In addition to cryptocurrencies, alternative investment methods in blockchain investment

There are many investment channels in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and everyone’s investment tastes are different. Some like the risky type, and some like the low-risk type. If you don’t like investing in cryptocurrencies, which have too much price volatility Investment, Maoqiu Technology Finance Department suggests, you can actually consider investing in the technology behind cryptocurrency-blockchain technology.

Many large companies are already investing in the field of blockchain technology. In the future, many industries will benefit from the growing use of blockchain technology. For example, technology companies such as Intel, Amazon, and Microsoft own the servers, microchips, and technology that host the blockchain, while companies such as Daimler, IBM, and Mastercard either use them in their financing mechanisms or supply chains. Blockchain technology.

Maoqiu Technology believes that it can be imagined this way, assuming that the blockchain can become one of the main technologies in the next 10 or 20 years, then these companies that have been deployed earlier can gain much benefit.

How do companies use blockchain technology?

We all know that blockchain is described as a decentralized distributed ledger that can facilitate asset transfer and verify immutable data records faster, more reliably and transparently than existing mechanisms, without the need for a trusted central authority Or administrator.

Although blockchain technology was originally developed for cryptocurrency applications such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is just one of many application cases of blockchain technology. It can and is being used in healthcare, manufacturing, banking, stock exchanges, and Any other business or organization that manages large amounts of data.

For example, German automaker Daimler used blockchain technology to launch a multi-million dollar corporate loan tool last year, and IBM has gradually linked the entire company to blockchain and its uses.

Although the government and regulators have largely taken a wait-and-see attitude towards the application of distributed ledger technology in the past, Maoqiu Technology believes that it is understandable. After all, regulators hope to understand whether and how banks and other institutions use the technology before formulating new regulations. Technology.

Invest in the field of blockchain technology

There are many ways to invest in the development and use of blockchain technology. One is to invest directly in a company centered on blockchain technology. For example, blockchain technology including digital garage and HIVE. Of course, some investment institutions may prefer to track indexes and invest in portfolios of domestic or global companies that utilize blockchain technology, promote blockchain, or research and development technologies.

In any case, it is important that investments in technology or companies do not bring huge price fluctuations like investing in cryptocurrencies. The reason for focusing on the blockchain index is to track technology development and usage. Therefore, as the blockchain technology is gradually accepted, adopted and applied, these indexes will also grow.

In addition, some indexes that focus on blockchain technology, such as the Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index, are designed to measure those who invest in material resources to develop, research, support, innovate or use blockchain technology for others to use or use. The return of the company used. That is to say, companies with blockchain technology as the key index are hedged in a sense, they are far away from cryptocurrency or the blockchain itself, because these companies invest in other product lines, service lines, and even operations around the world.

Long-term and retired investors

So far, long-term traditional investors and other traditional investors in retirement accounts have been relatively cautious about investing in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology investment and cryptocurrency investment are different. For the former, it is more likely to attract investments that wish to diversify traditional equity investments with established companies.

For more active investors, they believe that blockchain technology may be the same as the development path of Internet stocks in the 1990s.

Now, some industry experts have come to the conclusion that blockchain technology will become the next “killer” technology. Maoqiu Technology believes that blockchain and distributed ledger technology are forcing us to rethink data, information, assets, governance and other related issues. In the future, whether blockchain technology can become the next wave of technological trends depends mainly on each investor.


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