In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

How to improve creativity?

Recently, Liu Huan’s discussion of “rescuing China’s original music” in CCTV variety show “Interview with Lu Jian” has attracted attention from the inside and outside the industry, and once again aroused the public ‘s doubts and reflections on the current situation of the industry in which algorithms push songs and divine songs are everywhere.

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

Seeing the sensational word “save”, many people can’t help thinking, has our original music really reached such a critical state?

From the data point of view, we actually produce more and more original music every year, and the number of original musicians on the music platform has also jumped from tens of thousands to 20W+ in a few years. It looks thriving, but there are also problems with ingenuity. As Liu Huan said: “This situation is quite embarrassing, we seem to be very hot… But from the decline of a record industry to the establishment of new things, we are still in this process.”

In other words, the current pop music culture is actually still in a transitional fault, blurring the old cultural map, and the formation of the new culture has not yet been completed. Short videos have brought unprecedented high output and dissemination to music, but it is still difficult to conceal the cultural loss. We have never expected more truly good music like we do now.

Therefore, in the era of accelerated sinking of the music industry, record companies such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, and BMG began to organize creative camps regularly. Like Netease cloud music platform also introduced to this music songwriting contest, creative camps and other initiatives under the line, take music to enhance the quality, user guide review Midea responsibility to promote the establishment of a pluralistic, open, new ecological quality of original music.

There are a lot of hits, but few good creations

The popularization of consumption and enjoyment is fabulously reconstructing the culture of popular music. But obviously it should be an era when original music is blooming, but our brains are often the same kind of brainwashing melody.

According to the statistics of music blogger “Fan Tong”, the 26 online hits from 2019 to early 2021 only used the three harmony routines of “4536”, “6415” and “Canon”. The emergence of short videos has made music that can dominate the ears in 15 seconds a steady stream of hits. The commercial value behind the so-called hits has also made the industry rush to copy “slobber songs” in batches, and there is less and less emphasis on creativity. .

As Fan Tong pointed out, “The threshold for song creation has been further lowered, and the most important thing is to write two melody of’top’.”

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

When the creation of a song becomes a careful calculation, every sentence in the short video scene is required to be accurately stepped on the high point of the public, which erases the vitality and individual expression that should have been in the creation. In this way, we have entered an era of music with many explosions and few creations.

And a group of newcomers with worrisome music strength, relying on traffic or appearance to be packaged into the talent show, has also continued to lower the basic level of the music industry. For these idols who debuted in the talent show, their music works are often just an adjunct to their commercial value, but they occupy most of the attention of the music market, leading to bad money driving out good money.

Of course, not everyone likes to listen to those so-called Divine Comedies, but the algorithm recommendation mechanism and the brainwashing melodies that are constantly played in public places make no one “survived.” Through the algorithm recommendation of all consumers aiming at one consumer, you will like songs that others like by default. Push mechanism under the song algorithms rely let flow continue to tilt, overlay, audio and music collection to listen to the end of the Matthew effect more obvious.

Although Liu Huan believes that the emergence of Divine Comedy is a normal phenomenon in every era, when the host Lu Jian mentioned that “Divine Comedy is also a part of original music”, he said seriously: “It is hard to say whether it is original, because I think Well, originality should be something that embodies the musician’s own ideals, aesthetics, and even values.”

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

Obviously, Liu Huan’s implication is that many of the current divine comedies do not have original expression and aesthetics, and it is difficult to be regarded as original. As mentioned in the program, in the era of short video, some works promoted by algorithms and capital can only be used as background music for a short time and cannot be sustained.

In the algorithm age, is creativity still important?

However, we also need to see that there are also good or bad hit songs.

That kind of popular songs that are often criticized are actually “saliva songs”, which enhance the audience’s memory through repeated lyrics and melody in a short period of time, and achieve the so-called “brainwashing” purpose. Although these songs can become popular quickly, they have a very short life span. For example, “Empty”, “Your Eyes Are Like Stars”, “Half a Life of Snow” and “Learning Meowing” are the representatives of rapid popularity and rapid decay.

There is also a category of popular songs of passing quality, which have reached a high industry standard in production, which not only hits the public sentiment, but also reflects the characteristics of the times, so that they can continue to become popular and circulated, such as “Misplaced Time and Space”. “Your Answer”, “You Who Love 105℃”, ” Wind Up “, etc.

The B-station UP main “Talking Feng Talking Music” scored a high score for the popular song “You Who Love 105°C” in the scoring video of the popular song nowadays. He believes that this song is not only rich in melody, but also in rhythm. , The arrangement is hierarchical, and it expresses the theme of distilled water well. Its creative level and intention are far better than those of “saliva songs.”

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

As for the creator of this song, A Si is actually recognized as a strong musician in the Mainland for a long time. It can be seen that if you want to redefine hit songs, the bottom line lies in the creation of musicians.

In the era of emphasizing individual expression, more and more musicians choose to compose their own lyrics, but many new musicians lack even the most basic skills. According to the “Report on the Living Status of Chinese Musicians (2020)” released by NetEase Cloud Music, 70% of musicians believe that they need to improve their professional skills.

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

So, how can we effectively help musicians improve their creativity?

Generally speaking, traditional music academies are more to lay the foundation. They mainly undertake systematic music theory and instrumental music training, but they don’t teach people how to write songs. The practicality is not their strength. There are also online training courses, but The pertinence is not strong, and face-to-face communication and interaction are lost. At present, a relatively new way is the offline creation camp, which is both pertinent, practical and interactive, which has become the common exploration direction of current record companies and music platforms.

Let’s take the recently concluded NetEase Cloud Music Star Collection·Synopsis Creation Camp as an example to make an analysis.

