe is “resonance, atmosphere, induction”, of which I think “resonance” can best convey this state in the Chinese context. In the physical sense, “resonance” refers to the phenomenon that objects make sounds due to resonance, and in the spiritual sense, it refers to the emotions generated by the mutual infection of thoughts or feelings. And both levels reflect a quality of Vibe: harmony/consistency, whether it occurs between two people or a large group; whether the phenomenon or state exists for a long time or a short time. As long as one’s emotional state or an atmosphere of an environment can be communicated to and felt by others, Vibe is born.

Vibe is a neutral word. Because we can’t deny that before a couple of bad guys are ready to do something bad, there’s a kind of vibe between them too, though that might be evil. Vibe was also created among the non-mainstream groups that killed Matt in the early 2000s, and it was sad and complicated. Vibe can be either a noun or a verb. For example, during the development process of Kill Matt, more and more members were brought into this tribe by Vibe, and activities with consistent behavior occurred, although in the end their beauty disappeared because it was difficult to be accepted by the mainstream world.

Vibe, as an emotional atmosphere, has a concentration level. When the concentration is particularly high, it will become a big carnival that is visible to the naked eye, with super infectious power. Meme is a typical representative, which often stimulates people to act in a way that is beyond rational; It manifested as some scattered discussions. The existence of a Vibe is also of different lengths. Meme usually comes and goes quickly. Maybe you remember the NFT of the Vietnamese brother; of course, there are also some vibes that are cherished and constantly maintained, such as FWB’s Vibe .

But no matter what form it takes, it’s a DAO, and even an integral part of the entire Web3.

Why is Vibe so important?

Senior DAO player Wang Chao (@cwweb3) has previously searched several popular DAO communities with the keyword “Vibe” and found that the frequency of the word Vibe in each community is ranked as follows:

Indispensable element for Vibe Web3 world above meme

Sort by frequency: BAYC(6000+)>FWB(4000+)>Mfer(2000+)>BanklessDAO(800+)>DeveloperDAO(600+)>MirrorDAO(11+). The common feature of these communities is that they are all content or culture-driven DAOs, and Vibe plays a more critical role in these communities than those in DeFiDAOs. Interestingly, we found that the frequency of Vibe in the community seems to be positively related to the productivity, vitality, and sustainable creativity of the community to a certain extent. Of course, the high frequency of the word vibe is not a DAO development. A necessary condition to be good, but the emergence of Vibe is.

For the DAO/Web3 community, people are the soul of community development. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells us that after basic needs such as physical and safety are met, people tend to start looking for love/belonging, respect and self-actualization. Humans are social animals and have a need to be accepted by society and specific groups. This is also the sense of security that many people are looking for. And the Vibe of a community, an atmosphere that matches its own temperament and makes people feel familiar can act as a safe medium to wrap people, so that people feel comfortable in such an environment. This medium actually acts as the glue that connects people. Is there anything more important to a community than connecting people?

Indispensable element for Vibe Web3 world above meme

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

It is not enough to generate connections, a weak connection may be diluted by time, maliciously compromised, etc.; but this connection is a prerequisite for the community to generate value. In modern society, many times we need to collaborate to complete some tasks and goals, and the same is true in DAO. The initial role of the community Vibe was to bring together like-minded people, and over time the number of people and, more importantly, the concentration of Vibe, followed by the urge to act, the inspiration to do things, just like the ancients Just like chatting, when we are having a great time, we start writing poems. We may also be like many rich people who wear various famous brands to express themselves when they are rich. It seems that we cannot escape the shackles of human nature at any time. Putting aside intelligence and ability, practice has also proved that the more you appreciate each other, the better the collaboration will be between people with similar tastes.

Of course, the most important thing about Vibe is to express the unique spirit of a community, and it is also one of the indicators for judging whether a DAO community can be sustainable. It’s like a work of art, and there are grades. We can draw an analogy to Danner’s analysis of the appreciation of works of art in Philosophy of Art.

The purpose of a work of art is to make one distinctive feature reign supreme. Obviously, there are many kinds of characteristics of things, and it is those characteristics that are not easy to change, the deep, inner, innate, basic, that is, the characteristics that belong to the element or material are more important than those that are superficial, external, derived Yes, the features that cross over other features are the features of coordination or arrangement that are more stable and advanced.  

