I’m doing purchasing in the temple

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

Slash youth, part-time job to get rich, Hard Candy finally took his first step.

Mentioned with a friend about going to the Lama Temple, the other party immediately said, “Then you can ask me for a fragrant ash bracelet.” What is that? After some searching for supplementary lessons, I realized that it is the normalizing Internet celebrity religious cultural and creative product nowadays. The selling point is to use the incense ash left by the pilgrims of the Lama Temple to worship the Buddha, and it is made with porcelain or colored glaze.

“The incense ash bracelets are not ordinary bracelets. Each string is full of the piety and aspiration of the pilgrims, so it is more auspicious and can protect us more.” Xiaohongshu Note said.

Looking at the price, Taobao’s request ranges from 300 to 500 to 600 yuan, and the top-ranked shops seem to have a prosperous business. When he is busy, he writes and purchases when he is free. Hard Candy Jun has already begun to imagine his wonderful slash future. After several WeChat groups released the purchasing information, and the customer list and needs were counted, the hard candy king set off.

Lined up for two hours, netted 30 yuan

“Fragrant ash bracelets are very popular. You must go as soon as possible. After opening the door, go straight to the French logistics office to get what you want.” “The French logistics office does not replenish the goods every day. You must go to the door to pick it first. You can call the French logistics office and ask if you have the money you want.”

In view of the fact that it was already ten o’clock in the evening when I saw the Raiders, Mr. Hard Candy decided to follow what others said, rushing to line up before opening the door, and rushed into the Lama Temple first.

Never thought it would be careless. I deliberately chose a working day that was not the first and fifteenth day of the new year. After a few steps out of the subway exit, the staff told Hard Candy: “Don’t go forward. This is the end of the line. Stand in two rows. Everyone has In order.”

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

The Hard Candy Man who arrived at 8:30 was lined up at the corner of the line. Observe the people around you during the waiting period. Most of them bring their families to dress up as tourists. They should only come to travel rather than competing competitors. At nine o’clock exactly, the scarlet gate of the Lama Temple opened slowly.

There are three French logistics outlets where you can buy incense ash bracelets. The nearest one is only a few tens of meters away from the entrance, and is located next to the incense shop. In my memory, this French logistics office has always been around for many years, but now it is not as crowded as it used to be. At 9:06, the ticket was successfully checked and trot all the way to the hard candy man at the French logistics office, and found that the line had been lined up outside the store. As a rough estimate, there are at least 20 people in front.

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

At the end of this road is the French Logistics Pass

“Miss sister, are you here to ask for bracelets too?” It was probably because the wait was too boring, and the girl behind him began to talk with Mr. Hard Candy. She is a college student who just graduated this year, preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination while going to work. Because the house is rented at the North Fourth Ring Road, which is only four stations away from the Lama Temple, there are always friends from my hometown begging her to ask for bracelets on her behalf.

The girl said that her father was a layman, and she had the habit of paying homage to the Buddha regularly since she was a child. Helping her on behalf of her was purely a matter of effort to earn money for travelling and lunch. “Fragrant ash porcelain bracelets are generally stocked, it is better to please. Fragrant ash glazed bracelets may not necessarily be available.” In order to help a friend ask for the colored glaze bracelets, she arrived at the Lama Temple at seven o’clock, ready to be the first person to pick the goods. It turned out that someone had come earlier and was still prepared to bring Mazar mineral water, and sat for more than two hours to wait for the door to open.

I am greedy for time in the dark, but purchasing religious products is not very profitable. Platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, and Douban are flooded with strategies. The price of bracelets has long been transparent, and there is only a little room left to make money.

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

The price is marked on the bracelet, it is difficult to make false reports

10% off for purchases over 300, 15% for purchases over 3,000. Take the incense ash bracelet as an example, the lowest price of incense ash porcelain bracelet is 290, after 10% discount, 261, you can make 29 yuan for each purchase; the slightly more expensive incense ash glazed bracelet is 380~390, which is a profitable space for purchasing. It’s only a few dozen dollars.