It is reported that the creative camp started last year and ended not long ago in this year’s national wind season. With the help of similar activities, many excellent songs have also emerged. Previously, “Good Night” created by Chen Zhijie, a 20-year-old boy in the Star Collection, had a total playback volume of over 1 billion and became a phenomenal hit.

And this year, Wang Haitao, Yi Jiayang, Liu Huyi, Liu Huyi, Dai Quan and other industry’s top lyrics, music, and arrangers have joined the lineup of tutors, encouraging students to take the national style as the leading element, and combine with folk songs, rap, pop and many other kinds of music. Fusion to create truly high-quality new national style works.

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

When talking about the harvest of participating in the creative camp, the musician Zhi Suxi emphasized the practical guidance of the tutor: “When tutor Yi Jiayang talks about his own experience in writing lyrics, he will suddenly be touched by a certain sentence of his. , I have thoughts in my mind…’Don’t just construct an illusory scene, try to pull others into your scene, not just have the scene, but also put the story in the scene'”. Compared with online courses and traditional college-style lectures, the sense of scenes in the offline creative camps allows instructors and students to achieve an efficient communication of “education while having fun”.

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

In the after-class practice, the creation camp also carried out competition and cooperation in group mode, so that musicians of various styles had thought collisions, and the high interaction between students and between students and tutors was also made by musicians behind closed doors. “Song” is a harder experience to get.

Student Gao Keyi said in the interview: “Everyone’s personal style is quite obvious, and the differences are quite a lot, so each of us is trying to contain each other, in order to have a better integration of works, and finally really Made a very pleasant and interesting work.”

Creation Camp won the Grand Slam (Best Composer, Best explore Award and first prize) love Sang also expressed a similar idea: “The possibility of a person is limited, but when the big family together time, You will know what the music should look like.”

What’s more rare is that when the public and even music practitioners are beginning to question how much value is there in creating a good song in the era of algorithm push songs, similar teaching activities are still strengthening the belief of creators— ” Musicians…should keep their own style as much as possible, and simultaneously learn how to establish an emotional connection with the audience, bring users into your songs (story), and take into account the quality of the songs and market acceptance.”

Find the next Luo Dayou and Fang Wenshan

We have ushered in an era of music that is full of explosions, but it seems that there are not many songs that can really survive. Why is it difficult for the transformed Chinese music scene to produce golden tunes? This is a question that the industry has been constantly reflecting on in recent years.

Multi-channel audio makes music camp sales have more uncertainty, a short music video to be declared fat weapon, but also brought fragmentation user consumption. When songs copied in batches can also generate commercial value, the industry is eager for “slobber songs” that have a huge market. All these have caused the malformation that the proportion of marketing in the industry is gradually greater than that of production.

Gold medal producer Chen Yaochuan said at last year’s Star Collection Lyrics and Music Creation Camp, “Music is the lower limit of popular music, and the upper limit of words. The song of a song determines the possibility of popularity, and the lyrics determine the height and depth.” Driven by the short-term benefits of “Saliva”, practitioners no longer pursue the upper limit, but continue to challenge the lower limit, and the standards for popular music creation are getting lower and lower.

These shortcomings are particularly exposed in the creation of Guofeng songs. At present, although the national wind continues, it has become more and more mixed, becoming the hardest hit by plagiarism and infringement. Especially in terms of the poetry that best reflects the national rhyme, there are often piles of rhetoric, empty narratives, chaotic layout, and good words. No good chapter.

For example, Li Yuanjie, who has a bad music theory but wrote a popular flow of money, challenged common sense with a sentence of “Bai Huafa” in “Sorrow for Li Ren”, and the “two itch” is even more unfamiliar. In 2016, a @programmerDelton even made a generator for writing ancient lyrics.

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

Looking back at the golden age of Chinese with a collection of superb composers and songwriters, such as Luo Dayou’s literature and popular lyrics and music inspired by the era, such as Fang Wenshan brought the first round of “national craze” in the pop music market. Today, the national wind has returned, but the “Fang Wenshan” have not returned.

Perhaps this is also the reason why the theme of “National Rhyme Renaissance” is the theme of the Xingchen Collection Lyrics and Music Creation Camp-the Guofeng songs can no longer be reduced to empty repetitive self-speaking in the impetuous market.

As Dai Quan said: “Renaissance of the national rhyme, it should be said that the word’revival’ is the most important. Rejuvenation is how to create a national style that is different from before, combining some of the current market conditions and factors… We always hope not Take out the very old things and chew them repeatedly. It is very tasteless. I hope to be able to make it a little bit in the future and experiment a little.”

In the algorithm age, how much value is there in learning to write a good song?

Looking back at the birth process of the golden songs in the record era, we can see that the well-defined music production process and a large number of mature songwriters ensured the quality of those “popular” songs that year. In the streaming media era, music creation is more free and reckless, and it also tests the abilities and instincts of musicians. Therefore, there are very few all-round musicians who stand out, and most musicians are actually facing the dilemma of “it is difficult to sing alone”.

Thus, the platform industry as an important bridge links the parties, the various aspects of quality resources link, integrate, and a large number of “bedroom music” build-in together excited to create advantages, to create songs became industrial transformation during the proper righteous. In addition to the form of creative camps, more excavation and support for outstanding songwriters is bound to be paid more attention.

Of course, in order to nurture a fourth-grader, Vincent Fang, can not fully count on the music platform single-handedly, one step to change change when the next explosion models upside down song quality and flow of the status quo, but also more creative quality of the music group Various measures such as improved industry services and simultaneous improvement of copyright rights of lyrics and music have been implemented continuously.

But there is no doubt that in the age of algorithms, creating a good piece of music still has vital value.

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