In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

“In the future, will the invoicing be raised by Siba Media or Mita Holdings”.

June has a special meaning for Pho (SNH48 fans). Every June, it is the day when the official announcement of the new general election is launched, and it is also the day when the pho fans fight each other to raise funds. This year, due to a series of reasons such as the Shanghai epidemic and policy supervision, in addition to the big change in the general election rules, Pho fans also waited for another “major announcement” from Siba Media. 

On June 10, Siba Media officially announced that the company’s business and corporate structure will be reorganized, its holding company will be renamed Meita Holdings, and its core business will be transformed into an immersive and interactive social Metaverse for the WEB3.0 and XR Internet era—— US treads the Metaverse. The core business of META48 is divided into three parts: Metaverse Visual Entertainment, Metaverse Fan Entertainment and Metaverse Brand New Consumption, which correspond to Siba Film and Television, Siba Media and Mina E-commerce respectively. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

The artists and little idols of Siba, including the independent artist studios who have graduated, are all forwarding this “major announcement”, which is a momentum for all members to enter the Metaverse. 

In private, the little idols themselves are not sure what Meita and Metaverse are, and they just forward it to complete the KPI. The former sister, Li Yitong, said during the live broadcast that when she saw a major announcement, her first reaction was to ask the company’s management “whether the invoicing will be made by Siba Media or META Holdings”.

Wang Zijie, an old Internet man, said that he wanted to create “the world’s first Metaverse girl group”, and idols and fans were still confused. Idols on the chain, Metaverse performances, can these illusory concepts really come true, and will anyone really pay for it? 

Idol quality, don’t put on the chain, put on the scale first

In December last year, Shanghai Mina E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Siba Media, was applying for the registration of multiple Metaverse-related trademarks. At that time, many outsiders believed that Siba was just trying to find a breakthrough in the field of e-commerce. But Mr. Hard Candy had a hunch at the time that His Highness Zijie was about to enter the Metaverse. 

It is inevitable for the current Siba to have idols on the chain. At present, the three core businesses of Siba seem to be independent and can transfuse blood from each other. In fact, they all rely on Siba’s core assets – little idols. The biggest problem for Siba, who has gone through ten years, is the number and quality of small idols.

Since its establishment in 2012, Siba Media has launched a new member recruitment program every year. The competition between the first- and second-stage students was as fierce as the show, and the group of little idols who started the heyday of SNH48 really deserved the praise of “one in ten thousand”. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

With the growth of the first- and second-generation students, especially Ju Jingyi’s emergence from the circle, the recruitment of new members of Siba has been smoother. The recruitment of the fourth, fifth and sixth-generation students has selected a large number of rookies with talent, good looks, and strong ability to attract fans. , is the “next generation” in the mouth of fans. 

However, starting from the seventh term, the number of new faces selected to join the group in each term is decreasing.After all, compared with ten years ago, there are too many channels for amateurs to become famous. It is possible to become famous by being a blogger or shooting short videos, and there is no need to share with the company. 

The attention of the fan community to new members is also declining. As a result, the traffic of the first- and second-generation students was smoothly handed over to the next-generation members, mainly the 4-6 students. However, the new members, especially the new members after the tenth term, failed to fill in.

While the number of newcomers has declined, few old people have successfully made it out of the circle. Although SNH48 originated from the AKB model, after entering China, with ten years of “out of the village”, especially after Hemei went to the draft in 2020, the fan base has long been different from Japan. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

Many Japanese restaurants, especially otaku, don’t want their idols to be out of the circle, and they don’t want them to develop too well, “so that she will always stay here to sweeten me”. But domestic fans are different, especially after He Mei went out, she attracted a large number of show fans, and these fans have requirements for the development of idol careers. It is a pity that the current Siba cannot satisfy the professionalism of fans. 

In the past ten years, among hundreds of little idols, only Ju Jingyi has really come out of the circle. Li Yitong, who was promoted to the star palace after Ju Jingyi, has also been filming. Not long ago, in the “Ideal House” broadcast by the Central Eighth, Li Yitong’s role was not too small, but it was difficult to attract new fans, and fans also laughed at themselves “Kaka (Li Yitong’s nickname) is invalid for filming.” 

