In 2022, three broad applications of the Metaverse

In an emerging field, everyone has the same starting point. The information is transparent. They are all crossing the river by feeling the stones. No one can have any secret weapons or mature methodology of the metaverse. It is said that the current training courses in the metaverse field can be used for months. Into millions, this really needs to be considered.

In 2022, three broad applications of the Metaverse

The first question is, will the meta-universe be widely and practically applied in 2022?

The generalization is not accurate enough. The advantage is that it can immediately diagnose whether the practitioners are centered on the core point instead of taking unnecessary detours at the edge. Only in this way can they discover an important entry point for the development of the meta-universe one day in the future and carry out precise construction.

In an emerging field, everyone has the same starting point. The information is transparent. They are all crossing the river by feeling the stones. No one can have any secret weapons or mature methodology of the metaverse. It is said that the current training courses in the metaverse field can be used for months. Into millions, this really needs to be considered.

In 2015, the author touched on a stone exploration that is not yet called “meta universe”. Two years later, I discovered that the technology is not mature and it is not the time node for the participation of the product type team. Therefore, the early ignorance and fearlessness will only prove that forward thinking represents impracticality, and wading through the pit can only be used as a vigilance, not a formula for success.

1. The prerequisites for the extensive application of Metaverse

Innovation is generally discovered by technical elites, and change usually starts from the bottom of the public .

Zuckerberg’s path to create Facebook was the same, and the path to Douyin that defeated Facebook was similar. Zhang Yiming discovered an innovative algorithm matching technology. The BYTE App has a large number of users around the world, mostly ordinary users, and sometimes even called it. As a “sinking user”.

Zuckerberg, Zhang Yiming, Zhang Xiaolong… Most of the Internet giants who created elephant-level products have a programming background and a fundamental understanding of how innovative technologies can be applied to the general public. This is better than many without a technical background. Therefore, except for Jobs, most of the new Internet tracks were technology-based products in the early days. After determining the functional margin of the new technology, market-based products such as Bezos, Jack Ma, Liu Qiangdong… .

The meta-universe is similar. Before the word appeared, new types of vision, sensing, algorithms, networks, blockchain and other technologies had been applied in different fields. Zuckerberg, as a technological first understander, keenly captured vision. The integration of technology into the new ecology that other new technologies may bring, thus completely detonating the meta-universe concept.

For ordinary users, they don’t have “delayed satisfaction”. They usually change their behavior when they pursue some small interests. Driven by economic foundation and primitive animality, most people’s upper-level consciousness will quickly accept a new product. , Therefore, a variety of speed version apps, subsidy battles, game support, Hongguoguo’s little sister, and live broadcasts of spicy eyeballs were born…

From a technical point of view, the meta-universe has been practically applied in many fields when it emerged from the concept. The current meta-universe concept mainly refers to visual products for ordinary users, and meta-universe is in the process of cultivating the underlying consciousness in the market.

1. Speculation, led by the United States, the Metaverse project is in full swing, and the largest representation comes from the blockchain cryptocurrency combined with the Metaverse project.

The formula, the original taste, and the cost are still familiar. The red envelope subsidy of cryptocurrency is called “airdrop.” With simple promotion operations such as forums, as the number of users increases, Aircoin has monetary value, and market makers have made a fortune. At the same time, they have attracted a large number of “wool” users, and there are many extreme cases of getting rich overnight.

Blockchain cryptocurrency anchors the meta universe project. Through the marketing method of “airdrop”, not only the promotion cost is reduced, but the air currency can also be transformed into a game currency with monetary value, thereby continuing to attract more speculative users and investment With the participation of institutions, how many people can remain indifferent in the face of the temptation of “financial freedom” overnight? Therefore, the current concept of meta-universe has become popular.

2. The bubble is a top-level game of “mixed joys and worries” in China. Under the pursuit of capital, the stock prices of many technology companies that have adopted the “metacosmic concept” are full of stock prices. Of course, there are also many bigwigs and media who rationally criticize the possibility of the metacosmic project. The negative values ​​brought about, coupled with the state’s administrative control of cryptocurrency, have not yet seen a large number of low-level mass speculators.

A while ago, Baidu launched an app called “Hearing”, which represents the actual situation of most meta-universe projects in China. The product format is still separated between the game and the meta-universe, which leads to the change from user positioning to The marketing model is still vague, and the retained data has not been verified, so it has not been able to spread the promotion on a large scale.

On the other hand, NFT projects similar to foreign blockchains, Ant’s AntChain fan chip, Tencent ‘s magic core, etc., have formed a set of industrial original frameworks for the realization of commercial auctions of digital art works. More products are responding to early seed user feedback, trial and error, and iteration. Coin marketing has not yet started. Otherwise, according to the population base of our country, the number of users and popularity will far exceed those of the United States. The daily activity data can tell the clues.