“I made it clear to my friends that there is no purchasing fee for them, and the original price on the label is not charged freely. After earning a discount, dozens of dollars are hard money. Some purchasing agents who do this specifically add 10 to the original price. It costs 20 yuan, but the price is too transparent, and no one buys it if it increases.”

At seven o’clock in line for two hours, a bracelet can only make 30-40 yuan? Hard Candy’s part-time ambitions have been extinguished in half.

Bracelet purchasing is just a means of drainage

During the chat, the team moved slowly, and the front seemed to be a purchasing agent. An older sister chose a dozen or so before leaving, and the younger brother behind her also grabbed seven or eight bracelets. Finally, when it was Hard Candy’s turn, some of the hottest styles as mentioned on the Internet were already sold out. The sales eldest sister curled her lips, and cast her eyes with her colleague: “The man is here again and took away all the green glaze in one breath.”

The checkout is not finished. The reason why the Lama Temple bracelets are so popular with young people is that the bracelets have excellent appearance. The youthful color schemes such as cherry blossom pink, ivory white and aquamarine are perfectly adapted to the demand for “production rate”. . On the other hand, compared to other religious cultural creations, the incense ash bracelet has its own unique ceremony-free consecration on site.

Under the guidance of the new friend, Jun Tang followed the army to line up outside the door of the opening room of the Lama Temple. The consecration room is not big and can accommodate a dozen people. Put the bracelets or other artifacts you have invited on the tray in front of the master, and then find a place to put your hands together and kneel, and then the master will perform the consecration ceremony.

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

A list of the results of the first purchase of Hard Candy

The consecration ceremony has room for fuss, but the strategy has clearly stated that it is free. What does the professional purchasing agent rely on to make money? Mr. Hard Candy still can’t figure it out. At the end of the consecration ceremony, the new friend greeted Mr. Hard Candy and went around and found a place to eat.

The people who often go to the Lama Temple to load goods are familiar with each other. In addition to Jun Tang and the girl, there is also an older brother who is traveling with him. According to the sister, she and her eldest brother met when they lined up at 7 o’clock. Unlike her who bought some money by purchasing money, her eldest brother specializes in providing worship services on behalf of various religious places in Beijing.

“There is not much profit in requesting legal relics.” The eldest brother said that the legal relics themselves are clearly marked. Although the price of incense ash bracelets is larger, the money falls to the Lama Temple. Moreover, many customers will request to take photos and video recordings, and there is almost no possibility of black-box operation.

“Although it is not profitable, the entrustment of legal relics is a sign.” The eldest brother said that he can get acquainted with the guests and provide more other services, such as worship.

And trapped by the epidemic can not travel overseas would also like to find a local dabbah so different, on behalf of the local Big Brother provided the main worship “professional” . There are also strategies for ritual Buddha on social platforms, but most of them stay on the skin, such as how many incense sticks are offered in each temple, and whether to step left or right across the threshold, etc. The eldest brother told the hard candy king that taking the Lama Temple as an example, the several halls are different. The scriptures to be read when the incense is worshiped, the rules for respecting the incense, and the tributes offered are different. Only senior religious figures like the elder brother can deal with it. These rules are so familiar to heart.

Some people believe that burning incense and worshiping Buddha on their own has not been effective because the method is wrong and the professional process of professionals can be used to achieve the best results.

“The cost is also different. It is not the same to worship the main hall or the large and small halls. Whether it is pure blessing or request is different.” The elder brother introduced that he would customize according to the different needs of the beneficiary, and the cost is not convenient to disclose. Anyway, a large set is expensive. Most of the people who come to consult on behalf of worship services are young people.

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

During the whole process of worship, the eldest brother will record and send to the beneficiaries in a video method, and most of the consumers’ feedback is not bad, and he even introduced many new customers to him. “I like to do business with young people. I am very open and don’t like bargaining. I also take the initiative to help with publicity.”

