iBox Platform Launches Global Brokerage Program, NFT Works Can Be Released in as Little as Three Days

On May 21, the iBox platform officially launched the Global Broker Program to accelerate the building of a creator ecosystem.

iBox Platform Launches Global Brokerage Program, NFT Works Can Be Released in as Little as Three Days

Launched in May 2021 and incubated by blockchain industry leaders, ibox.com is a high-end NFT platform based on NFT casting, issuance, and circulation, where collectors and creators can trade NFT in a variety of ways, including priced issuance, blind box issuance, multi-format auctions, AMM, and transfer markets.

On May 21, iBox platform officially launched a global brokerage program to accelerate the construction of creator ecology, the details of the program are as follows.

I. iBox introduction

ibox.com is a complete NFT ecological trading platform that integrates creators, collectors and brokers. ibox.com was launched on the same day, the platform NFT works sales exceeded 800,000 U.S. dollars, the number of registrants exceeded 10,000 people, the first batch of thousands of NFT works were all sold out, the highest intra-day sale price of a single product reached The first batch of thousands of NFT works were all sold out, with the highest price of a single work reaching $300,000 within a day.

Now ibox.com has launched a global brokerage program, and successful brokers can release NFT works on the iBox platform in as little as three days. Qualified brokers will not only receive a share of the revenue from the initial release, but also a share of the fees from the secondary distribution of the work. The first batch of brokers is limited to 100.

In addition, those who introduce qualified brokers or quality content that meets the platform’s requirements to ibox.com will also receive no less than 2% of the proceeds from sales within six months of recommending the partnership.

II. iBox Founders Say

iBox was founded by a group of enthusiasts and explorers with deep knowledge of crypto art. iBox was created on the basis that

  1. NFT is different from ordinary commodities, proper screening and elegant presentation is the only way to provide users with better quality NFT works, works that are simply piled up like grocery stores will only confuse users. iBox hopes to introduce head IPs, top artists and first-tier artists, and present users with quality and diverse works through different zones.
  2. The NFT industry is still at an early stage of development, and there is no trading platform that focuses on building creators’ ecology. Therefore, we will maximize the profits of the platform into support for creators’ ecology through various means, including creators’ incubation, individual and cluster exhibitions, and creators’ linkage, in order to help creators to create without distractions.

III. Types of Brokers

Based on the high-end and scarce content positioning of the iBox platform, iBox now officially launches the global broker program and sincerely seeks the following types of content for the whole network: 1.

  1. well-known or pioneering art creators, and licenses of well-known artworks.
  2. licensing of images of well-known acting stars.
  3. scarce artists’ peripherals or classic moments with topicality.
  4. well-known IP (film, television, animation, games, literature) and derivative products.
  5. well-known or pioneering music creators and photographers.
  6. other resources suitable for NFT.

iBox warmly invites ecological partners with the above contents to build the NFT ecology together, including but not limited to creators, IP owners or licensees, brokers, producers to join the platform to become iBox brokers and share the development dividends of the platform together.

Broker level and profit sharing ratio

iBox will comprehensively evaluate the node level of the applicants according to the cooperation content and intended cooperation mode provided, and provide the corresponding profit sharing ratio.

  1. S-level brokers, who must be top artists, artists, IP parties, or have top artists, artists, IP authorization.
  2. A-level brokers, who must be first-tier artists, artists, IP parties, or have first-tier artists, artists, IP licenses.
  3. Class B nodes, which must be pioneer artists, well-known artists, well-known IP parties, or have pioneer artists, well-known artists, well-known IP party authorization.
  4. Class C nodes, all creators selected for the brokerage program.

Additional Notes.

  1. If there are no special circumstances, the nodes are all Class C or Class B nodes in the first month of induction, and can be upgraded to Class A or Class S resources in the following month of induction depending on the first month’s sales and resources.
  2. Special types of IPs or creators can apply to become special brokers, and the profit sharing method will be agreed according to the specific situation.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send your application materials to nft@ibox.com according to the following requirements. iBox staff will reply within 2 working days.

V. Application materials for brokers: 1.

  1. the title of the email “iBox broker application – XXX”, XXX is the name of the applicant or the title of the work.
  2. details of the collaborative content (quantity, content introduction, creator introduction).
  3. proof of copyright of the collaborative content.
  4. proof of having sub-licensing authority.
  5. company or personal profile.
  6. contact person and contact information.

Note: iBox has the final right to interpret the rules.

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