We can intuitively feel the Vibes expressed by different communities, those well-done, content or culture-driven communities, they have captured some of the most essential spiritual manifestations of human beings, whether it is the pursuit of beauty or the aversion to ugliness, or just The confusion of life, a kind of vanity, and the seemingly empty beauty and ugliness are the same spiritual core that most people have, so the community that Vibe comes out of often has strong vitality, because it resonates with everyone. On the other hand, there are also communities that embody the characteristics of floating watches, and the most representative may be those imitation disk projects. Of course, there are many forms of expression outside the core, just like works that praise love not only novels, poems, but also music. So, whether it’s black and white, avatars or music, they can act as a product that realizes what Vibe has to offer.  

What does Vibe mean to the DAO/Web3 community?

We can look at the significance of Vibe to the community from the perspective of concept and implementation. We can simply compare the strategy and tactics of web2, but the occurrence of web3 is generally bottom-up.

At the conceptual level, we have already said in the important part that Vibe, as the spiritual temperament of the community, not only brings a sense of security to community members, but also complements the precipitation of community culture. But it is by no means within the conceptual framework of corporate culture. Corporate culture is top-down, it exists for the company’s products and services, not to stimulate employees’ creativity and satisfy employees’ self-realization, Vibe carries a characteristic that corporate culture cannot satisfy, respects each person’s uniqueness, Instead of forcing people into a specific box.

At the executive level, what does Vibe do? I think there are at least the following.

The focus of mechanism design.  In fact, I think the entire web3 Vibe already has, that is the kind of atmosphere of freedom, fairness, openness, etc. that people in web3 feel. People are the generator of web3 Vibe, which undoubtedly points us to an important action criterion, ranging from the design of the economic mechanism of the entire system, to the design of the onboarding process and the voting process, all of which are designed to satisfy most community members. needs and benefits, otherwise community members will quickly feel that they are only instrumental people, and will quickly quit because they feel out of place in the community.

catalyst for events.  Although meme usually feels like it’s just for hype and full of bubbles, it has to be said that its power is powerful, and people are often forced to participate in a sweeping trend. Bubbles are often the only way to go for new things, and Gartner’s Hype Cycle shows this process well. Looking back at the scenes where the community decided to do something, we will feel that Vibe, a lot of inspiration comes from the fermentation of emotions, everyone is excited, when the concentration of Vibe reaches a certain level, many people will jump out and try, and then There will be real execution.

Indispensable element for Vibe Web3 world above meme

  Gartner Hype Cycle

Frictional smoother.  Although a good community can show a high degree of unity and concentration of Vibe, everyone has their own personalities and characteristics, as well as different professions and abilities. When working in a community, friction will inevitably arise. At this time, there is no leader to coordinate. In addition to testing the subjective initiative of individuals to solve problems, Vibe can also play a great role. Just like in the random door of web3, we will have different opinions and ideas about a matter, but even if we argue fiercely about a matter, we believe that we will reach an agreement at a higher level, which is due to the unity of values, many At times this unity will be reinforced in the excitement of “Ah, yes yes, that’s it”.

In the end, a bull market is the best time to feel Vibe, but a bear market is the best time to test whether a Vibe is superior.

How did Vibe come about?

In the first podcast of Random Gate, we talked about 2 models for launching a DAO, which I think is also appropriate to illustrate the formation of Vibe.

  1. The first is that there is a centralized organization first, and then a DAO is formed based on it. There are various ways, such as brand sharing but independent organization (Bankless & Bankless DAO, the two are independent, Bankless DAO just starts DAO through the Bankless brand), or the center The organization itself becomes part of the DAO (Gitcoin team becomes part of the GitcoinDAO), in this way, the generation and establishment of the original Vibe depends on the founder team, which may just happen to a few people.
  2. The second is to first have a specific goal or creative inspiration (there is no Vibe at this time), and then achieve some goals in the form of DAO that cannot be achieved under the existing organizational framework, such as a constitutional DAO, the threshold for participation Especially low, and because the goals and concepts are very clear, it can quickly gather a large number of people, resulting in a Vibe with wide coverage.

What kind of behavior weakens Vibe?

It is not easy to form Vibe, but it is easy to destroy Vibe. Opaque information decision-making and unfair distribution of benefits may make a DAO collapse at any time. We only provide some perspectives for community builders.

  • technocracy

Technocracy, also known as “expert rule”, uses a scenario to understand this concept: Technocracy exists in almost all DAOs, and even some DAOs that seem to be successful at present have a small number of people who disagree with them. Proposals and decisions have enormous influence.