The eldest brother said that he does not need to deliberately advertise. Because inviting bracelets also need to confirm the style and price, he will add WeChat to each other with the guests, and many people took the initiative to ask after seeing the video of his worship. As for whether looking for someone to worship is a little pious compared to praying to the Buddha in person, the elder brother avoids talking about it, only saying that he has his own way to convey the wishes of the guests to the gods and Buddhas.

Compared with the purchase fee of tens of dollars, the core profitable project is the worship service that only needs to spend a ticket. It’s a pity that Mr. Hard Candy’s age is too late to learn about religious theory.

Become a fortune teller and switch to the Internet

The eldest brother said that he is a person who studies Buddhism and earns income with knowledge, everything is legitimate income. Therefore, the only services he provides are only two items, such as requesting for relics and praying for blessings on behalf of worship. But the reality of the “religious service” market can be described as pitted and mixed.

In the past, those fortune tellers who held tourists at the gates of Lama Temple and Hongluo Temple, with plausible words “young man, fortune telling ” and “girl, fortune telling “, have already turned to the Internet . Many of them, like their eldest brothers, first rely on the practice to establish contact with customers, and then wait for the opportunity to slaughter the fat sheep.

I'm doing purchasing in the temple

The technique is not new. These fortune-tellers will create a client group under the names of “Buddhist enthusiasts” and “Family Advancement Association”. First, they will share some records of eminent monks in German, or their recent practice experience, relax group members’ vigilance, and create an image of practitioner . After that, there were pre-prepared childcare complaints in the group, complaining that everything went wrong recently, and let the group owner help to see the fortune and how to solve it. After a set of plays, someone will naturally take the bait.

There are also people who don’t tell fortune-telling and sell various services, such as painting amulet on behalf of the person, and the house of Yin and Yang. “This is a lie to the layman. The painting symbols are Taoist methods.” The purchasing agents claimed that these charms were invited from famous religious sites in Beijing such as Lama Temple, Guangji Temple, Hongluo Temple, etc., and drawn by monks in the temples, but in fact these are serious. It is impossible for the monks in the temple to provide “charming service”. There are others who draw spells.

The purchasing agents who asked to draw the talisman will also provide a video. The video is often a middle-aged or elderly monk who draws the talisman in the Zen room one by one. But the eldest brother said that the cost of such fraud is extremely low. It is not difficult to find a meditation house or dressing up as a monk. In addition, there are so many monks across the country, and it is even more difficult for the customers who purchase this kind of service to verify whether the painting amulet is actually a monk in a certain monastery. .

It is even more nonsense to ask the monks in the regular temples to be ordinary people. Under the regulations, even in ordinary temples where incense is not so prosperous, the various behaviors of monks are subject to various restrictions, not to mention the well-known temples such as Lama Temple and Hongluo Temple.

The eldest brother revealed that as far as he knows, the services of these representatives of Fu Daixiang Yin and Yang Zhai often use one-to-one video to show the importance of the victim. In the video consultation, the guests will often unreservedly confide their worries, the “master” comforted and said that you are not difficult to solve, but it takes time. So the follow-up service was arranged logically, and the wallet was booked.

“Fortune-telling is the most profitable. No matter what the reason is, you will always go back to the old way of fortune tellers. ” As for asking the so-and-so mage, who is known as a high monk, to join the group, or sell lessons or recruit disciples, it is also the religious service market today. Common scams on the Internet. Under the packaging of the acquaintance community, cutting leeks is easier than in the past.

After a meal, Hard Candy has completely dispelled the idea of ​​getting rich by doing religious cultural and creative purchasing. After returning home to his friends, he found that he not only made no money but also lost dozens of yuan in tickets + travel expenses. The slash youth is out of play, so let’s be a code word man honestly.

This article comes from WeChat public account : Entertainment Hard Candy (ID: yuleyingtang) , author: Mao Lina

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