In order to “enter” 70,000 people in the metaverse, it first spent 3 million

Facebook and Apple’s metaverse battle continues. Not only did Apple not mention the concept of the “metaverse”, but it also hired a public relations executive responsible for the Meta AR field. If Zuckerberg is “the first person in the metaverse”, then Cook is “the first person in the anti-metaverse”.

The more “arguing” between Zuckerberg and Cook, the more proof the metaverse’s fire is, and it also gives the opportunity to hype up the concept of the metaverse. The most common is the so-called big V selling “metaverse” courses. It is still a long way for the big companies that take the technology route to rely on the Metaverse to make profits, but these geniuses have already started to earn millions per month.

With one mouth and two mouths, he can be regarded as a “wind chaser” in the Metaverse Era.

Selling classes and books everywhere

A fresh concept can always bring good traffic. If the concept is incomprehensible and intangible to the public, and it can produce rich stories that cannot be distinguished from true and false, then it will not be too much for the “big V” who sells courses. Perfect.

After the blockchain and virtual currency, the metaverse has undoubtedly become such a new concept. Up to now, it is estimated that even Zuckerberg didn’t fully understand how the Metaverse should play and do, but these people were the first to “understand it”.

An extremely popular metaverse course is “Frontier Course · Metaverse 12 Lectures” on the knowledge payment platform.

According to the latest survey of Zinc Finance and Economics, as of the afternoon of January 12, the cumulative number of paying users for the training course “Frontier Course Metaverse 12 Lectures” has reached 73,267. The original price of the course is 49 yuan, and the post-voucher price is 41.65 yuan. , the income of this course has exceeded 3 million yuan.

In order to "enter" 70,000 people in the metaverse, it first spent 3 million

In addition to platforms such as Little Goose and Get, there are also a lot of books related to “Metaverse” sold on e-commerce platforms. From the perspective of top e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, Taobao, and, the sales volume of related books is also considerable. . Among them, the “Metaverse” and “Metaverse Token” sets (2 volumes in all) received over 20,000 comments on

Earlier, a screenshot of the background of an online course called “The First Lesson of the Metaverse” was circulated on social platforms. The screenshot information shows that this course has accumulated nearly 1.6 million yuan in revenue through the Xiaogetong platform, and it was only about 10 days after the course was launched.

In order to "enter" 70,000 people in the metaverse, it first spent 3 million

The product information shows that the original price of “The First Lesson of the Metaverse” is 1,888 yuan, and the discounted price is 688 yuan. If the book is not included, the fee is 600 yuan. It is mentioned in the course introduction that those who win in the metaverse era will enjoy dozens or even thousands of times of wealth growth. Who will they be with? How to place a bet? The answer lies in “The First Lesson of the Metaverse”.

In addition, on the content websites related to the currency circle, metaverse courses are flooded.

However, as of now, there is no authoritative definition of the metaverse, and when the concept is not clear, these courses and books are undoubtedly “cutting leeks”.

The magic stick with a monthly income of one million

Interestingly, whether it is a book on an e-commerce platform or an online course on other platforms, the author often has the identity label of “tall”.

For example, the person in charge of “Metaverse 12 Lectures” on the App is named Chen Xu. According to the introduction, he is “the founder of the zero-carbon metaverse think tank MeTaZ, the NFT consultant of FT Chinese website, and the former Chinese version of MIT Technology Review. Chief Adviser”.

According to his LinkedIn account, Chen Xu began to study the application of blockchain technology and content production in 2016, and created the content blockchain laboratory BCInside Lab. Through Baidu search, Zinc Finance found that Chen Xu has also published a lot of remarks about the blockchain.

In order to "enter" 70,000 people in the metaverse, it first spent 3 million

The second is the title of Chen Xu, the “founder of the zero-carbon metaverse think tank MetaZ”. Zinc Finance searched through major search engines and did not find any information about the institution.

A person from the currency circle and the chain circle has become an expert in the metaverse, which is very human.

The speaker named Yi Huanhuan on “The First Lesson of the Metaverse” is “the author of the world’s first series of “Metaverse” and a top technology analyst in China. Internet Queen)”. The team that wrote the “First Book of Metaverse” together with Yi Huanhuan is also very strong, including Zhao Guodong, secretary general of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, Xu Yuanzhong, chairman of Dasansheng Group, and Yu Chen, co-founder of Yibao Payment… …

In some previous media reports, Yi Huanhuan’s identity was the former director of Shenwan Hongyuan Research Institute and the founder of Yiqu Tianxia Financial Intelligent Securities Company. He has delivered speeches at some financial summits and made ten predictions about the blockchain. He also said that “blockchain + finance” will blossom in 2020, and the topics shared in recent years are mostly related to blockchain.