Technocracy is a manifestation of social/cultural centralization, which is not conducive to the formation of Vibe or the promotion of DAO development. Vibe needs a group of people to resonate. If a community only represents the subjective will of one or a small group of people, and does not communicate and infect other community members, Vibe will naturally not get up. A typical example is the Just DAO it model. The Just DAO it model can quickly build a DAO appearance in a short period of time, including the community, Token and its economic model, etc., but usually it has a good face and a weak inside.

In reality, the case of eliminating techno-bureaucracy happens to be the model of “building a center/forming a core first, and then decentralizing it”, such as Gitcoin and TEC DAO. They have one thing in common, that is, it takes at least a year to prepare for becoming a DAO. . Allow enough time to help community members fully understand the community or products, and even collide with the organization’s vision/mission/values ​​to build “cultural resilience”, trust, and interpersonal resonance.

Only like-minded people, coupled with the blessing of time barriers, can form the soul of the community – Vibe. Vibe is an organic life force that allows communities to continue to grow, similar to how communities have found their Schelling Point state. For more on technocracy, you can refer to “The Dark Side of the DAO: Technocracy” by DAO explorer Shawn


  • capital shock

The so-called capital shock refers to excessive profit-seeking behavior and the introduction of external capital when the community has not yet formed a strong Vibe and the productivity has not yet been reflected, which has a negative impact on governance and even the economic model.

DevDAO, at the beginning of March this year, DeveloperDAO is going to hold a meeting in the community to discuss the distribution of early contributor rewards. Because of the distribution of benefits, many people are very enthusiastic and concerned about the interests. This is understandable, but the comparison is obvious. movement? ! Competing and looting for interests has caused many people to smash votes. On the inside, it is easy to breed dark behaviors such as collusion and manipulation, and when rational discussions are needed, most people have lost patience and confidence; in terms of face, this hurts. It is the image of the community. It seems to outsiders that the ideas and beliefs that are usually respected are just to cover up the purpose of making money.

Juicebox  , which became famous with people, was overwhelmed by a group of coin players. Vibe built because of people seems to have turned into a breath of wealth overnight. The idealistic Vibe has completely disappeared, and it has not recovered to this day, and the niche community cannot bear it.

Mirror, “Mirror Chinese channel, the atmosphere was good when the first wave entered, but then came the big V to talk about currency prices, and Vibe immediately went wrong. Until later, Mirror clarified that the articles on currency speculation and whitelisting were directly rejected. The situation has only improved.” This is the frank statement of a witness.

For general defi protocols, users brush data, project parties need data, capital parties chase fame and fortune, and everyone gets what they need, but for DAO, it will be broken.


  • Malicious intrusion/sabotage

I don’t know if you have noticed that on discord, there is an important step before entering a community, which is to confirm that you don’t do things that violate the justice of the community or disrupt the good order. I saw some refi communities also mentioned that if If you don’t approve of or are not optimistic that crypto will help solve climate change, I suggest you stay out of the community. At first I sneered at this kind of regulation, and it is not allowed to be questioned? Later I found out that the power of language is too powerful. For a community that has just started and has not yet experienced disaster, even just a voice of doubt may cause disaster, not to mention that this may be because some people with ulterior motives deliberately Chasing things.

In 2018, the DAOONE community we belonged to disintegrated later, and it was also invaded and destroyed to some extent. People keep coming in to question the motives/ability of some contributors, and it happens that some information disclosure is not timely enough, which shakes the most fundamental trust among community members, and a feeling of doubt, disappointment and sadness begins to spread, some Promising projects were also shelved until the community came to a complete halt.

The behavior style between communities can be very different. The people of BanklessDAO may have been working diligently all the time, most of the people of FWB are doing things silently after chatting freely, and the people of Gitcoin may be shouting slogans. Make trouble, but no DAO can move forward without questioning itself.

  • Missing forward loop

As we mentioned in the podcast, although the people of FWB seem to outsiders not to do their jobs every day, but behind the scenes they are constantly strengthening their relationship with each other through IRL activities, thinking about opening a coffee shop, forming a group to do NFT investment and so on. Self-realization requires real value activities as support, which can be community activity planning, content output, project management, creative design, investment, etc. Vibe is continuously released during the implementation of these activities, and the vitality of the community continues to grow. Being strengthened, personal values ​​are constantly being discovered, and material and spiritual are merged into one in a spiraling posture.

On the contrary, some communities only care about wealth and passwords, while others only focus on slogans and beliefs. Man is an extremely complex animal. He likes the new and dislikes the old. Safe, so can you give me a Mobius ring? The one you can play all the time!

Finally, I hope everyone can find their favorite Vibe in web3 and live a casual, comfortable and comfortable web3 life.

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