In addition to the byte “Party Island”, these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Thousands of people dancing to disco, thousands of people playing hide and seek, and hundreds of people watching movies are slowly becoming a reality in the Metaverse.

Although the discussion on whether the Metaverse can really become a “next-generation social product” has never reached a unified conclusion, this does not seem to affect everyone’s enthusiasm for exploring the Metaverse, whether large factories or small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to our previous work in Building, Fashion, Social Immersion? The 2021 Metaverse Concept App Goes to the Sea and Expeditions” and “The Metaverse App with the Lowest Rating and Immersive Metaverse App” mentioned OASIS, BUD , Star Idol, Soul, Litmatch, Healer, Sweech, May and Slow Planet and other 9 Metaverse concept social products.

In the past six months, with the continued exploration of entrepreneurs, the author has recently discovered some interesting Metaverse attempts in the domestic and overseas markets. Although most of them are still in a relatively early stage or even semi-finished products, they have indeed contributed to the further development of the Metaverse. his own strength.

This issue of Metaverse’s new product collection has screened 6 Metaverse concept social apps that will be launched after 2020 , 3 of which are mainly for domestic users and the rest for overseas users. These apps have made certain upgrades or innovations based on the existing models, hoping to bring some help for everyone to explore forward.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

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(This article does not contain any advertisements, please rest assured to watch! At the same time, it should also be reminded that the products listed in the list do not mean that the products are highly perfect or have great innovation, please treat them dialectically~)

1. “FateU”: “Send the Head” social method?

Dating, Gaming and Social

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Background introduction

FateU ” is a Metaverse concept product launched by Kunyuan Ideal in August 2020 for domestic users. “FateU” officially defines the product as a social Metaverse.

Compared with ordinary social products, “FateU” does have the basic features that Metaverse products such as virtual images and immersive experiences should have, but it seems that it cannot be completely separated from the traditional social model.

Avatars and Social Interaction

At present, “FateU” has 4 first-level Tabs including homepage, news, discovery and personal homepage. Almost all virtual usage scenarios such as creating Avatar and virtual social networking are concentrated on the homepage.

The avatar style of “FateU” is similar to that of products such as gel, and it adopts a cute style. The virtual image creation of “FateU” can basically be divided into two categories: face and clothing.

When pinching a face, users can freely choose 6 parts including hairstyle, face shape, eye shape, nose, lip shape, and eyebrows, but the official eyebrow material has not been uploaded; while the clothing selection includes tops, pants, shoes, hats and socks, but The latter two also did not provide any material. In the short term, the face pinching service provided by “FateU” is not significantly competitive among similar competing products, but this does not mean that the Avatar of “FateU” is featureless.

First of all, unlike most products that “the gender of Avatar is already doomed when the user completes gender selection”, “FateU” supports users to change Avatar’s gender at any time and perform face-pinching transformation , which is completely different for people who want to start in the online world Life is user friendly.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Secondly, “FateU” encourages users to “pinch their faces and give them away”. Users can create a brand-new Avatar image like pinching their face, and give it to a friend . The other party only needs to scan the QR code in the Avatar image to complete the one-click dress change. In addition to being an interesting interaction model, it is also a good growth marketing model.

At present, “FateU” provides 3 virtual scenes including “Superhero”, “Summer Party Island” and “CP at Club”.

Superheroes refer to the game levels in “Squid Game”. Each game has a group of 10 people. Users need to pass through numerous levels within a specified time to reach the end and win the final. Perhaps because of the small size of users, the author tried many times on different dates and time periods, but failed to match successfully. It is always 1, 9…

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Summer Party Island adopts the “Hide and Seek” gameplay in games such as “The Witch is Coming” and “CSGO” . When the user clicks the dress-up button, it will turn into a flamingo swimming ring, shells and other items. Hide in a suitable location on the beach and try not to be seen by other users. Of course the user can also be the role that discovers other users.

“CP at Club” , as the name suggests, is a dating scene. When the user clicks into the scene, he will automatically enter a room lobby, and users within a certain distance in the room can communicate with each other. However, if a user wants to achieve a deeper 1v1 communication, he needs to sit at the wine table and wait for another user to sit opposite. Users sitting at the same wine table automatically form a “pair”. After users sit down, they can mark the theme of this table on the label, such as #squatting funny girl, #want a little brother with a nice voice, #keepheartbroken baby, etc., so as to improve the efficiency of matching users who are interested in them.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

At present, there are 10 tables in this scene, which can accommodate 20 users for 1v1 matching at the same time. The scene mode of “FateU” is a bit like a “blind date bar”.

