In the face of floods and typhoons, are there new ways to prevent disasters with science and technology?

Rescue drones and surface search and rescue robots show their talents.

A heavy rain in Henan affected the hearts of the people across the country.

On July 20 alone, Zhengzhou had the rainfall of the previous year, breaking the record of 60 years since Zhengzhou established a weather station in 1951. The continuous days of heavy rainfall directly crushed the urban drainage system, and also plunged many cities in Henan Province into emergency disasters with serious waterlogging.

In the face of floods and typhoons, are there new ways to prevent disasters with science and technology?

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The disaster is not only in Henan. According to news from the Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory at 16:00 today, this year’s No. 6 Typhoon “Fireworks” is moving to the northwest at a speed of 5-10 kilometers per hour. The center has a maximum wind force of 14 and will land in the southeast of the East China Sea this night. Sea area.

In the face of floods and typhoons, are there new ways to prevent disasters with science and technology?

Figure / Source Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory

What can we do in the face of extreme weather? In addition to the concerted efforts of the whole country to donate money and materials and front-line rescue work, rescue and disaster relief technical equipment such as drones and water rescue robots have entered people’s field of vision. Relying on science and technology to eliminate disasters is becoming a reality.

Power cut, water cut, no internet

Technological rescue in extreme weather

When typhoons, floods and other disasters hit, the electricity, water, signals, and WIFI that a city is used to, instantly lose order. At the same time, due to safety considerations, transportation cannot be guaranteed, rescue equipment and personnel cannot reach the front line quickly, and the trapped will face the survival crisis of shortage of materials and loss of contact with the outside world.

In the face of such extreme environments, disaster response UAV systems with long voyages, long empty time, large carrying capacity, and strong environmental adaptability have become necessary means of communication.

For example, in the Henan disaster, on July 21, the Emergency Management Department urgently dispatched a pterosaur drone to the disaster center. After 4.5 hours of the long-distance raid, the Pterosaur UAV arrived in Gongyi City, Henan Province. Using the mobile public network base station it carried, it achieved a long-term stable continuous mobile signal coverage of about 50 square kilometers. About 2.5 hours later, the base station in the sky connected with a total of 2572 users, generating a traffic of 1,089.89M, providing communication support for residents in the disaster area to report the disaster situation in time and report to Ping An.

At present, disaster relief aerial drones are mainly used in disaster detection, emergency communication support, emergency delivery and other scenarios. Through aerial leaping inspections, drones can quickly understand the disaster situation, accurately locate trapped persons, and enter relatively narrow passages. In buildings that have been damaged, aerial cameras and synthetic aperture radar technology are used to obtain images of the target area and provide timely feedback on the scene, which has become one of the effective means of assisting rescue and disaster relief and assisting research and judgment.

In addition, robots are increasingly being used in rescue and disaster relief work. In flood disasters, turbulent currents and unknown underwater conditions have increased the difficulty of rescue. Surface rescue robots, unmanned ships and other equipment can quickly reach the central waters to ensure the timeliness and safety of rescue.

According to the person in charge of Yunzhou Intelligence who participated in the Henan disaster relief, the “Dolphin No. 1” surface rescue robot is a remotely controlled intelligent rescue device. It weighs 13 kilograms and can be thrown at will and has a large drag force. Brother adults, the longest remote control distance is 800 meters. It can be used in rescue scenarios such as oceans, reservoirs, rivers, and swimming pools.

In the future, rescue drones and robots may also become standard equipment in cities.

Disaster warning, carbon saving and emission reduction upgrade

Through technological iteration, mankind has strengthened its weapons of fighting against natural disasters. But at the same time, in order to minimize losses, disaster warning is particularly important.

In improving the timeliness of weather monitoring and early warning, sophisticated observation equipment is one of the key factors.

Just yesterday (July 22), the national major scientific and technological infrastructure aerial remote sensing system successfully passed the national acceptance, put into formal operation, and will be open to users in various fields.

Compared with aerospace remote sensing such as satellites, aerial remote sensing has higher resolution and accuracy, clearer images, and continuous, all-day shooting of an area. It will be widely used in the fields of disaster prevention and mitigation, agriculture, forestry and fishery, water conservancy, surveying and mapping. In the face of major earthquakes and floods, it can assess road damage, landslides, and house collapses.

At the same time, with the large-scale application of 5G technology, it will provide communication guarantee for disaster early warning.

Facing the “fireworks”, Zhejiang is ready. According to the staff of the State Grid Xiangshan County Power Supply Company, the comprehensive detection terminal device for typhoon prevention has been installed in key areas such as Hepu and Xinqiao. The system relies on 5G communication and test sensing technology to monitor and warn the line operation around the clock. Especially in severe weather such as typhoons, it can be guarded for others, real-time feedback of the situation of failures, assessment of dangerous situations and issuing early warning signals.

In addition, China is also actively practicing carbon neutrality. On July 16, China’s national carbon emissions trading market officially began trading, becoming the world’s largest carbon market covering greenhouse gas emissions.

With the continuous development of human society, global carbon dioxide emissions are increasing year by year, and the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the middle layers of the atmosphere intensifies the greenhouse effect. However, according to statistics from the World Meteorological Organization, the current global average temperature is about 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than the pre-industrial (1850-1900) level. Experts predict that due to the impact of human activities, extreme weather will become more frequent in the future, and carbon saving and emission reduction will become a global issue.

In Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, it was the first to launch the country’s first “dual-carbon brain” system, relying on the big data of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power to realize the three functions of “seeing carbon, separating carbon, and reducing carbon”. At present, more than 2500 Xiaoshan regulated enterprises have been connected to the “dual carbon brain” system. Through the end-tracking of the “carbon footprint” of each company’s oil, coal, gas, and electricity, the carbon emission calculation model is constructed to realize the impact on the industry. Full-process analysis and precise control of carbon consumption provide companies with suggestions for rectification.

The system is derived carbon accounts, carbon Mall and other applications in the Asian Games venues have been Xiaoshan District been applied, is expected to achieve for the Asian Games venues all green electricity supply, equivalent to 74,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, high-quality carbon peak Zhejiang make a contribution.

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