In the field of Metaverse: what role will Polkadot play


In the first half of this year, there was a word that received much attention in the blockchain industry that undertook the DeFi boom last year. It showed the world a new development format of blockchain + art with a high-level attitude out of the circle, and once occupied The headlines of major news media, and the three letters “NFT” have also pieced together another market that has created a scale of hundreds of billions.

According to a recent report, the NFT market’s transaction volume in the second quarter of 2021 reached a record 2.4 billion U.S. dollars. Compared with the 2.3 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter, there is still a slight increase. It can be seen that the NFT has not been like In 2018, it was a short-lived phenomenon, and there was even a “single fire” starting a prairie fire.

But looking in the direction of the NFT, we seem to have found something more interesting, especially an enviable data: the blockchain “growing” game Axie Infinity generated a single-day revenue of over 40 million at the end of July. The dollar’s ​​success, the total revenue in seven days exceeded 200 million U.S. dollars, almost 17 times the total revenue in June. You must know that the single-day revenue of the popular mobile game “Glory of the King” was only 9.2 million U.S. dollars in June. Axie Infinity is It’s several times.

Axie Infinity has cleverly combined blockchain, NFT and traditional games to create a new thing, and on this innovative film, people also see another bigger opportunity-Metaverse.

If you haven’t heard of Metaverse until now, it’s as if you haven’t heard of NFT in March this year. It’s worth taking the time to taste it. After all, in this larger track, we see more possibilities in the future. .

Since the meta-universe is so hot, what kind of spark will Polkadot, which is also a representative of the future Internet infrastructure, be combined with the meta-universe?

What is the meta universe?

So what is the meta universe?

To put it simply, Metaverse is a platform that carries virtual activities with credible asset value and identity authentication, which replicates the underlying logic of the real world. Its essence is a platform that carries all virtual activities. Users can conduct social, entertainment, creation, display, education, trading and other activities, which will have a subtle impact and change on the user’s production and lifestyle.

The meta universe has the following main points:

1. Have credible asset value;

2. Can perform identity authentication;

3. It is a reproduction of all production and lifestyles in the physical world in the virtual world.

In other words, Metaverse is by no means a simple virtual world game, nor is it just a virtual asset. Metaverse needs advanced technology as support to realize its replication of the underlying logic of the real world, and the development of blockchain technology Finally, the meta-universe has the possibility to explode.

According to the currently recognized direction, Metaverse has four major technical supports, namely “BAND” (Blockchain, Game, Network, Display). First of all, people often misunderstand that Metaverse is a virtual world, because Game provides interactive content for Metaverse, and interaction is the part that C-end users can feel most personally, but Game is not the whole story.

Blockchain provides Metaverse with a decentralized settlement platform and traditional value mechanism as well as identity authentication. This is very important, and it can even be said to be the cornerstone of the meta-universe. Blockchain provides technical support for the counter-balance platform to do evil, effectively making Metaverse a user’s universe instead of a game on a certain platform. Allow users to be more free and fair, and all of this is the most attractive charm of Metaverse.

Network refers to the network and computing power technology, which guarantees the transmission and computing capabilities of information. It enriches the social scene of the metaverse, and makes the metaverse have all-encompassing possibilities. At the same time, 5G and IOT have laid a solid foundation for application innovation in the new era, while cloud servers have reduced the cost of user participation and improved product experience.

Finally, Display provides an interactive way. The emergence and iteration of ultra-high-definition televisions and AR/VR devices have allowed users to obtain a better immersive experience. Perhaps the world depicted in “Top Player” is in the near future.

Tim Sweeney, the founder of EpicGame, once commented on the meta-universe, “The meta-universe will be more universal and powerful than anything else.” The author thinks that maybe this is a bit too exaggerated, but there is no doubt that the meta-universe must be the future world. important part.