The discovery section of “FateU” is further subdivided into four secondary tabs, including “Follow”, “Interest”, “Moments” and “Research Institute”, which are basically the mode of Moments, information flow and Weibo topics. In addition, users can also start voice live broadcast in “FateU”.

As mentioned above, “FateU” has both the shadow of traditional social interaction and the exploration of new models, and the two have a strong sense of separation.

In addition, the membership subscription of “FateU” also contains “50 daily right swipes to have more opportunities” and other benefits that are obvious to Dating products. It seems that they are not ready for the new and old ones. But its attempt to combine Dating and interactive games with social and virtual is still interesting.

2. “Party Island”: a virtual social + community hidden in the event

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Background introduction

“Party Island” is an online virtual community app launched by ByteDance in January 2022. It is also ByteDance’s first attempt in the social field of the Metaverse. Therefore, as an invitation-only app, it has been widely used in major social networks since the product was launched. In the media and product discussion communities, there will be a scene from time to time where everyone is relaying “seeking for an invitation code for “Party Island”.

However, it has been in the internal testing stage until the beginning of June, and the invitation code was released on a large scale in July.

In view of its half-year-long closed beta period, it often appears in game products, so the author originally thought that the game attributes of “Party Island” may exceed social attributes, but ByteDance seems to be doing the opposite. The most obvious is “Party Island” takes “no one is an island” as a slogan.

Avatars and Social Interaction

Similar to other Metaverse concept social products, after completing gender selection, users need to create an Avatar image for themselves.

Like Slow Planet and Jelly, which have caused heated discussions before, the avatar of “Party Island” also chose to follow the ” Q version of the cute style “. Currently, users are supported to customize their skin color, hairstyle, hair color, eyebrow/eye/mouth shape, and tops, bottoms, and shoes. Overall, the customization space is relatively limited, and there are not many choices left for users. In view of the previous efficiency and R&D capabilities of Byte, I wanted to come to the “Party Island” for half a year before focusing on the construction of Avatar.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

“Party Island” has four first-level Tabs, “Island, Events, Calendar and My”. Currently, the event section is only open to limited users. On the surface, it may seem that “Party Island” is a bit ordinary, but in reality it is not. Hidden secrets in operational activities.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

At present, “Party Island” supports 5 modes of adding friends, including Douyin friends, WeChat friends, QQ friends, nickname search, and group adding friends. All users’ friends and group chats will be displayed in the “Island” section.

It is different from ordinary social products that click on the user’s avatar to directly open the session. On the “Party Island”, clicking on the avatar of a friend or group will directly jump to the “virtual scene”. At present, the virtual scene can accommodate at least 1 person and at most Accommodates 200 people. Users can interact with other users in terms of text, voice, expressions and actions in virtual scenes. Under the choice of virtual scenes, “Party Island” also chooses the seaside scene, subjectively creating a relaxing atmosphere for users.

From the above, I don’t think there is any obvious difference between “Party Island” and other similar products in terms of setting and experience, but in fact, the “events” of “Party Island” give users a lot of room for improvement.

First of all, the threshold for the use of the event is extremely low. Each user can book or initiate an event in their own scene or group chat. After the event is initiated, every user in the scenario can participate in the event during the event time, which is more conventional. Most of the film and television works come from Xigua video, and most of the live broadcast content comes from Douyin live broadcast. The rich copyright resources helped ByteDance to fill the “Party Island” with consumable content in the early days.

The convenient version of the private screening room built by “Party Island” has won the favor of many users. The author randomly searched the user’s name and found that many users have participated in film and television activities in the two-group chat. The author and a friend from a different place sat side by side on the wooden bench of the big movie viewing screen in the scene and finished watching “Haijie Diary”. The last time we watched a movie together was probably in 2017.

