If the Gem is not airdropped, what other NFT platforms can I try?

As the best NFT aggregation platform at the moment, it seems that Gem is the happiest when it is acquired by NFT, only the parties and the institutions behind it. From the data on the chain, it only took less than half a year for Gem to become a transaction entry for some users. In terms of product experience and speed, Gem is indeed several orders of magnitude more practical than OpenSea.

However, the acquisition is not recognized by users. OpenSea has already taken the road of Web2, and Gem is acquired with a high probability of not being able to provide users with the rights and interests of Token. Even if they say on social media that there is still the possibility of issuing Token, users do not recognize it. .

In addition to Gem, what other NFT trading platforms that do not have Tokens are worth trying?


If the Gem is not airdropped, what other NFT platforms can I try?

Apart from Gem, the largest aggregation platform, users can use Genie List for free, which currently supports OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, NFTX, NFT20, and Rarible trading markets. According to official disclosures, users can save up to 40% in gas fees. Like Gem, Genie also has a batch transaction function, which can add selected NFTs to the shopping cart to purchase multiple NFTs at one time.

The founder and CEO of Genie, Scott, once suggested that a Token named GENIE may be issued. However, the currency has not yet been issued, so you need to pay attention to the risks. In addition, you can also pay attention to some NFT P2P trading platforms.


If the Gem is not airdropped, what other NFT platforms can I try?

sudoswap is a peer-to-peer trading platform that supports mutual transactions between ERC-20 Token and ERC-721, ERC-1155 NFT assets. After the transaction object accepts the transaction, the asset will be transferred from the user’s wallet, and the transaction process only needs to spend gas cost. Users can set the expiration time in sudoswap, and can trade freely within the expiration period. After the expiration, the transaction will automatically become invalid, and there is no need to spend energy to cancel it.

The project is now developing the automatic market making function of NFT AMM. This centralized liquidity AMM protocol specially designed for NFT is called sudoAMM. Not only can traders enjoy lower slippage when swapping between NFT and Token, but also provides liquidity Providers can also better control their LP price range. Unlike other NFT markets, sudoAMM uses on-chain liquidity pools instead of off-chain order books, which also creates a bridge between NFT and DeFi.

The native Token that the project plans to release is SUDO, and the sudoAMM protocol will also be governed by SUDO Token. After that, DAO will be constructed to achieve final decentralization.

NFT Trader

If the Gem is not airdropped, what other NFT platforms can I try?

Similar to Sudoswap, the main function of NFT Trader is to conduct peer-to-peer swap transactions between buyers and sellers, supporting ERC-721, ERC-20, ERC-1155 types of tokens, and ETH. Before the transaction is confirmed by both parties, user assets will be temporarily escrowed into the smart contract deployed by the platform. 

NFT Trader attempts to gamify NFT transactions, incentivizing users to trade in the form of game ranking rewards, and users can also mint their own NFTs from the platform.


If the Gem is not airdropped, what other NFT platforms can I try?

The same is true for Swap.kiwi, which has fewer followers than the previous two. The platform supports ERC-721, ERC-1155 and ETH. It is also not an NFT sales platform, but a P2P exchange platform that provides NFT to NFT and Swap NFT for NFT + ETH service.

Users use the P2P function mainly to exempt platform royalties and artist income. When the two parties reach a consensus, they only need to pay gas, which reduces costs and transaction friction to a certain extent, which also increases the flow frequency of NFT.

These platforms are still in the early stage of development. Different from the traditional NFT trading market, they propose a new paradigm for the circulation of NFTs between users. Compared with the previous NFT trading market, the trading process is simple, transparent and has a higher degree of freedom. Looking forward to the future of NFT The market is gradually improving with the improvement of user requirements. 

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