Passionate collision of tradition and innovation

1. Centralized meta-universe

In the traditional meta-universe world, it undoubtedly refers to the centralized meta-universe with large institutions or companies as the central organization. The most typical representatives are Facebook, Tencent, and listed companies that sell well overseas but are rarely known in China. Roblox.

Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, began to pay attention to the development of Metaverse in 2014 or even earlier. He was deeply influenced by Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992, and once required the company’s internal All employees of the company have to read this book. “Avalanche” depicts a multiplayer online world called the metaverse, which makes many Internet people fascinated by it.

Zuckerberg acquired Oculus in 2014 and has been cultivating in the Display field for many years. The current VR technology can basically be used in commercial applications, with significant improvements in cost, field of view, latency and comfort. .

Not long ago, Facebook announced the establishment of a meta universe product group led by Instagram vice president Vishal Shah. Other executives include Facebook Gaming vice president Vivek Sharma and director Jason Rubin. The team will report directly to Facebook’s AR/VR vice president Andrew Bosworth.

Zuckerberg made it clear that Facebook will change from a social media company to a meta-universe company.

It seems that Facebook has taken advantage of the right time and place, and the four major sectors of “BAND” at least occupy the “AND”. Facebook hopes to devote itself to creating a meta-universe world that integrates user social entertainment and other production and lifestyles, and become the leader of the meta-universe world.

At the same time, Tencent is not to be outdone, and has a high-profile layout in the meta-universe field. First, it obtained Roblox’s domestic agency rights, followed by Epic Games, its 40%-owned game development company, and obtained 1 billion US dollars in financing for the development of Meta Universe. As Tencent’s core product, Peace Elite, also launched the “Moon Landing Project”, which is further opening up online and offline scenarios, realizing the link between more people and services and consumption. At the same time, the “Tencent Game Life Platform” connects more than 1,000 brands and 1.4 million merchant stores across the country, deriving from the e-sports industry to the real world.

It can be said that Tencent has laid out the meta-universe track from multiple angles, but the core of its action is to break through the barriers between the virtual world and the physical world through IP cooperation with the real world, and build the meta-universe from consumption and entertainment. Foundation.

The Roblox mentioned above provides a tool that allows more people to participate in its world and get unlimited extension. Some people think that Roblox is a game, which surpasses Ubisoft, CDRR and EA games in terms of market value and user scale. However, Roblox is essentially a world as a tool or a service. It gives users different possibilities to create a parallel world for players by converting elements of character experience into game-building gameplay.

The founder of Roblox once proposed 8 characteristics of Metaverse: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anytime, economic system and civilization. And its core is a complete set of operational world operating mechanism, which is also the charm of it attracting 160 million monthly active users worldwide.

However, whether it is Facebook, Tencent or Roblox, there are fundamental problems that cannot be ignored. Perhaps it will be an important problem that restricts its further development in the future, that is, centralization.

In the early stage of the development of a field, centralization may have advantages. It gave the supervision and good order needed in the early stage of the industry, and laid a good foundation for the budding of the field. However, just like a greenhouse, when small trees grow sturdily, they will touch the ceiling one day and be restricted, just like the meta-universe domain where the project blows out like a volcanic eruption.
2. Decentralized meta-universe

Therefore, if the meta universe is controlled by a certain enterprise or organization, it may be a disaster, because such a central organization will become the god of that universe. And there is no doubt that this is not a benefit to users. Any centralized organization that can control the world is dangerous, so in my opinion, perhaps the decentralized meta-universe is the main theme of future development.

The decentralized meta-universe is mainly built around digital assets dominated by NFT. NFT gives the meta-universe credible asset value and identity verification without the need for third-party intermediaries, which perfectly satisfies the first two elements of the meta-universe. NFT transparently and fairly protects users’ asset rights, and this is the cornerstone of the decentralized meta-universe.