On November 15, 2021, “The First Lesson of the Metaverse” was questioned for “cutting leeks”, and the speaker Yi Huanhuan responded to the question in an interview with the media, saying: I didn’t pay attention to how much this course sold, and will participate in the Metaverse in the future. It should be tens of millions of people. If this matter is compared with the money sold, it is meaningless.

In fact, there are far more than these two “big men”.

On the e-commerce platform, the authors and recommenders of Metaverse-related books, like Chen Xu, are mostly in the currency circle and chain circle, such as recommenders V God and Xiao Feng, book authors Zhao Guodong, Yi Huanhuan, Xu Yuanzhong, etc. Basically, everyone has been active in the blockchain industry and currency circle.

In order to "enter" 70,000 people in the metaverse, it first spent 3 million

In addition, if you search for Metaverse courses as keywords on major content platforms, there will also be a large number of Metaverse course soft articles. Most of the course content catalogues are very similar, and the introduction of the speaker’s identity is also fancy, and most of them are from the blockchain field.

Objectively speaking, as a new field, there is indeed a great need for training in the metaverse market. Whether a set of metaverse courses is an IQ tax or not, the content is the best basis for judgment. However, it is understood that the content of such courses and books are similar, and they are basically a lot of content searched on the Internet. In some courses or books, it is even unclear whether they are talking about the blockchain or the metaverse.

The course comment area and the e-commerce platform evaluation area also confirm this, which is full of “patchwork, little gain”, “this kind of book is empty and tasteless, using some familiar concepts to “make up the word count”, it is not worth reading.” , “The content is empty, if you want to know more, you can search it yourself, there is no need to buy it.” and so on.

In fact, these so-called masters are all packaged by marketing. Maybe they were the chief experts of the blockchain yesterday, but today they have become the founders of the Metaverse, and tomorrow they will become the guides in a certain field when they wake up. .

The reason for this is that the various titles full of honor can always make some leeks psychologically identify with their social status, as well as their abilities, relationships, wealth…

The development of the Internet has given the crooks the rightful deceitful identity. But the more titles, the more it feels like a “no silver 300 taels here” trick.

Leeks can also turn into sickles

What makes people curious is, who is paying for this naked leek cutting course?

Zinc Finance has found that people who purchase Metaverse courses can be roughly divided into three categories by reviewing various materials and the self-reported materials of many course students.

The first type of people who buy courses and books are professional people who have to try to learn because of work needs.

After the news of Facebook’s renaming to Metaverse came out, companies from all walks of life, no matter how big or small, want to embrace the concept of “Metaverse”. Companies that follow suit.

Under such an atmosphere, corporate employees sometimes have to “buy classes” to learn Metaverse-related knowledge to do marketing and publicity work for their own companies or partner companies.

The second category is ordinary people. Nowadays, the Metaverse is considered to be the next outlet to surpass the Internet. Many ordinary people dream of getting rich and are very willing to spend a small amount of money to engage in related jobs through the courses of the gods, or to buy related financial products and invest in stocks.

However, as of now, the market has not given an accurate definition of the metaverse, and its career and investment prospects are still unclear.

Under such circumstances, you can get rich by taking a few courses written by magic sticks and reading a few books written by money circles. Why do magic sticks still write courses and books? If you invest directly according to your own theories, wouldn’t you have been on the list of China’s richest people?

In order to "enter" 70,000 people in the metaverse, it first spent 3 million

In addition to the above two types of people, there is also a type of speculators. These people seem to be leeks, but in fact another magic stick was born, turning into a sickle and swinging at the new leeks.

Like the gods, this type of people also seized the fact that the public does not understand the concept of the metaverse, but they can’t help being curious and want to get rich overnight, and want to sell classes with the gods to make money.But when selling a course, there is always a course to sell. Where do the courses come from? The solution to this problem is not too simple.

According to a netizen, the offline traffic training course he opened originally focused on teaching students how to create short video accounts and how to get more traffic through content. But because the Metaverse was too popular, many students wanted to take advantage of this wave of hotspots, so he bought all the more well-known Metaverse training courses on the market.

After getting the course content of many magic sticks, the netizen made a dozen of his own metaverse courses through copying, patchwork, modification, and repackaging, and then made up some for himself, such as the “founder”. Class status, while selling to their own students, they can also sell to new leeks on major content platforms.

The leek became a sickle, and more leeks were harvested…  

Nowadays, the metaverse is hotly hyped, but the technology currently mastered by human beings is far from being able to support the technical needs of the metaverse, and the metaverse is still only at the conceptual level. But it is precisely because of the inconclusiveness that some magic sticks have been given the opportunity to cut leeks.

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