I’m sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

I am a Tibetan insider. To be precise, I consider myself to be a few Tibetan insiders. For example, there are N number of Tibetan groups lying on WeChat; another example is the ability to seamlessly connect with hot topics in the circle; a while ago, I also wrote a few insightful articles.

I am arrogant. While refuting NFTs and Shuizang are not the same thing, while holding high that Shuizang will eventually have a future, but at the same time, they have never bought any digital collections in China. I take it for granted that Shuzang is copying homework for NFTs, but I really did not expect that even if the answer is handed to hand, some people are too lazy to copy. Without him, leeks are not worth it.

A few days ago, I chatted with a few friends who are engaged in technology about the copyright dispute of the boring ape, which started a discussion on the copyright (ownership) of domestic digital collections. After that, I abandoned my arrogance and began to really go deep into the field of domestic data and Tibet. During this period, I all sighed that the domestic leek was a good hand, and at the same time, I regretted that I missed an opportunity to realize wealth freedom.

The distance between me and wealth is often only a string of hash values.

Dachang’s arrogance

Things are here, you like to buy or not

Users will vote with their feet. Based on the trust in the big manufacturers, I first opened the BAT platform. Of course, for well-known reasons, the Magic Core is no longer available for sale, so I checked past sales. The conclusion is that, judging from the release information, all the collections of Magic Core and Baidu’s D+ digital collection platform have no product information except for the so-called collection stories. What I mean by product information refers to the basic information that a digital collection should have, such as the issued blockchain, identification hash, contract used, whether it can be checked, etc.

Whale Scout is slightly better, offering a blockchain query. A friend who bought a collection told me that the collection had a hash and a contract address. I learned again that you can only see the certificate to which the collection belongs after you buy the collection. By the way, 99.9% of the collections are non-refundable once purchased. After you own this collection, you are very lucky, because I am an insider, so I know that the Magic Core Collection is issued on Tencent Zhixin Chain, Whale Scout is issued on Ant Chain, D+ is based on Baidu Super Chain, So I can crawl down the network cable to verify the digital collection I have.

Through the feedback of surrounding friends, the collections purchased by Magic Core can be queried in the Zhixin Chain blockchain browser, and the collections of Whale Exploration can also be directly queried in the App. So, I found the TME digital collection of Tencent Music. The product introduction does give the hash of the collection, but it cannot be copied, but I am not so easy to give up, please ask the technology to pull the hash out of the source code for me, ok, the verification begins.

According to the website information, the collection series ID: 2d96645cb819fbc94544cfa8a42a30f6ca0aa3456a3e85b33d98a05c9ff538c9_209d3437e72c861ad98b32011d470fc09228e7dc9e9cf187c3e4e516648 was not found on the Tencent browser! Then I also verified several other recently sold collections, again none. Although it is expected when the hash cannot be copied, it is also possible that Tencent Music is not released on Zhixin Chain, right? A cold knowledge: Tencent has two chains, one is Zhixin Chain and the other is Tencent Blockchain. PS: I did not find a browser for Tencent blockchain.

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Turning my head, I found the blockchain browser of Baidu Super Chain through the search engine, opened the collection I had received for free before, and copied the hash of the collection into the blockchain browser, duangduang~ the moment of witnessing the miracle, ahle ? Still no results were found. So, a free digital collection is not a collection? 

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

The clutter of a small platform

Good and bad products are mixed, and the qualified ones are in the minority

Of course, it is also possible that my collection is just an example, after all, there is no free lunch in the world. After inspecting the big platform, what about the many small platforms? I don’t know if I don’t see it, but at first glance, um, I can only sigh about the bullfrog bullfrog. Let’s take a look at iBox, the Internet celebrity player in the Tibetan world. It has also been controversial since its establishment, but this is not the focus of my attention. Open the software and find a collection for sale. At first glance, the contract address and release records are all there. But when I went to verify, the question came, which blockchain was the iBox collection posted on?

I thought it was because I was not good at learning, beyond the scope of my knowledge. It doesn’t matter, if I have any questions, I can find Du Niang, and the majority of netizens can always help me solve my doubts. Then it took me nearly 10 minutes to dig out the information from the corners and corners, iBox first launched HECO (probably). Let’s not say anything, first touch the browser of HECO to have a look.