Sun Rui, who was promoted to the star hall last year, has not fallen behind in variety shows, but her influence is basically limited to the rice circle. The recently aired “Start Broadcast! “Sitcom” also starred Sun Rui. It is said that she has attracted a lot of fans by relying on her image as a comedian. She is very suitable, but there are few splashes. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

As for Xu Jiaqi and Zhao Yue who successfully joined the Xiu Zong limited group, and Lin Siyi who directly graduated and entered the film and television department, the situation is similar. The exposure and resources are intermittent and they are out of the circle. Even some little idols’ popularity fell instead of rising, causing serious dissatisfaction among career fans. 

Xiu Zong was suspended, offline performances were blocked due to the epidemic, and the closed-loop gameplay in the past had begun to fail. Siba was eager to catch the Metaverse, which is easy to understand from a commercial point of view, but can fans understand it? 

Fan sentiment, whether to pay again?

People in Shanghai call people who are not smart enough to be “ruin eggs”, and Pho fans often laugh at themselves, expressing that they are completely trapped by little idols, “I know the dog company can’t work, but I still want to give her a better ranking so that she can pass next year. better.” After Siba, who holds hundreds of little idols, starts the Metaverse plan, will the egg go to the Metaverse to chase stars? 

In “Major Announcement”, His Royal Highness Zijie drew big and round cakes from virtual idols, VR performances, fan co-creation, and virtual cities. But in connection with the current core business of Siba, the most likely ones are: one is virtual idol, and the other is idol NFT.

Of course, some people will say that VR performances combined with offline performances should also have great potential. At present, Siba also has VR performances. But Mr. Hard Candy has always been skeptical of Siba’s technical ability. In addition, AKB on the other side of the sea already has a VR performance, which can be watched through the APP. However, because the theater is dark, there will be a lot of noise and color blocks, and the actual viewing experience is not good. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

AKB VR performance

“It’s better to use VR to watch the official camera directly. It’s almost the same, and it feels like it’s still in the gimmick stage.” A 48 fan told Hard Candy Jun. 

Back to virtual idols and idol NFTs. Seeing that Leroy’s A-soul next door is doing well, it is impossible for Siba, who is sitting on hundreds of little idols, to be immobile as a virtual idol. Last year, Siba officially announced the virtual idol duo “Hua Rong”. But fans of the virtual idol circle also need works, but after the debut of the women’s duo, they did almost nothing except being slipped around in the ppt. 

In Wang Zijie’s vision, Siba will not only be a virtual idol, but also a virtual idol platform, that is, virtual idols from other companies will also enter the platform built by Siba, and take commissions from the income. “My own virtual idol is not at all splashy, so don’t think about the whole virtual idol MCN.” Fans are not impressed by Mr. Wang’s ambition. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

Another inspiration for Siba from the success of A-soul is that those little idols who are not very popular have a new employment direction-the second time as a person in the middle.

Indeed, compared to amateurs, these little idols who have received singing and dancing training and have a good understanding of fans’ psychology have a natural advantage in approving leather business, and the company also saves the cost of performance installation. 

However, doing so directly strips the core of the 48 series – the face-to-face idol. The core culture of the 48 series is to cultivate idols face-to-face. Through performances, offline activities and handshake meetings, fans can witness the growth of idols from ugly ducklings to white swans. To become a virtual idol on a large scale, in the eyes of fans, is to lose the original intention and core of the 48 series. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

As for idol NFTs, the description is still vague at present – “co-creation between fans and idols”. Based on Hard Candy Jun’s understanding of Siba, the so-called idol NFT is likely to be the “Metaverse” version of the past when pocket 48 spent money to answer questions. Fans used to spend money in pocket 48 to ask questions to idols through drumsticks (tokens).Now changing the name of “Idol NFT”, there is no difference in essence. 

