In the world of “Metaverse”, Meta just wants to be social

Meta’s “Horizon Worlds” is enough to be “Metaverse”.

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

Recently, Meta opened the VR social platform “Horizon Worlds” to adult users in the United States and Canada. The game was originally named “Facebook Horizon” in 2019, but since Facebook changed its name to Meta, the game was officially renamed “Horizon Worlds”. 

“Horizon Worlds” is a social virtual reality platform based on Meta’s VR devices Quest 2 and Oculus PC. When the concept of Metaverse was not as hot as it is today, this game has already popularized multiplayer virtual interaction. The concept of the world has come, and I have to admire Zuckerberg’s far-sighted vision in this direction. 

This Meta also officially opened up more players’ qualifications to play, and officially incorporated more users into the construction of the metaverse. “Horizon Worlds” still focuses on immersive social interactions with social attributes, and there is still a world as a metaverse concept. There are many shortcomings, but if it succeeds, “Horizon Worlds” may become the most immersive Metaverse game in the world, so how far is “Horizon Worlds” from the Metaverse today? 

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse?

Maybe many players are curious, what kind of Metaverse game will Zuckerberg, who has a unique understanding of Metaverse, make? 

The original vision of “Horizon Worlds” was to create a virtual social platform suitable for a large number of users to meet the user needs of Facebook (now Meta). As a virtual platform for user communication, “Horizon Worlds” actually has many Metaverse features, such as shared identity.

“Horizon Worlds” was originally an independent application, it is not part of the Metaverse, but it is the company’s first major project, based on many of the same ideas-such as in the interconnected immersive experience Have a shared identity where players can spend time with friends. 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

This independent and universal user image fits the “identity” characteristics of the metaverse and gives players a sense of existence in a common world.

On the other hand, “Horizon Worlds” has also upgraded the capacity of the space. From the previous 8 players to the current space that can accommodate up to 20 players, the number of players has increased significantly, but it depends on the complexity of the scene ( The creator can reduce the total number of players to add more geometry, animation, logic, etc.). 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

“Horizon Worlds” is now also upgraded with the latest Oculus Avatar system, which replaces the previous proprietary avatar system. When loaded into Horizon Worlds, the avatar you have configured in the headset will automatically appear, further highlighting the role The identity characteristics of the user. 

The construction tools in the game have also been expanded and improved. The creator can now accurately control the texture and material properties of the object, and even selectively illuminate the scene’s mode. The dynamic effects of lights are still insufficient, because they do not react in real time to the changes of shadows or moving objects in real time, but their processing response speed is fast enough that creators can easily use the game’s built-in tools to handle dynamic lights. 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

Such a detailed and meticulous construction system gives “Horizon Worlds” a more unique world-building ability. Players can use this construction system to build a more realistic and immersive virtual space, which provides the most for the creation of the Metaverse world. Basic creation toolkit. This also corresponds to Zuckerberg’s previous theory that all manufacturers are creating conditions for the construction of the entire Metaverse, rather than independently forming the so-called Metaverse.

The VR technology used in the game is still quite advanced. Meta’s VR equipment guarantees the quality of the audiovisual presentation of the second world. Perhaps the immersive experience will become one of the competitive elements of the Metaverse space.

But today’s “Horizon Worlds” is just a social platform with game content. The diversified and civilized attributes of the Metaverse have not yet appeared. The construction of the entire game is in the embryonic stage, and the functions are still incomplete, and still belong to Meta’s independent world space has not truly completed global connectivity. 

The content of the game is only part of the construction system in “Horizon Worlds”. Meta, who is familiar with the design of social platforms, first chose the field that they are best at. In the first place. It can be said that “Horizon Worlds” is the true prototype of the social Metaverse.

“Horizon Worlds” is still not as good as “Roblos”

Some players may have questions, which is more competitive in the market compared to “Horizon Worlds” and “Roblox”? 

If it is about the future, Xiao Lei may not be able to give a conclusive conclusion, but as far as current conditions are concerned, “Horizon Worlds” still does not have the ability to compete with “Robust”.

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

why? In fact, the reason is easy to think of, and that is because of the popularity of VR equipment. “Horizon Worlds” has an inevitable hardware cost, which makes the popularization of the game a very difficult problem. Moreover, VR technology has not yet reached the maturity level. The lack of immersive technology will make the second world credible. The degree has dropped sharply, and there is still a long way to go between the world and the high-tech society in which “Top Player One” has a VR device. 

In addition, “Robles” and “Horizon Worlds” have an essential positioning difference. “Robles” mainly focuses on the game. It encourages players to use editing game editors to attack and create game modes. At the same time, it is also creating a diverse Horizon Worlds is different. The game is just an add-on in the social mode. The greatest value of this platform is to let players experience the charm of virtual social networking. 