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Unexpectedly, the first one won the lottery, and the other one has no such person, let alone the so-called sales record. I don’t believe in evil, so I checked several collections on the platform market one after another. Interesting things have appeared, and there are not one out of ten. That is to say, out of the ten collections, nine can’t be found (I have asked for technical advice, maybe it’s not posted on HECO, of course I can’t find it on HECO). There is another interesting thing, which I found when I checked, look at the picture ↓Blind students, did you find Huadian? That’s right, these undiscoverable collections have the same contract address! Of course, as a serious insider, I have consulted technology, and the conclusion is that if it is the 1155 contract, it is not impossible. So the question is, which chain is iBOX issued on?

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Let’s take a look at the one out of ten. I found relevant records on HECO, and it was indeed cast by iBOX. but! Click to see that the contract is using HRC-20, which is the token contract of the Huobi ecological chain HECO. What do you mean, a token contract is essentially a bitcoin in your hand, and a bitcoin in my hand, there is no difference in essence, it is homogeneous. The NFT contract is non-homogeneous, unique and indivisible.

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Records show that the contract address 0xe5d5421801bf4637fa557306320946181b0031ca is a coin contract created by iBOX in HECO, with a maximum of 130 coins, which has nothing to do with the above-mentioned so-called collection. Look at the sales records in the APP, no matter whether it is true or false, I am just amusing, the vernacular is that 1 yuan is transferred between different people, will it increase? ! It turns out that this is money making money, long knowledge +1. (PS: This currency contract is also not worth 1 yuan.)

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

You think it’s just an example, this contract address is 0xd3d20d0bd31751f084cb4e4ff98e568c8c2132fb, and the query shows that it is also iBOX’s currency contract on HECO, with a total of 1,797,205, and 568,728 ememem in circulation…

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Okay, let’s not always target one family, let’s go for a walk in other places. This chain play is also one of the more controversial platforms. At the bottom of the APP, it is indicated that Ethereum provides technical support, so I first went to the browser of Ethereum to check. Emem, how should I put it, it is not unexpected, after all, it may not be issued on the public chain of Ethereum. As for which chain it is posted on, I have arranged an article from various channels, but I have never found an exact description of which chain to use.

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Of course, it is not without qualifications, but it can only be said that there are very few. For example, Unique Art can easily open a product interface, and its contract address, certification logo, certification standard (contract type), and certification network (what chain) are all available. Of course, I will not miss the verification step. From the product information, we can see that the collection is issued on the Polygon public chain. I found its blockchain browser and randomly verified the collection on its platform. The results show that it can be verified.

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

I'm sorry, is the digital collection you bought really on the chain?

Judging from the overall query results, most of the massive data collection platforms simply do not know which blockchain is issued on, or vaguely indicate that the technical support is provided by so-and-so, and there are some that have chains but no area. For blockchain browsers, there is no way to check. In the process, I also found it very interesting, some platforms advertise their own BSN alliance chain. To popularize a cold knowledge for everyone: BSN’s full name is Blockchain-based Service Network, which is a blockchain service network, which is a blockchain network composed of more than a dozen blockchains. You said the BSN you used, which BSN chain? Expand the talk. 


Anyway, whether you can find it or not, I say it’s a digital collection

It’s a digital collection.

What are digital collections? What is a digital collection? Baidu Encyclopedia defines it as follows: Digital collections refer to the use of blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates corresponding to specific works and artworks , and on the basis of protecting their digital copyrights, to achieve authentic and credible digital distribution, purchase and collection and use.

After I circled it, I really opened my eyes, so I don’t know which chain they are on, and I can’t find the so-called contract address, the small picture of the hash, and then make up a collection story, which is the so-called digital collection? As for hashing, it is a better solution. There are a lot of hash generators on the Internet, which are free and convenient. And the blockchain browser, if you want to, it is not impossible to achieve through centralized means. However, the so-called digital Tibetan platform is not willing to perfunctory even this point. Without him, leeks are not worth stopping.

Returning to the essence, no matter how advanced the technology is, digital collections are products for mass consumption after all. Since it is a product, the basic information of the product must be there, right? There are many calls on the market for Shuzang to have compliance management. Is the first step to start with the disclosure of its own product information? Which blockchain does the collection use? What contract did you use? What is the contract address? What about the collection hash? One article, all of which are information that consumers should know before purchasing.

Everyone really has their own understanding of digital collections. Anyway, whether you can find it or not, I say there is a chain and there is a chain. When I say it is a digital collection, it is a digital collection. The key thing is that no one has ever questioned it. There are countless negative news about blockchain and digital collections. Although it is not yet “talking about the color change of blockchain”, I think with the conscientious efforts of everyone in the industry, it must not be too far. .

During the staggering, everyone held up the air, chatted loudly, and occasionally traded with each other, which was a peaceful atmosphere.

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