It was also mentioned in the launch announcement of this year’s general election that Siba will customize digital collections for members who have won the annual influence gold, silver and bronze awards. However, the appreciation space of Hemei NFT is just circulating in the circle of river fans. 

More importantly, as mentioned above, Siba’s core asset in recent years, the little idol itself, has been weak, and fans’ trust in the company has been worn away. As shown in the “Major Publishing” comment area: As soon as the plan is announced, all the pho are considered to be misappropriating money, and Wang Zijie cannot become a Metaverse. People who pay the bill lack basic trust, so how can they expect them to pay for it obediently. 

The cake is easy to draw, difficult to land

Of course, fans are all righteous. As long as the product is good, the person who scolded the most fiercely at the beginning is likely to shout “really fragrant”. The key is, can Siba make the pie a reality? 

In fact, Siba has been tossing around new concepts in recent years. Idol mobile games, virtual groups, e-commerce, idol delivery, almost all popular concepts have been stepped on, but the end result is that no one knows except fans. Difficulty in implementing the concept is an old problem for Siba. From the perspective of recruitment, the salary offered by Siba is not very competitive, and it is indeed lacking in the magic capital. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

There are technical bigwigs in Pho who have studied the code of the official website and researched the “Meida Metaverse” and found that Siba has not yet decided on which public chain to build and where to store the virtual assets.Just hurriedly throwing out the concept first, which made the suspicion of “painting cake” even more serious. 

Taking a step back, can Siba find a reliable team? maybe. Not to mention that new concepts such as NFT and Metaverse are subject to policy supervision in China. Just looking at the friends and businessmen who compete on the same stage, Siba’s chances of winning are also puzzling. 

Lehua + Byte Needless to say, although there was a squeezing incident a while ago, A-soul can also be regarded as the top of the virtual girl group. In addition, Internet giants such as Baidu and Tencent are also actively deploying virtual idols. 

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

virtual idol four jubilee balls

At the same time, there is a special group of competitors in front of Siba: the “backstab” of the former employee. 

There are inevitably some omissions in the operation of many small idols. Some small idols who started well have chosen to leave the group because they were consumed too much in the group; there are some small idols who have not been able to gain popularity, and the company will use various methods to deal with them. Persuasion, also known as “pay on delivery”. 

After leaving the group, not all the little idols, like the former Wu Yanwen (reporter) and Chen Yifei (judge assistant), entered the system and took up iron rice bowls. These little girls who left the campus early, it is difficult for them to return to the normal way of working as their age, and their way of making a living is still related to entertainment. 

Some little idols choose to settle in Xiaohongshu or BilibIli as their UP masters. Along with the rise of virtual idols, many top 48 members have joined the ranks of those in the middle. One of the most well-known 48 re-employment idols is Nanami Nana7mi (referred to as Nanami).

In the 48 yuan universe, what little idols worry about most is the general election

Qihai belongs to the domestic virtual artist project VirtuaReal. Under her skin is Lin Yining, the sixth-generation student of 48. This is an open secret both in the V circle and in Pho. Lin Yining now has many more fans than when he was in the group. 

In addition to Qihai, the virtual idol group Sixi Maruko, which has recently gained a lot of fans at BilibIli, is also composed of four top 48 idols (Wan Lina, Zhang Yi, Yuan Yuzhen, Wen Jingjie). Among them, Wan Lina was once known as the light of the N team, and her withdrawal from the group made many pho fans regret. Seeing that the idols who quit the group are flourishing in the V circle, it is possible that Siba’s legal department will be busy again and “recall” these retired members to re-employ. 

For fans, one side is the “exploiting capitalists”, and the other side is the little idol working, one can imagine where the scales in their hearts fall. In addition, in the eyes of fans, it is better for an idol to work alone than to be squeezed by the company. In recent years, fans have even deliberately reserved their votes in the general election, hoping that after the idol “gets out of the fire pit”, “just give her money alone, so that money It’s all hers.” 

Siba’s Metaverse plan is long and difficult, but the little idols at the center of the change seem to be the most indifferent group of people. For them, the chain and NFT are too far away, and the most important thing right now is the annual general election. 

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