Increase in Bitcoin holdings by companies/institutions: Cryptocurrencies may compete with fiat currencies within 10 years

According to the Bitcoin distribution data, companies/institutions with Bitcoins on their balance sheets now hold 1,660,473 Bitcoins, accounting for almost 8% of the total Bitcoin supply. Among them, the intelligent software service company MicroStrategy holds 108,991 bitcoins, accounting for 75% of the company’s total market value.

Tesla, on the other hand, is in second place, still holding the 43,200 bitcoins it acquired in early 2021. Close behind are Square, Marathon Digital Holdings and Coinbase. Square, a financial technology payment solutions company, currently holds more than 8,000 bitcoins, and bitcoin miner MARA has allocated 5,425 bitcoins on its balance sheet. Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency compliance exchange in the United States, ranks in the top five with a price of 4,487 bitcoins.

Michael Seller’s MicroStrategy is a listed company with the highest Bitcoin allocation, both in terms of Bitcoin holdings and relative to its market value. The smart software company announced yesterday that it had increased its holdings of 3,907 bitcoins, valued at approximately US$177 million. At the same time, CEO Michael Seller has been promoting the HODL (long-term hold, hold) of bitcoins. According to the company’s financial report, the current 108,991 BTC bitcoins held at the time of purchase were worth nearly US$3 billion, and the financial report was valued at more than US$5 billion at the time of the announcement, accounting for 75% of its total market value. As of today, it is approximately US$7.12 billion. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings increased by nearly 180% in U.S. dollars, accounting for approximately 0.52% of the total supply of 21 million Bitcoins.


According to currently known data, the listed companies holding Bitcoin are: MicroStrategy (108,991), Tesla (43,200), Square (8,027), Marathon Digital (5,425), Coinbase (4,487), Hut 8 Mining (4,240), Galaxy Digital (4,000), Bitcoin Group SE (4,000), NEXON Co. Ltd (1,717), Bitfarms Limited (1,678), Riot Blockchain (1,565), Argo Blockchain PLC (1,268), Seetee AS (1,170), Biography (941) ), Hive Blockchain (875), Coin Citadel (513), Bit Digita (489), Cypherpunk Holdings (360), BIGG Digital Assets (300), Advanced Bitcoin Technolog (254), DMG Blockchain Solutions ( 220), DigitalX (215), Incrementum Digital (197), Digihost Technology (184), Fortress Blockchain (163), CleanSpark (143), Banxa Holdings (136), Brooker Group (122) , Neptune Digital Assets (100), Mode Global Holdings (85), BTCS Inc (79), FRMO Corp (63), QwD FinTech Corp (60), MOGO Financing (50), Phunware, Inc ( 26), Globant SA (15), BlackRock (6.5), Net Holding Anonim Sirketi (2.8 sheets).

Private/unlisted companies holding Bitcoin : MTGOX KK (141,686), (164,000), The Tezos Foundation (24,808), Stone Ridge Holdings Group (10,889).

Countries that announced their holdings of Bitcoin : Bulgaria (213,519 coins), Ukraine (46,351 coins).

Similar ETF products (index funds) holding Bitcoin : Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (654,885), CoinShares / XBT Provider (69,730), 3iQ The Bitcoin Fund (23,459), Purpose Bitcoin ETF (20,221), 3iQ CoinShares Bitcoin ETF (18,242), ETC Group Bitcoin ETP (17,421), Bitwise 10 Crypto Index (13,650), 21Shares AG (7,769), Grayscale Digital Large Capital (7,369), Ninepoint Bitcoin Trust (6,296), Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto (6,015), WisdomTree Bitcoin (5,700), CI Galaxy Bitcoin Fund (3,630), VanEck Vectors Bitcoin (3,622), Leonteq Bitcoin Tracker US (2,174), Evolve Bitcoin ETF (1,957), Osprey Bitcoin Trust (1,639 pieces).

Delek Investigation: Cryptocurrency may compete with fiat currency within 10 years

Deloitte is one of the four largest accounting firms in the world. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has 59,000 employees in 126 countries.

The Deloitte Global Blockchain Survey 2021 surveyed 1,280 senior managers and practitioners in 10 regions in Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The survey data reflects their views and opinions on blockchain and digital assets.

In Delek’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey, there are several important findings that indicate that the evolution of blockchain-based digital assets has led to radical changes in financial services. Most of the interviewees in the survey are pioneers in the encryption/blockchain industry-practitioners who have deployed blockchain solutions to production or integrated digital assets into their core business activities. There are some ordinary people. The difference between these pioneers and the public is their vision of blockchain and digital assets as the top five strategic priorities.

Investigation 1: Deposit/Custody of Digital Assets

The survey aims to select respondents whose digital assets will play a very important role in deposits and custody in their organizations or projects.

The survey results show that 63% of industry pioneers have deposits/custodial digital assets, 45% of ordinary people, and the overall result is 47%.


Investigation 2: Using cryptocurrency/digital assets to pay

The survey aims to select respondents who play a very important role in the payment field (new payment channels or types) through the use of digital assets.

The survey results show that 63% of industry pioneers use cryptocurrency/digital asset payments, and 42% of ordinary people, and the overall result is 43%.


Investigation 3: Using cryptocurrency/digital assets to gain income

The survey aims to select respondents whose digital assets will have a significant positive impact on their sources of funding.

The survey results show that 70% of industry pioneers use cryptocurrency/digital assets to obtain funding sources, 36% of ordinary people, and the overall result is 43%.


Investigation 4: Basic investigation of cryptocurrency/digital currency

The percentage of respondents who agree that blockchain technology is widely scalable and will be adopted by the mainstream public is 81%.


The percentage of respondents who agreed that if blockchain and digital assets were not adopted, their respective organizations would lose opportunities for competitive advantage was 73%.


The percentage of respondents who agree that their respective industries will see new revenue streams from blockchain, digital assets and/or cryptocurrency solutions is 80%.


According to the 2021 Deloitte Global Blockchain Survey, banks should embrace their inevitable digital future. In this digital revolution, financial leaders increasingly regard digital assets as the future. Digital assets change the entire financial market. Financial tools, from cryptocurrencies to stocks, and any type of transaction infrastructure, are all changing-for the better.

However, many interviewees said that there are still major obstacles in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry, such as outdated infrastructure, incomplete regulatory frameworks, and obvious cybersecurity risks.


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