In the Metaverse there is only the desire to survive

The “Metaverse” that many people may have never heard of a year ago is rapidly forming a black hole of transformation under the tuyere theory, sucking in almost all major technology companies, brands, game companies, and authorities.

On June 28, according to the US technology website VentureBeat, a Metaverse research report released by the market research agency Newzoo showed that in the past year, the number of companies engaged in the Metaverse business has increased from 200 in July 2021 to the present. More than 500.

In the Metaverse there is only the desire to survive

Last year, Facebook changed its name to Mate, announcing a comprehensive transformation of the Metaverse, and the public is still waiting to eat melons and see jokes. A year later, this joke is becoming a consensus on the transformation of many Internet companies.Only in late June this year, two Chinese Internet companies confirmed the comprehensive transformation of Metaverse.

On June 15, Inke announced that it would change its name to “Ying Universe” and its English name was changed to Inkeverse. Following that, on June 22, Gome announced the layout of the Metaverse. A person familiar with the matter said that the related Metaverse project will be officially launched in early July.

Regarding the reason for entering the Metaverse, Inke said that the current live broadcast track is mature, so he bet on the next track to transform into the Metaverse. Although Gome did not directly say it, its entry into the Metaverse was obviously related to the poor effect of the previous strategic transformations.

As the outlet of the Web3.0 era, Metaverse can accommodate not only Gome who have not successfully transformed into mainstream platform companies, but also hardware manufacturers who have disappeared in the market competition.

According to foreign media Pocket-lint, HTC, an Android phone manufacturer that has ended, recently released its first Metaverse phone, and it launched a new phone in the mobile phone market after two years. Earlier in December last year, iQIYI Intelligence, the parent company of iQIYI’s VR hardware brand Qiyu, changed its name to “Dream Bloom” and fully entered the Metaverse.

Except for companies whose main business competitiveness has declined, Metaverse is the premier transformation outlet. In the eyes of a giant like BAT, the tuyere of the Metaverse is also worthy of vigilance.

On June 20, Tencent officially established the Extended Reality (XR) department, which is intended to develop the Metaverse concept of virtual worlds. A source said the unit is expected to have more than 300 employees. Baidu has already tested the social Metaverse earlier and launched “Xiyang”; mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Ali have added digital collections in 618 and launched a series of Metaverse concept products.

On the whole, in the process of transforming the Metaverse, although the end point is the era represented by the same word, the corporate actions are completely opposite. Small factories are pragmatic, and large factories are pragmatic. They are becoming a group portrait sketch of Chinese Internet companies pouring into the Metaverse.

GOMEs who risk bets

Whether it is Gome or Yingke, for companies whose main business competitiveness has declined, the transformation of the Metaverse is often focused on the strategic level.

In the Metaverse there is only the desire to survive

Inke launched several apps in the 15 days after changing its name to Ying Universe, including the “Panorama K-Song” with immersive KTV function and the social love product “Couple Planet”. In addition, according to media reports, there is also a 3D virtual image social product The Place being developed, which is mainly aimed at users of the Z era in Europe and the United States.

In the “21st Century Business Herald” interview with the founder of Ying Universe, Feng Yousheng believed that the advantage of Ying Universe’s entry into the Metaverse is that the cost of trial and error is low, and limited funds can be invested to verify the needs. Ying Universe is composed of small social universes represented by each product. The core essence is whether it can truly make a product with strong user experience, strong word of mouth, and strong communication.

On the whole, the effect of the name change on Inke is remarkable: it has become a Metaverse entrepreneurial company, and it has returned to the successful philosophy of app promotion, product thinking, and user experience emphasized in the mobile Internet era. The advantage is that there seems to be hope everywhere, and the disadvantage is that I can’t understand where the hope is.

After all, in the current vicious circle where no one can tell what the Metaverse is, there is no right or wrong, only trial and error. However, taking trial and error as the corporate strategy and holding a group press conference to change the name, it goes without saying that CITIC Securities’ evaluation of Metaverse: At this stage, Metaverse is mainly based on marketing methods.

