If you have a rank in the field of encryption, are you “Bronze” or “King”?

If you have friends who entered the circle in 17-18, you must still remember that deck of blockchain poker?

If you have a rank in the field of encryption, are you "Bronze" or "King"?

In the past few years, many of the above rankings have changed. I believe that if someone makes a 2022 version, except for the big and small kings, many other cards will become other names.

No way, we humans just like to divide things into 3, 6, 9, etc. When you go to school, you will have to rank in the exam, English CET 4 or 6, IELTS… After you go to work, you think you can finally get rid of the fate of being ranked second, but you don’t know that there are various kinds of inside the company. KPIs, OKRs, various internal levels, and the whole society will actually give you a vague “ranking” based on your income, position, and even your appearance and figure.

If you don’t believe me, go to the blind date market and you can get a general idea of ​​where your ranking is :)

So naturally, in the field of encryption, it can also be divided into three, six and nine.

This is the same as playing LOL with you! Evaluate, which rank do you think you can get into?


Bronze – Naturally, players who have just entered the game belong to this rank at the beginning. Just like LOL, no matter how high your level is, you must start with the bronze game at the beginning of the qualifying match. The difference is that players who have experience in the stock market or other types can often jump out of the bronze game quickly, and if the encryption field is the first category a person comes into contact with, it is estimated that they will stay in the bronze game for a while.

The characteristic of the Bronze Bureau is that the understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum is limited to a level of “hearing” or “knowing”, and often they do not have these two assets in their hands. As soon as they come in, they are often cheap per unit, but they don’t actually know which assets they hold . For example, 17 years of bronze rush XRP, 21 years of bronze rush shit.

They often enter the market in the middle and late stages of the bull market. When they see the news that Bitcoin has reached a new high, and that blockchain and Web3 are revolutions, they can’t help but feel the itch. The unit price of the product was too expensive, and then I was fooled by my friends and bought a lot of small Bs for a few cents and a few cents.

Often, they can really make a profit in the early stage, and even surpass the silver-gold rank players for a period of time. However, as long as the Bitcoin goes down a little and enters the stage of the end of the bull and the bear, they can start to lose their principal. After all, this rank is basically impossible. If you know how to take profit, you will not have any position management and awareness of risk control, just shouting the style of the blockchain revolution and rushing forward. Losing money is almost inevitable.


Silver – Silver players generally either have experience in the stock market or other types, or struggled for a period of time in the bronze game and survived.

The characteristic of the silver bureau is the understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum, at least to the point of “knowing it”, although it may not be known yet, it is also more or less about all mainstream public chains, Defi, and NFT projects. Understand and even use some of these products, know the features and some advantages and disadvantages of these products.

Players in the silver rank may have some basic K-line knowledge, as well as basic position management capabilities. They also know much more about financial products in the circle than the bronze rank . Therefore, players in this rank often come into contact with contracts. This “little goblin who fascinates people and kills people for nothing”, just like swimming often drowns people who know water.

A small number of players in the silver game have lost their principal on the contract, and even owed a lot of debt; most of them lost a lot of money on the contract and decided to stop touching the contract and concentrate on the spot, which also laid the foundation for becoming gold. Therefore, the players in the silver game often win less and lose more. Some can make some money in the bull market, but vomit most of them back in the bear market, and some directly enter the leveraged contract in the bull market, which is taken away by waves of 312 and 519.


Players in the Gold – Gold tier have generally gone through a round of bulls and bears in the circle. They have seen the madness of the bull market and the horror of the bear market. Therefore, the awareness of risk control and position management is better than that of the silver tier. .

Players in this rank have a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum, at least they have read the Bitcoin white paper. They truly believe in the blockchain more or less deep in their hearts. Web3 will change the future. For common public chains, Defi projects can be quite familiar. Whenever a new and relatively well-known project appears on the market, you can quickly find information to get a general understanding of it, and even go to the official website to see the white paper and so on.

Some players in the gold rank do not touch contract leverage at all, while others regard these things as small bets, or “hedging” and other needs for hedging risks, and truly return to the original purpose and meaning of derivatives. Therefore, players in the gold rank tend to win more and lose less as a whole. The bull market makes money and knows to take profit and cash out. Although the bear market will also suffer from profit withdrawal or position loss, it can be achieved under its own position management and risk control system. There is a certain level of stop loss, so you usually earn more than you lose.

For players in the gold rank, the general information acquisition channel is also far greater on Twitter than on WeChat groups or Weibo.


Platinum – Players in the platinum rank usually have more experience in the circle, the stock market, gold… They have a lot of experience in the circle, and they may have passed through more than one round of bulls and bears in the circle.

Players in this rank have a relatively clear framework of thinking about the technical context of the development of the entire blockchain industry. In addition to a deep understanding of the operating principles of Bitcoin and Ethereum, they have a deep understanding of the operating principles of Defi, NFT, Gamfi, Web3, There are also unique insights into the opportunities and problems faced by storage and so on . The information acquisition channels for new projects are also more diverse and understandable. While acquiring information, they often output their own cognition. Some KOLs in the circle are often in this rank.

Therefore, in addition to eating BTC and Beta in each round of bulls and bears alternately, they can also catch some Alpha by predicting some winds in advance . For example, last year, some caught Solana, some caught Axie, and some caught Luna (as long as the profit can be successfully stopped before 512…), if you catch one, it will be dozens or even hundreds of times the income.

Platinum rank may not be profitable in a bear market, but generally speaking, they can keep the profits of most bull markets. They deeply understand the importance of patience. The valuable tokens in the hands of the bull market can be held in HODL, and the U in the hands of the bear market is not easy to shoot . Slow is fast, and it is better presented in this segment.


Diamond – At this level, it is basically no longer the rank of retail investors. It belongs to some “giant whales”, or the level of VC, such as the once famous 3AC (although it is now bankrupt), or the famous 0xb1 ( I just blew myself up two days ago, and I actually do asset management for Celsius), and they are all leaders at this level.

At this level, no matter in terms of capital volume, primary market opportunities, big data analysis and other dimensions, it has a crushing advantage over ordinary retail investors . In other words, it is a dimensionality reduction attack . Many of the “Smart Money” addresses marked on Nansen should be in this rank. These people (institutions) in the bull market make crazy money through good primary market opportunities and leverage, and in the bear market, they can also use shorting, grids, options and other tools to not lose much, and even make a small profit. Of course, there are also levers and too much risk control that fail to do a good job in encountering a black swan that falls back to bronze overnight, such as the 3AC just mentioned…

Basically, things like asset allocation, to achieve the diamond rank, are basically over, and then go up… you can only go to the master game.


Master – When you reach this rank, it is not about your rate of return or how much money you make, but how much you have contributed to the industry, or how much industry status and influence you have.

For example, in the deck of 2017, several big players in Ace could be counted as this rank at that time.

Nowadays, people who can enter this rank, such as CZ, SBF, Gavin Wood, Hayden, Stani, and A16Z, Paradigm…

In other words, the entire industry is mainly relying on these “masters” to move forward.


So what rank will the master go up to? Of course it is the ultimate “king” segment!

King – I believe you don’t have to guess, you will definitely know who is in this rank

Basically, only two people are qualified to be the king: Satoshi Nakamoto & V God.

They are not just the promoters of the industry, they are the founders of the entire industry. One created Bitcoin and made blockchain technology come into being, and realized the birth from 0 to 1; leap.

I think all of us should thank these two founders and pay tribute to the two “kings”!

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