There are currently many decentralized meta-universe projects that have begun to show their feet. The first is the Ethereum-based digital pet world Axie Infinity mentioned above. Anyone can get token rewards through proficient gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem, and this has become the main source of income for unemployed youth in Southeast Asia .

The virtual world platform Decentraland, which is also based on Ethereum, provides users with a platform to purchase virtual land, so that users have the right to use the land and can create a unique experience. We can achieve real things on the Internet, such as Said to repair the house. He also provides users with a virtual environment for self-dressing, positioning and online voice chat. The value of the land will increase with the influx of population and the increase of commercial density, which is almost indistinguishable from the real world.

The Blockchain-based old P2E game The Sandbox, combined with the power of DAO and NFT, allows players to create NFTs and upload them to the store through the SandboxGame Maker, with a diverse gaming experience.

All this shows that although the infrastructure may not be perfect in the decentralized meta-universe, the key elements of its construction of the meta-universe have begun to take shape. The decentralized meta-universe gives users equal power. Everyone is the center of the meta-universe, his own god, and this is also the most important freedom in humanism.

There are many decentralized meta-universe projects, such as Enjin, which is dedicated to providing a blockchain-based game product ecosystem, multiplayer cooperative farm game My Neighbor Alice, and Alien Worlds, which simulates economic competition and cooperation between players, and so on.

The decentralized meta-universe can be said to be a promising future.

Boca yuan in the field of the universe and what role will play?

1. Why do we need a decentralized meta-universe

While we were exploring Roblox, an episode happened. Roblox has been well-known for a long time. There are millions of applications on this platform, so I also want to experience it. However, when we enter Roblox’s official website, the URL will automatically jump to http://www.roblox .cn, that is, jump to the official website of the domestic version of Roblox, which is represented by Tencent.

This behavior is like when you originally planned to take a taxi to Chongqing to eat authentic Chongqing hot pot, but the driver drags you to a Chongqing hot pot agency in Chengdu, because a centralized organization won it in Chengdu. As the agent of Chongqing Hotpot in Chengdu, he agreed with the driver in Chengdu that all customers who want to eat Chongqing hotpot in Chongqing must take passengers to their shop in Chengdu. This kind of hegemonic behavior of intercepting the redirection without the user’s permission made me really feel the centralization problem when experiencing the meta-universe application, and it also convinced the author from the bottom of my heart that the decentralized meta-universe must be in the future. Just need.

To realize the decentralized meta-universe, Web3.0 has to be mentioned, because this is exactly the vision that Web3.0 will realize. The vision of Web3.0 is that the future network must be a decentralized network, and everyone’s data, assets, and information are owned by individuals.

If we can see countless virtual worlds in cyberspace in the future, then we will definitely not want to see these virtual worlds controlled by a centralized organization, because the centralized organization can kick you out at any time according to its meaning. , It does not allow you to access, or the virtual assets you have obtained hard can also be recovered by it.

What we hope is that the digital assets obtained in the virtual world belong to me. It is like property in reality. The things I buy belong to me. And not because this virtual world is realized by a centralized organization, so it can control all assets in this virtual world (of course, if the virtual world has some public decentralized rules in the future, such as on-chain We still have to comply with the laws and regulations of the country. This involves on-chain governance. We can talk about it separately in the future, but we won’t expand it here).

In fact, this kind of power phenomenon is common in current Internet companies. Internet giants can wait for users to enjoy the various Internet services they provide by selling their own data, privacy, rights, etc., knowing that users cannot live without them. Open it, and you can exploit it bit by bit.

In addition, the commissions of some Internet platforms are getting bigger and bigger, and the costs are added to users and enterprises. This also reflects how important a decentralized network is, and it is also a rigid demand in the future. Therefore, Web3.0 must also be an important part of the decentralized meta-universe field.