But in fact, most of the lively activities of “Party Island” are from the official. At present, the official at least “”Party Island” Park”, “We all love to watch the scene”, “”Party Island” Interest Market”, “”Party Island” There are 4 official operating communities with crowds approaching 200 or already full, including the “Screening Room” . The community often organizes concerts, movie screenings, new song discussions, street performances, dating parties and other activities. There are even singer auditions and “123 Wooden Man Games”. and other fun activities.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Compared with the previous official community of social products, which was mostly used for eventnotification , function introduction and question answering, the official community of “Party Island” is itself a social demonstration. In addition, “Party Island” is also working hard to recruit event organizers, hoping to enrich the event content from the creator’s side, and has created a party event organizer community, and rolls and loops the organizer recruitment MV in the group chat scene.

But perhaps because of the high expectations, during the test period, the author did not feel that I had gained a lot of innovative experience in “Party Island”. Overall, the experience is not very different from the experience of Slow Planet and Super QQ Show, but it must be affirmed. The point is that “Party Island” has indeed lowered the threshold for use as much as possible, so that users with different needs and abilities can get a good experience in it.

In short, we will continue to keep an eye on and track “Party Island”.

3. “Star Shell Shake”: I dance in a mobile nightclub

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting


“Star Shell Shake” is a Metaverse nightclub app launched by Time Domain Technology in May 2022.

Unlike most other products that choose to build a large framework to leave room for future development, from the naming of the app, to the introduction of the app store, to the application usage scenarios, “Star Shell Shake” will firmly define itself as a Metaverse nightclub App.

To a certain extent, when small and medium-sized companies have limited budgets, it is better to cut in from a corner according to the company’s strengths, rather than “all-inclusive and shallow”.According to the introduction of the registration information of the time domain technology company, the company continues to invest in the audio track, so it is reasonable to choose a nightclub to cut in. It is possible to expand to music-related scenes such as LiveHouse and music halls in the future.

Avatars and Social Interaction

At present, there are not many avatar choices provided by “Star Shell Shake” on Avatar, but they are sufficiently differentiated.

Avatar provides three options for makeup, hairstyle and clothing, 4 makeup faces are in line with traditional nightclub makeup, obvious beauty, shape modification, sequins; 4 hair colors are purple, yellow, green and orange are all eye-catching Colorful; 2 outfits go the sweet and cool route.Moreover, when the user is creating Avatar, there is a follow light on the whole body, which is even more atmospheric.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

At present, “Star Shell Shake” has only completed the creation of one scene of “Xinghe Nightclub”, and the remaining scenes are displayed as “under construction, please look forward to it”. Moreover, the business hours of Xinghe Nightclub are similar to those in real life. They are only open from 19:30-00:20 every night, and you cannot enter the scene if you come early or late.

Although there is only one scene, it will not be boring in “Star Shake”.

When the user clicks on the nightclub within the specified time, it will directly enter the center of the dance floor, and the Avatar will swing freely with the rhythm of the music. Of course, the user can also complete the action conversion by long pressing the function key. According to the author’s limited experience of dancing, I already feel that it is very rich, covering dumbbells, lucky cat, driver reversing, Swagger and other routines as well as ordinary/advanced movements, and objectively speaking, Avatar is more coordinated than me. 10,000 points. Some users also initiated an invitation to “drive a train” in the scene, but due to the fact that it was late at night and the number of people was too small, it was ultimately not realized.

In addition to the poses, the dance music in the scene is also constantly changing, and the lighting background in the scene will also change along with it. To be honest, it is difficult to achieve a nightclub with general lighting and even a LiveHouse. This may be the choice of “Star Shell Shake” It is related to the development of the Unity engine. In short, the immersion of the whole process is quite good. If you can catch up with the official event, it should be more interesting to experience the wild di of the ten thousand people. It is recommended that you download and experience it yourself.

In addition to the byte "Party Island", these 5 new Metaverse products are equally interesting

Although the above three products are mainly for domestic users, it is obvious that the product logic and landing scenarios are obviously different. This is also a charm of the current Metaverse track. No one can really explain what the Metaverse is, which means that the future form of the Metaverse can be completely defined by ourselves.

At present, “FateU”‘s Metaverse social interaction is driven by games and Dating, “Party Island” is driven by activities and operations, and “Star Shell Shake” is driven by DJs and disco, but either way is inseparable from technology and At present, creators with talent or organizational skills are also the main targets for domestic Metaverse developers to attract and compete for. In the future, the “organizer union” may be a good business, although it does not sound like a Metaverse.

Next Monday, we will update you three Metaverse concept social products mainly for overseas users. See you soon!

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