In a nutshell: Is this Tesla recall or OTA?

OTA will not be an extra-legal place for OEMs to evade their recall responsibilities. When OTA content involves eliminating car defects, it must be included in the management of the General Administration of Market Regulation to give consumers the right to know. This article is from WeChat public number: Owl Intelligence Bureau (ID: owl-news), author: Agent W

In a nutshell: Is this Tesla recall or OTA?

On June 26, Tesla issued an announcement announcing that it had taken the initiative to file a recall with the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration due to the possibility of the active cruise control function being activated by the driver by mistake, which poses a safety hazard in extreme cases.

What is the reason for this recall?

Agent W went to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) to check the relevant filing documents.

In a nutshell: Is this Tesla recall or OTA?

(Reason for recall filed by Tesla with NHTSA)

In plain English, this means that in rare cases, if the driver unconsciously or accidentally activates the active cruise control function, and the active cruise control function defaults to the last set cruise speed, there is a risk of misuse because the driver is not aware that the cruise control function is activated at this time.

As an example, if the car owner is in an underground parking lot and is driving at a low speed of 30km/h, if he accidentally toggles the right gear lever behind the steering wheel and activates the automatic cruise control function, the car will default to the last set range speed for the action, and if the last set speed is 60km/h, the car will have a speed-up action at this time. The driver will react and operate subconsciously due to the car’s speed-up action, increasing the risk of an accident.

What has this recall modified?

In a nutshell: Is this Tesla recall or OTA?

(Tesla’s revised content in NHTSA filing)

After reviewing the NHTSA filing and feedback from OTA owners, the changes are mainly as follows

  1. when active cruise control is activated, there will be a “thump” beep. The cruise speed logo will be amplified and flashing at the same time.
  2. the minimum start speed of active cruise control is increased from 15km/h to 30km/h.
  3. the active cruise control cannot be activated when sudden steering or large angle cornering is required, reducing the risk of the driver inadvertently activating the function by touching the control lever under these operating conditions.
  4. After creating a new driver setting, the set speed of auto-assisted driving will be changed from the last set “speed limit” to the default target “current speed”, and the saved driver setting will not be changed.

This means that in the previous example, if the function is accidentally activated at low speeds, there will be a more obvious indication that the function has been activated, and the default is to use the current speed as the target for active cruise control, and the vehicle will not be actively speeding up at this time, reducing the risk of accidents.

What models are involved in this recall?

This OTA upgrade is only for all models of imported and domestic Model 3 and Model Y in mainland China.

In a nutshell: Is this Tesla recall or OTA?

(Model 3 and Model Y)

What does the recall require owners to do?

Existing owners can complete the recall via OTA without having to come into the store. For vehicles in the recall, expect to receive the latest software version pushed to your vehicle within a few weeks from June 28, with software version number 2021.4.18.5.

For those who have not yet picked up their vehicles, if the software version number in the new vehicle to be picked up is 2021.3.103 or 2021.3.103.5 or 2021.4.18.4, it means that the vehicle has been upgraded to the latest software and has covered the features involved in the recall.

For vehicles that cannot be upgraded via OTA, Tesla Service Center will contact the customer to upgrade the active cruise control software for the vehicle.

Why is this recall not a normal OTA?

Some readers may be confused, Tesla’s vehicles often bring feature additions and upgrades through OTA, so why this is considered a recall that requires notification and not the usual ordinary OTA.

In fact, in the case of smart connected cars becoming more and more trendy, in November 2020 the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Recall of Automotive Remote Upgrade (OTA) Technology, which states that producers who use OTA to eliminate defects in automotive products and implement recalls should follow the Defective Automotive Product Recall Management Regulations and the Defective Automotive Product Recall The notice points out that if a manufacturer uses OTA to eliminate defects and implement a recall, it should follow the requirements of the Defective Vehicle Product Recall Regulation and the Implementation Measures of the Defective Vehicle Product Recall Regulation, formulate a recall plan, file it with the Quality Development Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision, and fulfill its main responsibility of recall according to law.

It can be seen that OTA over-the-air download technology is only a technical tool for continuous upgrading of car functions, not an extra-legal place for OEMs to avoid recall responsibilities. If OTA’s are new functions, then naturally the OEM’s independent management is the main focus, but when it comes to is to eliminate car defects, it must be included in the management of the General Administration of Market Supervision. This also better protects the right to know and interests of smart electric car users.

Model 3 and Model Y users who have not yet received the upgrade push need not be anxious and worried. From the description of this recall, the main changes of this OTA are.

  1. enhanced beeps and alert animations for starting the autopilot cruise control.
  2. raising the conditions for activating the autopilot cruise control, which is not allowed to be activated under some complex working conditions.
  3. the set speed after starting the automatic driving cruise control, the default is to target the current speed of the vehicle, reducing the risk of “being scared” when the driver mistakenly operates.

This article is from WeChat public number: owl intelligence bureau (ID: owl-news), author: Agent W

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