In August, digital renminbi in many places began to pilot public payment, social security and medical care will be covered

The “fierce battle” in the digital renminbi pilot scenes in various places is in full swing. In just a few days since August, many new news about digital RMB pilot projects have been released.

News of pilot projects in many places including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Xi’an, etc. continue. From the perspective of application scenarios, in addition to transportation and retail consumption, other regions have opened poverty alleviation special sessions , and some regions have expanded. Social security pilot .

The pilot is in full swing

In terms of transportation, since August 1, Beijing Metro has added support for digital RMB offline ticket purchases/cards, fare replenishment and top-up, as well as online ticket purchases on the Yitongxing App. An upgraded application after the renminbi swiping payment, since then, Beijing has achieved full coverage of the digital renminbi in the rail transit gate and ticket purchase payment scenarios.

In terms of shopping consumption, on August 6, the first simultaneous release of digital renminbi red envelopes in Shanghai and Suzhou was officially launched . 500,000 digital renminbi gift packages totaling 20 million will be distributed to citizens of Shanghai and Suzhou, of which 100,000 places in Suzhou, Shanghai has 400,000 places. Judging from the winning rate, the winning rate of this round of digital RMB red envelopes is expected to exceed 10%.

In addition, other regions have piloted the opening of digital renminbi for poverty alleviation products. On the morning of August 4th, the People’s Government of Xi’an Municipal Government announced the launch of the “Intelligent Organization” Digital RMB Payment Channel and Poverty Alleviation Product Promotion Week . It can be purchased with digital RMB.

In addition to travel and consumption, in terms of public payment scenarios, according to China Taxation News, Dalian Taxation Bureau has innovatively launched a pilot program for the promotion and application of digital renminbi in the high-frequency livelihood service scenario of social security payment, as early as July 12th. In the past half month of operation, the city’s 4 million flexible employees and urban and rural residents during the pre-collection period have been included in the service system. On this basis, Dalian recently held a further promotion ceremony for the expansion of the “Digital RMB payment for social insurance premiums”, which means that the application scenarios of digital RMB have been further expanded in the field of social insurance payment in Dalian, as well as the application scenarios of digital RMB in the field of government services.

Regarding the progress of digital renminbi pilots in various regions, Su Xiaorui, a financial technology expert, said that from the perspective of local advancement, the digital renminbi scenario pilots are very rich, but the overall theme of people’s livelihood is inseparable. She pointed out, “Take the Shanghai Soviet Union as an example. There are two main aspects. The first is the number of red envelopes. We see that the total amount of red envelopes is still at the level of 10 million yuan, but the number of red envelopes has increased, with 500,000. It means that more users will win prizes; the second is the integration of scenes, including the integration of online and offline, the integration of physical stores and online e-commerce, and the integration of scene sharing through cross-regional linkage.”

Wang Pengbo, a senior analyst in the payment industry, also said, “The digital renminbi pilot application areas in various regions are achieving diversified expansion. From multiple scenarios, it shows that the digital renminbi pilot is gradually diversifying, and subsequent scenarios are expected to be further enriched.”

Where is the opportunity

In addition to the new progress in the digital renminbi pilot, since August, Beijing, Guangdong and other regions have also expressed their views that they will steadily advance the digital renminbi pilot and accelerate the implementation of the digital renminbi pilot work to achieve full coverage of scenarios; support the first pilot in the application of digital renminbi to create First-class innovation and entrepreneurship ecological environment.

Among them, on August 5, the Business Management Department of the Central Bank held a work conference for the second half of 2021. The meeting emphasized that the Beijing Winter Olympics has entered a countdown to actual combat, and in the second half of the year , we will go all out to sprint the Winter Olympics to pay for environmental construction tasks. We will steadily advance the digital RMB Winter Olympics scenario pilot, strengthen communication and coordination with local governments under the overall coordination of the R&D working group of the head office, continue to strengthen vertical and horizontal communication, and accelerate the promotion of digital RMB pilot work to achieve full coverage of scenarios.

On the same day, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province issued the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Financial Reform and Development in Guangdong Province,” in which it stated that it will support Shenzhen in piloting the application of digital renminbi, create a first-class innovation and entrepreneurship ecological environment, and improve the financial technology industry incubation mechanism. Accelerate the cultivation of leading financial technology institutions and industry chains, and build a global financial technology center.

In addition to the accelerated advancement of pilot areas, a new batch of areas are also striving for pilot opportunities. Among them, Fujian Province once stated, “Fuzhou will focus on digital Fuzhou and is currently actively becoming a pilot city for digital RMB. Make your own preparations to connect to the digital renminbi collection channel as soon as possible.”

Speaking of the full coverage of digital renminbi pilot scenarios, Su Xiaorui predicted that subsequent digital renminbi may be further expanded in special scenarios such as public payment, community services, social security and medical care, and corporate commerce.

Wang Pengbo pointed out that the consumer scene coverage is now relatively complete, and the future will continue to focus on geographic and frequency. The digital renminbi is positioned as a retail type, so the experience and use must be in line with the C-end user scenario. How to increase the number of pilots and increase user stickiness is the key.

In addition, Wang Pengbo believes that how to achieve full coverage and promotion of scenes in various places in the future, Wang Pengbo believes that it is necessary to transform cooperation at the level of operation and promotion as soon as possible, and with the help of the existing market power, can it be popularized as soon as possible, and then deficiencies and problems can be found.

Su Xiaorui further stated that digital renminbi operators can use their own business outlets, mobile apps, official mini-programs and other channels to implement promotion, and can also embed consumption scenes to acquire customers. At present, in the digital renminbi pilot scenario, there are not only institutions as the main body, but also industries, communities and other units. It is recommended that relevant institutions seize the good opportunities of the digital renminbi pilot and fully understand the scenarios, technologies, and user needs. Carry out research and judgment, and take advantage of digital payment to achieve a leap in business scale.


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