It is not only Yingke who needs a sense of presence in the Metaverse, but also Gome.

For Gome, by August this year, Huang Guangyu’s rhetoric of “18 months to restore the original market position” is about to expire. The gap between the current Gome and Gome stores decades ago is still obvious.

In the 2021 annual report, there are 16.84 million really happy annual active sellers, which is not on the same order of magnitude as the number of users in Alibaba,, and Pinduoduo in units of 100 million. In this case, turning to the Metaverse is quite the adventurous style of the founder Huang Guangyu.

But if you are familiar with the history of Gome, you will understand that it is difficult to get rid of the current situation just by the transformation at the strategic level. Gome has almost made no mistakes in its forward-looking strategy at the strategic level, and has tried all the outlets in the retail industry.

In the early days of Gome Online, it was a B2C e-commerce business. The US store focused on social e-commerce, Gome Plus entered O2O, Gome’s new retail store entered the sinking market, “US + Fresh” entered the fresh food track, and Gome Mobile deployed domestic mobile phone manufacturing; Huang Guangyu came back, restarted the strategic transformation, led the Gome App to change its name to the live streaming platform, and ” Home Life ” entered the new home improvement retail track; on the eve of 618 this year, he launched a full retail strategy, emphasizing supply chain and instant retail, and then To now face the Metaverse transformation.

It can be said that none of Gome’s trend of the times has fallen, but none of it belongs to Gome. As a company that has been established for 35 years, if there is no problem with the strategy, then there is a high probability that it is a problem at the tactical level.

In an interview with the media, a Gome employee once said: “Gome has tried many new retail attempts, but it seems that they are all half a step behind.” The reason for not being able to seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity is considered in the industry as the lack of new retail products in Gome. Business genes, aging of internal organizational capabilities.

A side evidence is that when the founder of the group is absent, Gome as a whole shows a passive defensive contraction posture. On the one hand, the survival of the group is preserved, but on the other hand, it also proves that Gome lacks a set of complete and effective internal organizational capabilities to ensure the effective operation and growth of the group.

Even in the days of Huang Guangyu’s return, the restructuring of Gome’s internal organizational capacity still failed to achieve change. As the main person in charge of True Happiness, Xiang Hailong, who was once considered a key figure in Gome’s transformation, was revealed to have resigned less than a year after serving as CEO of Gome Online.

As for the implementation of Metaverse, the current media news is limited to Gome’s recruitment of Metaverse business executives with an annual salary of millions. Obviously, whether it is Gome or Yingke, for the former stars whose main business is declining, a high-profile retreat can make a sense of existence, but it is not enough to get rid of the predicament.

Infiltration of big factories waiting for an opportunity

Compared with the high-profile transformation of Gome, they use the air to brush their sense of existence. The big manufacturers in the Internet market are going the other way, and they are low-key and infiltrating related business layouts.

On the whole, Ali and in the e-commerce track emphasize digital collections under the concept of the Metaverse. During the 618 period, Tmall Digital Collection, as the official digital collection channel of the Tmall platform, embedded its entrance in major apps such as Taobao/Tmall, covering digital collections of brands and artists.

In the Metaverse there is only the desire to survive

According to the official introduction, as the official launch position of digital collections of global brands, nearly 200 digital collections have been released. During the 618 period, the “Tmall Number One Plan” 618 limited exclusive digital collection issued by Tmall was co-branded with 15 brands, and the brand types spanned many categories such as automobiles, electronic products, IP images, museums, and fast-moving consumer goods. is represented by the “Lingxi” digital collection trading platform launched in December last year, and helps brand marketing in the form of “physical commodities + digital collections”. Among them, digital collections are sent with the designated physical goods purchased by users, or digital collections are extracted after completing designated tasks.

Not only that, it is not the first time for an e-commerce platform to combine digital collections with brand resources in terms of layout time.As early as last year’s Double 11, Tmall Super Brand Day opened the “Metaverse” art exhibition, and AYAYI, a digital virtual person who joined Ali in September of the same year, became the digital manager.