As mentioned earlier, the home Meta of “Horizon Worlds” was born as a social platform. The game’s first focus is still on the interaction between players. The earliest demo of the game is indeed related to the user. This is quite consistent. The “friend” characteristic of the Metaverse, like the Workroom of “Horizon Worlds”, is a concrete manifestation of this attribute. 

The core of the build tool in “Horizon Worlds” is collaboration. The game allows up to four friends to build at a time. Everything the player sees and does is synchronized between users, creating a very powerful sense of co-creation . This even applies to the script panel (allowing users to add logic to their creation), if even small changes are made to the script, the friends next to you will see the changes on their terminal. 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

However, “Horizon Worlds” has not yet established a reasonable and rigorous economic system, so that in-game creation and transactions have not been able to form an independent and effective system, and creators cannot get incentives within the game after creation, nor have they The method relies on creation to gain recognition, which to some extent weakens the players’ creative enthusiasm. 

However, in order to make up for this shortcoming recently, Meta has begun to implement the kickstart creator project on the platform and spent 10 million US dollars to implement the incentive mechanism for creators. Although the specific incentive project has not been announced, Meta is also aware of the economic system. insufficient. 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

In general, compared to Robles, Horizon Worlds obviously has its own development direction, but after all, Meta is not a game company, and will have its own preference in the structure of the entire Metaverse world. Rather than allowing players to experience the fun of the game in the second world, it is more hoped that players can find the social feeling of the real world in the virtual world. Socialization has become the primary principle of the construction of this Metaverse. 

Rather than asking how far “Horizon Worlds” is from “Robless”, it is better to ask “Horizon Worlds” how much work needs to be done to perfection. The current “Horizon Worlds” is still an unfinished product, waiting for Meta to go. Build step by step. 

The problem of building a Metaverse together

Although every company is trying to build a complete Metaverse world, no company has ever imagined the operation of such a huge virtual world. Xiao Lei also mentioned in the article before that Metaverse is still to be truly realized. Decentralization has to be completed, so who is responsible for the operation of this virtual world?

If, like Zuckerberg’s envisioned Metaverse construction community, each company is responsible for the operation of its own construction part, then the division of the Metaverse world will become the center of the dispute. Although the virtual world can expand indefinitely, users will not It is not infinite, and competing for user resources will become a major issue for the future metaverse. 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

On the other hand, the maintenance of the entire world also requires major companies to jointly bear its costs. After all, if the composition of the second world is completed by major Internet companies, the maintenance of the server also needs to be shared and supervised to ensure its security. Then the distribution problem here is another big problem.

And just recently, “Minecraft” encountered a hacking incident, and the game is facing the threat of Log4j code execution error; this week, another vulnerability that can be recorded in the history of JAVA was exposed. Apache Log4j remote code execution vulnerabilities, there is a recursive analysis function, users without authentication can also send data requests remotely, the attacker only needs a string of code, can easily trigger the vulnerability, remotely control the target server, and execute arbitrary on the target Code. 

In the world of "Metaverse", Meta just wants to be social

This kind of vulnerability is aimed at games developed based on Java, and “Minecraft” happens to be on the list. If there is a hacker attack against the metaverse world in the future, what should major manufacturers do? 

As a second world that relies on the trust of many users, the Metaverse world must ensure its permanent existence, because only users trust and recognize the status of the virtual world can the Metaverse world have the meaning of existence. If there is no way to guarantee this, The existence of the Metaverse world will be denied by the user, and the virtual will eventually return to the illusion.

Therefore, most companies are now working hard to complete and construct the concept of Metaverse, but this is only the rudiment of a second world, and many follow-up matters are not really clear. Rather than constructing a virtual world that can accommodate users from all over the world, many manufacturers are more willing to follow the heat to hype this concept, but they did not notice that it is easy to build and not easy to operate. Metaverse is now only a rudimentary form, and vendors are still needed. Work hard to perfect its concept. 

Although the current “Horizon Worlds” is still not a Metaverse, it still contributes to the gameplay of social interaction and the attempt of virtual immersion. After all, in the second world, immersion and social interaction are very necessary elements. The synchronization structure and light effect simulation of “Horizon Worlds” provide further technical support for the construction of the Metaverse. Its existence, as Zuckerberg said, is designed to jointly build all aspects of the Metaverse. The exclusive social system, under a simple assumption, hides Zuckerberg’s ambition to seize the Metaverse social circuit first. 

“Horizon Worlds” is indeed not a Metaverse, but Zuckerberg really does not want to dominate the construction of the Metaverse? That’s not necessarily true. At least in the social field, he will not give up a huge market like Metaverse. 

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