2. How does Polkadot help Metaverse?

To realize Web3.0, one of the important components-consensus engine is indispensable. A consensus engine is a protocol used to agree on certain interaction rules, because knowing that future interactions (or lack of interaction) will automatically and irrevocably lead to strict compliance with regulations. The blockchain is the technology that realizes the consensus engine, but at the moment, the network covered by a single blockchain public chain project is very small and limited, and it is difficult to transfer data between different blockchains. The problem of data islands is not enough to reach the huge Internet of Chengdu. Polkadot is the best answer to this problem.

Because the concept of Web3.0 was put forward by Dr. Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, he knew exactly what kind of infrastructure Web3.0 needs.

Therefore, Polkadot is an important infrastructure of Web3.0 based on the vision of Web3.0. It can link all blockchains to form a huge blockchain network, which is enough to carry the future Internet. Polkadot is also the best expression of the consensus engine in Web3.0.

In the field of decentralized meta-universe, Polkadot will provide the most important guarantee for the decentralized part, that is, to ensure that our personal assets belong to us. The specific manifestation is that in addition to the ability to issue decentralized digital assets, such as Currently, Kusama’s public interest parachain Statemine’s issuance capability has been launched. Polkadot can also connect decentralized blockchains into a huge network, which can link all types of current NFTs, and can also be extended to various types of Web3.0. Projects such as Filecoin, which provides decentralized storage space for Web3.0, or the construction of a middleware infrastructure Mask that helps users seamlessly transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and so on. In the end, these Web3.0 projects will link to Polkadot and become part of the Polkadot ecosystem, thereby building all the infrastructure required by Web3.0 and laying the foundation for a decentralized meta-universe.

Future outlook

Although decentralization has many benefits, we should also look at the development of things in an inclusive manner. We cannot ignore the important role of centralization. It can concentrate its efforts to do big things, and because of the drive of capital, the centralized meta-universe can also develop faster. At the same time, it can also verify the feasibility of the decentralized meta-universe at the technical and commercial levels. In the end, the centralized meta-universe can also occupy a place, and develop together with the decentralized meta-universe, and interdependent.

Since we cannot completely separate the virtual world from the real world, the two will definitely be connected. Then the future scenario is very likely: in the virtual world, we can work and do things in the virtual world like “Number One Player”. Digital assets can be acquired through tasks and other methods, and other digital assets can be purchased as our personal property. These assets have actual value and cannot be controlled by centralized organizations. This is a decentralized meta-universe application scenario.

But when it comes to affairs, information or assets, certifications, etc. related to the real world, there must be a centralized organization as the endorsement, so there will be many such centralized meta-universe scenarios. The two can be switched at will through a certain threshold, and the security and privacy of our assets and information can be guaranteed.

As the form of the future network, we cannot accurately describe what the meta-universe will develop into. However, we can still see some signs of the form or ecological development of the future meta-universe. Of course, what this article mentions is only one of them, which is also our final fantasy of blockchain. However, we believe that an ecology with infinite possibilities like Metaverse will definitely exceed the imagination of many people.


Looking back at the current development of the Polkadot ecology, we can see that Kusama has officially launched Statemine, and nearly a hundred assets have been issued on Statemine. This move can be said to open up the basic applications in the Kusama network, and tokenization may soon appear. Artwork or stable currency, or even central bank digital currency (CBDC).

At the same time, in the NFT field of the Polkadot ecology, we have also seen the birth of an excellent and innovative NFT protocol like RMRK. According to external data, RMRK has realized many innovative functions of NFT (including multi-resource NFT). , Priority switching, redundant storage, custom fields, nestable NFT, NFT DAO, etc.), these innovations have brought its description and interaction capabilities to a new level.

Although RMRK is still in the pre-verification and development stage, we have seen the possible chemical reactions of NFT, blockchain games or the combination of Metaverse and Polkadot ecology. We believe that with the development and improvement of Polkadot ecology, there will be More meta universe products are emerging in the ecology, and this deserves more attention from us. After all, both are important components of the future Web3.0 and the source of innovation!


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