In the Olympic men’s basketball arena, is the robot with the highest shooting percentage?

In the first group match of the men’s basketball team, was it the MVP?

Content overview: In the men’s basketball competition of this Olympic Games, there was a supernumerary player who was on the free throw line, outside the three-point line and three-of-three shots at halftime. Ta is a Cue series pitching robot developed by Toyota and served as the defending champion. The midfield performance guest of the first group match between the United States and France.

The Tokyo Olympics officially opened.

As the world’s largest international event, this Olympic Games has a long history. Postponement for one year, cancellation of audiences, epidemic prevention and control, facilities and services have been controversial, including the opening ceremony on Friday. The weird style of painting has also triggered discussions among audiences around the world.

Pitching robots grab the limelight in the arena

As of July 26, more than 60 games have been played in this Tokyo Olympic Games, and Chinese Olympic athletes have also achieved good results on the field.

In the recent men’s basketball group match, the defending champion of the last Olympic Games, the US men’s basketball team, faced the French men’s basketball team in the first round. In the end, the French team defeated the U.S. team 83-76, ending the U.S. men’s basketball team’s record of 24 consecutive victories in the Olympic Games since 2004.

Throughout the game, France shot 47% while the United States shot 36%.

But the most eye-catching player in the audience was a supernumerary basketball player. He made 3 of 3 shots and got 100% shooting percentage. It is the pitching robot Cue3 that performs during the intermission.

During the intermission of the game, Cue3 entered the field under the leadership of the staff and performed the free throw line, outside the three-point line and half-court shots. All three goals were hit, and the movements were continuous and smooth, which won the applause of the scene.

This performance video was also uploaded to Twitter by the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, which was amazed by netizens and media from all walks of life.

Some netizens left a message: The robot’s performance made the US team even more embarrassed.

Won a world record for consecutive free throws

The birth of Cue originated from the club activities within Toyota.

In 2017, in order to encourage company employees to get in touch with and learn about artificial intelligence, Toyota organized the “Start from an absolute beginner and accept the test of artificial intelligence development!”. A group of engineers with no experience in robot development started from the animation “Slam Dunk”. In the free throw practice of the protagonist Sakuragi Hanado, he was inspired to design this series of pitching robots.

In the Olympic men's basketball arena, is the robot with the highest shooting percentage?

The R&D team said that humanoid robots are generally painted white

To avoid color collision, black skin was chosen for the Cue series

In just a few years, after several official version iterations, it finally appeared on the Olympic stadium. Initially, the Cue series shot from the free throw line. At the end of the 18th, Cue had to recalibrate for nearly 1 minute every time it took a shot before it could drop a ball.

Through the unremitting efforts of the team, the preparation time has been greatly shortened and the hit rate has been continuously improved. At this time, Cue can score a goal every 12 seconds.

Let the team have a bold vision-to challenge the world record. In June 2018, the team tried to make Cue throw 2020 consecutive free throw lines to celebrate the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

In the Olympic men's basketball arena, is the robot with the highest shooting percentage?

Such a perfect parabola, Cue3 can complete one every 12 seconds

In the end, the third-generation robot Cue3 of the Cue series took 6 hours and 35 minutes to score 2020 consecutive goals at the free throw line, setting the Guinness World Record and becoming the first humanoid robot with the most consecutive free throw goals.

Pitching robot is just the first step

In addition to pitching robots, since 2004, Toyota has focused on the development of human partner robots based on the concept of supporting human activities and coexisting with humans. So far, various robot prototypes and concept works have been released, including assembly line operation robots, home companion robots, and heavy object transportation robots.

In the Olympic men's basketball arena, is the robot with the highest shooting percentage?

Group photo of Cue robot team

Toyota’s Cue series robots seem to only throw balls now, but in the process of its development, it is necessary to understand humans first, and then use machines to complete human actions. It seems to us that a sparse and ordinary motion action, in the eyes of humanoid robot researchers, often requires thousands of calculations and simulation experiments before the robot can realize it.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, in recent years, in addition to the basic characteristics of perception, decision-making, and execution, robots have already possessed the functions of assisting or even replacing humans in completing dangerous, heavy, and complex tasks.

Humanoid robots can not only improve work efficiency and quality, serve human life, but also expand or extend the scope of human activities and capabilities.

Hiroshi Kuroishi, a well-known pioneer in robotics research in Japan, once said: The purpose of manufacturing robots is to think about the meaning of human existence.

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