Regardless of speculation or bubble, one thing is certain: the process of meta-universe is unstoppable. This concept can no longer be falsified. We should think more about what will happen to the market if meta-universe is widely used in the future to further prove it.

2. Wide application scenarios of Metaverse

The author of the article “Direction” proposes that Metaverse is a collection of technologies based on the “Visual Internet+” as its core.

Vision technologies such as AR/VR, holographic projection, 3D modeling, and panoramic photos are becoming mature. What is still in doubt is the maturity of positioning sensing technology with holographic vision and the maturity of 5G network transmission.

The underlying engine used by a large number of 3D games and the lively AR face-changing gameplay on short video apps, including the recently popular “virtual idols”…..These have basically achieved the “real and fake”. From the actual effect, Meta Universe The technology already has practical application capabilities in many fields.

The second question is, from what scenario is the actual application of the meta universe most likely to start?

The first-generation Internet hardware carrier is a computer, and the mobile Internet is a mobile phone. It carries the hardware carrier of Metaverse. We can temporarily call it “eye machine”, because no matter what the future is called, it is clear that Metaverse hardware and mobile phones may be interconnected . However, the main body of the meta universe must not be a mobile phone, otherwise it would not be called the new generation of the Internet.

After the birth of the Apple mobile phone, no one doubted the advent of the mobile Internet. The current meta-universe, an epoch-making product similar to the Apple mobile phone, has not yet appeared. Another point is that before smart phones, feature phones represented by Nokia have been popularized. This makes the market popularization of Apple mobile phones without friction. Just as a substitute for feature phones, it has been easily accepted and replaced by users.

This brings about a thought. If the hardware equipped with Metaverse is not used as a substitute for a certain mass product, the friction of entering the market in the early stage will be great, and it will not be easy to open the mass market, like VR glasses, for many years No matter how the price is reduced, it has not yet entered the shopping cart of ordinary users.

Based on the above, the author guesses the three possible directions of Metaverse hardware in the future, which are for reference only.

1. AR, augmented reality technology is to deceive vision in real scenes. AR glasses can be used as a substitute for traditional glasses, but it is not limited to replacing traditional glasses. A further alternative to AR technology should be called AR glass. There is a layer of glass in the real world. The scenes that can be seen are all within the scope of AR technology.

If the replacement of traditional glasses is not enough for the masses, the replacement of glass is everywhere. For example, store cupboard can not kind, from AR glass will look into gem everywhere, real ones; their own, companies, shopping malls windows are AR glass can be visual, visual content can also be custom-General; bus, plane, subway Windows can also be AR glass vision, and the world will be a visual presentation of a mixture of reality and virtuality…

2. VR, virtual reality technology is to rebuild a virtual dimension to deceive vision. With Zuckerberg as the leader, the current hyped meta-universe concepts are basically concentrated in the VR field.

AR appears in the real scene, users do not need to change themselves, just passively accept it, while VR must allow users to quiet down and actively enter the dimension they have built. Users take the initiative to make changes and accept a new thing. It usually takes a long period of market cultivation. Therefore, the market friction of VR glasses is very large, and it is still in the range of enthusiasts.

I guess that if VR wants to open up the mass market, it may need to imitate the rental model or sharing model of the Internet cafes in the early days of the Internet. Because the construction of a complete beauty immersive experience scene, you need to complete a variety of mixed sensing hardware and content customization, this is not a VR glasses will be able to do things, so many of VR hardware device integration, more suitable for early rented or shared mode .

3. Projection and holographic projection technology. The current practice is to arrange N projectors to splice together into a whole 3D animation. The visual effect is sufficiently colorful, but the Internet interactivity is lacking, and more are still in stage-like scenes. Technical capabilities have been able to project on the airflow.

Holographic projection is an alternative to all screens. It can replace common smart screen hardware including mobile phones, watches, TVs, etc. The market for alternative screens is not very frictional. In the future, users can interact with the projection through voice or gestures, virtual idols, social networking, and watching Video, live broadcast, etc.

In addition, with regard to the latest data on screens, mobile phone screens currently occupy more than 3 hours of our adult’s average time per day. Among them, a large number of young people spend more than 6 hours watching mobile phones. Even if the meta-universe is not coming, most people’s vision has been handed over. With the screen, the future holographic projection must also belong to the core category of the meta-universe.