Different from Gome’s active strategy, high-profile transformation of the Metaverse, trying to promote the expansion of the territory and enter the outlet of the next era. For the big manufacturers, it doesn’t matter what the Metaverse will end up being. With the help of the appropriate Metaverse concept, it is the key to combine it with the existing business and carry out continuous trial and error and layout penetration.

Regarding the function of digital collections, JD Cloud once said to the public: “Effectively integrate IP + e-commerce operations, and at the same time use the traffic and characteristics of digital products to increase the brand marketing of physical products, and help brand owners to attract traffic, attract new products, and generate income. “

The manager of Tmall’s digital collections also revealed in a public interview that at its core, it is hoped that digital collections will be integrated into the brand’s tone, and that they will be delivered to consumers in this form. Consumers can store it permanently in the e-wallet. As a virtual product, it will firstly not damage the product pricing system, and secondly, it can also be used as a new marketing tool for brands on Tmall.

Both of them emphasize the practicality of tactical execution in the business related to the Metaverse, rather than the drastic level of strategic transformation.

At the same time, compared to a comprehensive transformation into a Metaverse startup company, Inke launched a new App from 0-1 to enter the Metaverse. In the main core App, the concept and functions related to the Metaverse are integrated, and the addition of the Metaverse in the existing business is another strategy of BAT for the layout of the Metaverse.

Behind the completely different path choices are the different needs of the two sides for the Metaverse outlet. Gome hopes to seize the Metaverse to turn over and make an adventurous leap from 0-1, emphasizing the ability to seize opportunities. BATs are more willing to maintain micro-innovation, continue to follow the progress of the Metaverse and wait for opportunities.

Metaverse misses corporate ambitions

Whether it is the current mainstream Internet factory, or the former king of the vertical track. From a strategic point of view, mature consumer XR devices are not yet fully ubiquitous, and no one can see where the so-called Metaverse vent is.

In the Metaverse there is only the desire to survive

At this time, declaring war to fully transform the Metaverse, and deciding the future of the enterprise by trial and error at the group level is obviously not a good strategy. Regarding the choice of two Metaverse paths of strategic transformation and tactical penetration, Chen Rui, CEO of Bilibili, a company that is most suitable for realizing the concept of Metaverse in China, once said:

“If you hear the concept of the Metaverse now, and then announce the layout or those companies that enter the Metaverse, it should be too late, because the elements just mentioned cannot be done in a few months or even a year or two.”

In its view, the Metaverse concept includes some product elements, such as virtual reality, a tight social system, and a self-circulating ecosystem within the game. These elements are not new in themselves, but companies that have most of the elements and have already realized and have business penetration are the most suitable samples of companies to realize the concept of the Metaverse.

Not only Chen Rui, CEO of BilibIli, but also Baidu Vice President Ma Jie shared a similar view at the Baidu AI Open Day event last year.

In his view, the Metaverse is essentially a process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world. The development of the Metaverse is gradual, with the support of shared infrastructure and the continuous integration of numerous tools and platforms to finally take shape.

In these summaries, the Metaverse is not a single static semantic concept built overnight, but a grand dynamic narrative theme. Under this theme, Gome is making all its bets, and leading companies are waiting for the opportunity.

Although this is the theme, the leading enterprises dynamically try and error, practice and improve the rule-making and multiple games, which is obviously more realistic than Gome’s slogan to enter the Metaverse. But even so, the ambitions of leading companies cannot be seen in the evolution of the Metaverse outlet.

Different from the conservatism of domestic leading companies, Facebook, a leading mainstream company in foreign countries, took the lead in changing its name and entering the Metaverse, and later leading companies such as Microsoft and Intel, on the basis of their existing competitive advantages, through financial, human, and material resources. Adequacy chases innovation.

In this comparison, in this bottomless Metaverse, whether it is the adventurism of the GOMEs or the pragmatic conservatism of the BATs, the essence is the desire to survive in different states under the tuyere of the Metaverse, and it is difficult to see forward-looking innovation. business ambitions.

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