In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

At night, New York has a whole bunch of monkeys on display. During preparations for work at the art gallery, the halloween suddenly heard a whole bunch of monkeys shouting.

It’s the 15 “apes” who got off the plane to get the Halloween event, but they can’t wait to express their inner urge.

Came back at 7am at 7am, this time at 15am and a full 7am queue, 00am their queue, they really arranged for two people, they were really a member of the cruise crew, came with a ticket to join the parade team Team C theme is also the grand surging NFT of a monkey conference this week. fear.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

In the past year, whether it is a hot concept or not, it has expressed my innovative expression or a market expression. But today is not why some people are ugly and spend money to buy candles, especially when they are quite showy. , this is a fact, it is the reason for my certain attitude towards these objects, and it is also a guilt cover for my understanding of NFT.

Saw an article from Coinbase a few weeks ago. The article recommends D to play the Ape Legion as the leader. . The universe guide is a monkey of Adidas Sos, and planned to buy the IP of Fire Monkey to make a big yuan.

Also got my mind: seeing it works, threatening future communities, I might find out about these people. Bubble, at least to understand how the bubble came.

NFT is a very large technical scenario, and the concept that can come out, this article discusses a great series of NFT scenarios.

Yes, I found this out, I know my background information very well, but I always feel that the layer that separates it after thinking about it for so long is – there seems to be such a monkey, so I am standing on this floor today. Look outside the decision. But to observe outside the game and follow the game to participate, to grow together, to grow together, and to create different scenarios. To be on the outside, I buy one. Monkey, expensive, this is a bit adventurous, but not so adventurous. Through a period of understanding, I already have a certain reason and recognition for the value of monkeys. I ended up spending 140 bucks, which is almost as many NFTs as there are on the market. No, monkeys at this price are ugly and featureless, and monkeys at this price are expensive. Expensive is also very expensive. Not seeing where to go, I did it myself again.

Friends with monkeys are gone, and there are six monkeys who appeared to make five avatars. However, as my aesthetic friends, I always feel that there are monkeys in this group, and they are all bought for very little money. I am embarrassed to mention this. . Just ask yourself that you have spent money on your eyes, and you actually get a little bit from the monkey head that doesn’t seem to be very good. This is probably the difference between being in the game and being outside the game.

Many people regard NFT as an investment, but I regard this as more. This monkey has become a consumption material for me to learn. Participate in the visit of the club, and the identity in the monkey community can be contacted. It is also a commercial IP that I use without restrictions. This is my expensive consumer use.

boring ape club

Bored Ape Yacht Club – A fleet of boring different apes run by these clubs, BAYC for short. Launched at the end of April 2021, this is a 10,000-character and attribute combination of ape NFTs, featuring monkeys in different costumes, but with a boring look. Pricing at launch was $200.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

That boring monkey is an ordinary person, and as some ordinary people at the bottom, they have an organized operation called Yuga Labs. The four were reportedly supposed to be college graduates. Two of them ordinary people know some technology. their legacy? Ordinary enough that after the monkeys made another little friend, their reaction was to give their own ordinary pass. When he told his mother that he ended up crying some money, the mother’s reaction was-

Maybe it’s because of his boring expression that moved everyone, maybe because his style of painting is loved by some groups, or maybe a specific group of people bought the rhythm in advance. 

Open – a new paradigm for brands

Some of the unexpected fires, some must be boring. Apes do it alone.

what to do? commercial use rights.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

Picture description and correct terms of the boring ape

The most important sentence is translated as follows:

“Yuga Labs LLC Works showcases your unlimited worldwide use, allowing you to use, reproduce and display purchased Works of Art, as well as create derivative works based on Works of Art (“commercial”).”

This means that when a person buys a work, he can use it in any commercial scenario on this NFT, and can often authorize it, but everyone can create and so on. In a community, an IP is shared. Consumers are no longer consumers, but participants in public welfare.

Culture, supremacy, prestige, popular music, allows intellectual property to be allowed to stray. The founder of “things make people grow”.

Monkey Magazine, using Monkey Skateboard, Monkey TV, Monkey TV, and then Monkey Video Band. Created because everyone who used the image of the monkey influenced their own commercial product was involved in building the brand.Other community members are also empowering the community and the brand in various ways. It’s like a community version of SuperMe, where they combined the ape image with everything to create their own culture.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

Various derivatives

I don’t have a boring thing that has released the brand IP. I am not someone who can play it in the work. One thing is that there will definitely be a boring ape. Before the appearance, no one has verified the game behind him. It is everyone’s concern about this success. Reporting of the event and expressing recognition, consensus and unanimous approval of community identification.

This gameplay of the brand is easy to succeed in terms of model, but then everyone is organized, but the reason for success is very simple, and a strong community and culture are created by copying. only have value.

The product of Y Labs may not be this set that looks strong at all, but a common culture that builds a common community and builds an NFT-like feel.

culture and community

What the hell is the culture of the boring ape club? I’ve been asking myself since day 1 and I can’t answer it well until now.

Boredom likes apes for many reasons. Some people think it’s cool and think this kind of boredom represents a kind of rebellion. Open, represents a universe, and some people find it boring. In the newcomer circle where the world is very boring, the first generation of this world, the young people in this circle, just in this circle, attracts many rebellious people, especially those in the street music and sports circles. He also has good creativity and publishing capabilities, and has formed a huge spread. Everyone is very good at the whole thing.

In the continuous operation process of the team, the open and continuous operation that can continue to emerge in the operation process has given many innovative brands.