It can also be concluded from the screen data that the values ​​of Metaverse are not worse than that of mobile phones. Human beings have abandoned the real scene for most of the time. Metaverse is nothing more than a further extension of the visual scene. AR glasses replace reality glass, and holographic projection replaces smart screens. VR virtual dimension access to work and life is just more immersive than mobile phones.

The third question is, since the meta-universe application scenarios are unlikely to jump out of the three AR/VR/projection, how should we layout next?

3. The extensive application path of Metaverse

From the perspective of the NFT of the blockchain and the AR/VR/projection of similar games, although the meta-universe project has not yet clarified what it must be, there are already visible paths in different fields.

1. Overseas.

Metaverse is the ” new continent ” of the Internet. Just like the long history of capitalist development, a capital-driven “unowned continent” was discovered. The evolution path is usually: a few pioneers occupy the original resources, and the number of profit-seekers subsequently increases rapidly. After the original resources are exhausted, business rules cannot reconcile the contradictions of property rights. In the end, the administrator sets up rules to protect property rights and encourage market prosperity.

This is true in the history of the United States and Australia, the same is true of the Antarctic in the early years, the same is true of the current meta-universe, and the same may be true of Mars and space in the future. The original resources of the meta-universe are not physical land property rights, but digital land creation, or digital enclosure, digital property rights. Compared with Mars and space immigrants who want to go to outer space to grab the original resources, Yuan The intent of the universe is much gentler.

A recent meta-universe called the Decentraland platform, refreshed several price records word reclamation of about $ 2.43 million sale of a piece of real equivalent in 565 square meters of land figures, the average price per unit area than many second-tier cities housing prices, the They were also responsible for a $913,000 transaction record. Even a small country in Barbados announced not long ago that it will open a virtual embassy on the Decentraland platform and other meta-universe platforms in the future, so that global users can learn about Barbados.

Digital made to obtain recognition of the value, from the current and future user data will continue to grow, input-output ratio symbol merger and acquisition interest of buyers to calculate the commercial value of digital real estate, the side that the practical application ability yuan universe, does not belong Concept stage.

Digital real estate is one of the original resources of Metaverse. This part of the resource is still under competition. Around the refinement of digital real estate, there can be many commercial ecology such as shopping and entertainment. This part has been introduced in the article “Direction”. Repeat it again.

2. In the surrounding area of ​​China, there is a recent news that Zhangjiajie Scenic Area is seriously studying Metaverse.

Meta Universe is the “Visual Internet+”, and cultural tourism, a visual experience-driven industry, is of course the most suitable application scenario for Meta Universe. In addition to cultural tourism, many visual experience-driven fields such as art, performance, games, shopping, and education are all industries that are eager to embrace the meta-universe.

The other is a field like blockchain NFT that is directly driven by the economic foundation, such as Tencent, Byte, Baidu, Ali, Xiaohongshu … These technology companies are building a business ecosystem for NFT digital collections, focusing on digital art creation. The IPs can cover more fields, such as finance, cultural tourism, film and television, sports, artists and other major industries. There are currently more than 4,400 trademark applications in China, and more than 700 related companies cover all walks of life.

In addition, in our neighboring South Korea, the city of Seoul is being transplanted into the meta universe under the leadership of the government, including economy, culture, tourism, education, and civic services. It is expected to open government services in 2023 and provide visual services to the public through the virtual image of the meta universe. , And some historical tourism resources that have been destroyed will also be rebuilt in the meta universe…..

Facebook, Decentraland, Microsoft and other companies are on the upswing. The Korean government takes the lead in All in. Many small countries have embraced it. Domestic technology companies have deployed one after another… Maybe a few years later, our familiarity with the meta-universe city is like familiarity with ourselves. The road in my hometown is the same.


On the company side, Google , Magic Leap, Apple, Amazon and other companies with meta-universe genes are still silent. Whether this unreasonable silence is brewing some subversive wonder.

On the user side, the foreign Meta universe project combined with blockchain cryptocurrency, and through coin marketing, attracted a large number of ordinary users to participate in the promotion. In China, NFT platforms are built in vertical industries to create an early commercial framework by generating income for IP owners, and most ordinary users are still enthusiasts.

Stars and Internet celebrities themselves are IPs. Coupled with the current popularity of short video apps, many visual works have collection value. All kinds of ready-made resources just wait for an opportunity. Joining the NFT soon after the meal circle is likely to be injected into the meta universe. A shot of a booster gave birth to a phenomenon-level product.

The meta-universe has begun to be widely used. Although it is still in its early stages, all aspects of progress have reached the eve of the explosion. We don’t know what the meta-universe is, but everyone should at least understand how the future will be within the framework of the meta-universe. , Do what you are good at.

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