Club members can add “initial” to the title of a work in “initial talent interaction”, and can post a sharing point after 15 minutes after owning a monkey, creating a painting or participating in the creation. The reason is because the idea of ​​the boring ape came up while squatting on the toilet.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

This is the picture I spent more than 1 million to let me in

With the development of the community, more and more macro games have been developed. The 2022 roadmap for airdrops, mutant monkeys, monkey-monkey duels, and more. A few windows were opened, and there were all kinds of information about the boring ape. But in the end, I gave up on integrating all the information into the article. It was too much and too long to be written, and it was estimated that everyone would not be able to read it.

However, these roadmaps strike me more as a different approach. form a common community member. Collaborate, fight, help.

Write a boring machine into such a Cobase community, but the community has not yet formed a DAO without French meaning, no contract, governance, voting. Admit it myself, and on the roadmap to become a DAO by 2022. But more generally speaking, the boring ape is a DAO, everyone has started to set up under no management center, and his founding team, Yoga labs, is also a member of this community. The other apes are all working together for a common goal. effort.

And when the apes are working in the same community, at this very moment, people can use it to create great community value for themselves. It might actually be worthwhile to actually use that trust, and expect you to. The value of this individual to individual is enormous. This special identity is also huge for the ethnicity of the community. A community member is trying to help the bored ape become stronger, and boredom is helping each community member.

Twitter celebrities and topics

I’ve seen many, but none have reached the level of ape-like boredom on a communication level. How exactly this all happened, there is no conclusion. But one thing that’s easy to observe in my community is that the apes are in the Twitter space, and they’re the main cause of the spread on Twitter. Tweet hashtags like #apefollowape #apetogetherstrong and support the members of the ape spread all walks of life instead of cultural layers staking their reasons can touch the public. People will be curious, the recent old can see ugly ugly monkeys.

Just recently, many monkeys spontaneously tweeted a “proud to join the monkey club” spread.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

I even helped the lad arrange to make almost all of my friends as free twitter banners for all kinds of apes every day to spread the word.

And celebrities have undoubtedly brought more than one fire to this spread. With the expansion of influence and culture, NBA superstar Curry came. NBC’s king-level host is also here, and music industry superstar Eminem is also here. There are 20 other first-line celebrity networks. On Weibo, there are more KOLs with fans between 10,000 and 100,000.

They don’t have the same handle about themselves.

The next news report says that if we push down the big big impact, we won’t be able to predict the spread of this, what Lee Mingbi et al, Lee Mingbi et al see on Lee Mingbo. Change the baby into a cartoon, what would you think?

The agency was idle again, and the Rolling Stones, known for their rebellion, turned back. Universal Music Group has invested in a virtual band of boring monkeys.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

And the newest member of this superior is Adidas.

Adidas and the Boring Ape Metaverse

Adidas Adidas named the monkey Indigo Hertz, and also purchased a boring ape number 8774 in November, which automatically obtained the corresponding IP authorization. The 874 Monkey in Adadis Sportswear is the baby in the Adadis Orginals collection.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

This is obviously just the beginning.

In December, Adidas announced the launch of its own NFT series, which could be called entering the metaverse. In the process of making this series, Adidas and three NFT communities cooperated and integrated to a certain extent. Among them, the deep integration is undoubtedly the most boring. This group of NFT monomers gave three thousand Das ten thousand. , two of the monkeys were purchased in advance in the public early stage, and ensured that they were eligible for early purchase, and in the three public communities that included the entire monkey group, the rest were available.

NFTs are sold in several houses.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

Team adidas Originals

Clothing for NFTs can be officially released for the third time in two-thirds of 2022.

In-depth analysis of the boring ape: a new paradigm for innovative management

Adidas is making a big construction plan in a metaverse application. This group of NFTs still participated in the activities of the Adi metaverse in advance. Although they can participate, they should also participate in joint construction.

There is no doubt that adidas understands the fundamentals of the metaverse, the users and the community. In this way he developed his own understanding and attitude to stand with the community.

Metaverse is unique in the creation and attribution of works at the connection of users. Mainly the belonging part that we initially focused on. Community collaborations like Boring Ape have been a huge learning journey for adidas. The community is in this place and I think we can help them hopefully join some friends. To educate, guide and tell them their way? – Tareq Nazlawy Adidas Senior Director of Digital Business

Adidas’ universe construction is also the Adidas Metaverse, just the remains of the first year of the boring monkey.

But the monkey metaverse is far more than one.

The NFT brand with the early layout of Yuan Monkey Universe will be launched in 2022. (The parent company of the well-known cosmic project Sandbox, which also has simian cosmic and NFT-like projects) Portfolio and metagame 3D boring anime characters for the metaverse are already in full swing.

And there are many more innovations and initiatives coming up all the time.

write at the end

It is boring to carry a new paradigm of brand operation IP, and it may be a brand model that will be used by a large number of global businesses in the next few years. IP has had inevitable success in the hierarchy of many cultural phenomena in America, but there are many more other gigantic apes appearing in all sorts of boring and mean characters that pop up by accident. And basically all liars and speculators. Although boring, it is definitely not unique, it can be copied to a certain extent, and successful heroes are big.

Because of boredom, my understanding is still very shallow, and the distance is really just playing. My study in the community and one of his is far from over, but just wandering in the community and one of his cultural circles are just members, and the understanding of this culture is still far away. have.

There may already be a big and implicit bubble in the ape, and there is no doubt that the organic work hype is part of his explosion. But I’m about the possibility of a future bored ape. Can IP have enough capabilities to allow me to bring me more business value in the future? I don’t judge.

I focus on triggering itself. Going to different places, boredom community watcher and investor, I am super aggressive in reaching out to the masses of diverse backgrounds and knowledge while focusing more on the community. I can learn more from them to learn and grow in the community, let me help you when you join the army and help you when you are in trouble. It also has the potential to become an important part of my social capital in the future.

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