I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

As I write this experience, I see two recent figures.

Oculus (Meta’s app for controlling VR headsets) topped the App Store’s free download chart in the US on Christmas Day, surpassing TikTok; secondly, based on downloads, it is speculated that Oculus Quest 2 has become the most popular gift this Christmas. , more than the Xbox and PlayStation.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

The Metaverse “Revived” VR? 丨Reddit

In December, Meta (formerly Facebook) officially opened the public beta of its metaverse game, Horizon Worlds, in North America. In theory, adults over the age of 18 can enter.

After Meta’s name change, many players who have long been immersed in the “cyber world” ridiculed: “The Metaverse is not a new thing, it’s just a new term.” But from the data point of view, how does it mean “really fragrant”?

I got on the first train and got a sneak peek.

A little confused in the “metaverse”  

To enter the metaverse, we have to have a “digital double”. Horizon Worlds now uses the Oculus Avatar system directly. It is no different from other “face pinching” games, and even compared to VRChat (a VR social game), there is not so much free setting space, and it is impossible to upload 3D images.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Edit avatar丨Horizon Worlds

But this is in line with Zuckerberg’s vision: open up Horizon Worlds, Horizon Home (virtual living room), Horizon Workrooms (remote collaboration platform), enable the same avatar – the purpose is still to serve the identity unity in the social network.

When I was standing in the halls of Horizon Worlds, no, floating in the halls, the first question arose: what about my legs?

Facebook likes to rush to work, and following this practice, one of the reasons for this setting may be to reduce unnecessary workload – as long as the upper body is enough. Leg movements are too complicated (walking, running, squatting, jumping), so it is better to “cut” to reduce the amount of calculation. After all, even the movement of the characters depends on the handle. There are no sensors attached to the legs, and there is no way to accurately track the movement of the legs.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Some people who have “no legs” like me丨Horizon Worlds

After all, it is just a prototype of the metaverse. I started drifting in the lobby, feeling a bit in the game novice village, which reminded me of the “Metaverse” anime “Sword Art Online”.

The hall is actually quite small, and it only takes about 15 seconds to move from one end to the other. There are some unknown sculptures and buildings on the roadside, and if you enter the door, you will be sent directly to the roof. When you reach the top of the building, you can also go up and down the stairs on the side (why do you need stairs without legs?). There are a few clouds floating in the sky, and there is no concept of day and night here.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Going up the stairs is quite dizzy丨Horizon Worlds‍

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

But it’s quite quick to go downstairs丨Horizon Worlds

I have carried out several “violent tests” out of curiosity, but there is no such horrific phenomenon of “people piercing people” and “people piercing walls” as in the metaverse of a major domestic company.

There are not many “pedestrians” on the road. Two strangers came to me, and when I was still hesitating how to say hello, their conversation automatically came through the earphones.

“No, No, No. I don’t think that will work…”, “Then how about this…”.

I stood there for a while, a little stunned.

In fact, newcomers have to learn “world rules” before entering the metaverse, such as respecting each other. “Sexual harassment” incidents in virtual worlds are not new, and some have happened recently. In Horizon Worlds, if you enable safe mode, you will enter a separate confined parallel space that cannot be seen or heard by anyone. Exit Safe Mode and you will return to the interactive world you just stayed in.

Continuing to walk in the square, I watched a few newcomers in the metaverse who were as confused as me. I heard them complaining about the system mechanism, and I was worried that they would pull me together, so I quickly ran away.After “eavesdropping” on several waves of people’s chats like this, I finally took my first step – approaching the Community Guide. This guy in the shape of a black guy in a hat (actually a real Meta employee) is teaching another user how to throw a boomerang.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Throwing Boomerang丨Horizon Worlds

From the black brother, I probably know the mechanism of this world: Horizon Worlds is roughly divided into three “big worlds”, Game (game), Attend (event), Hangout (social square). Each big world is composed of multiple small worlds. For example, Attend is actually an event calendar, such as meditating together; Hangout is similar to a square in reality, where everyone chats and plays games at Party Up.

social, still social 

There are not many games to choose from in Game. You can see how popular each game is by looking at how many “likes” there are in the bottom right corner of each game. I clicked on the “Retro Zombies” game with 1248 likes (high likes in this metaverse).

Join a game丨Horizon Worlds

For a while, I was stunned again.

Even more exaggerated than Hangout, if you open the “public channel” here, you can hear everyone’s voice no matter how far or near. (It smells like the real world!)

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

In this “world”, you can hear everyone talking丨Horizon Worlds

At this moment, I heard two voices in my ear, one sounded like a 10-year-old child, and the other sounded like “Big Mom”.

“Thank you Ivy. You saved my life…”.

“Social fear” himself has nowhere to run. Just when I jumped in and didn’t know how to reload, a little brother bravely rescued me from the zombie swarm, and before I could say thank you, I was quickly “killed” by another swarm of zombies – thank goodness, I too To escape from the zombie world.

Back in the game lobby, I learned to be smart and chose a “Waffle Restaurant” game that only had dozens of likes. When I came in, it was really cold.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Waffle Restaurant丨Horizon Worlds

Putting on my chef’s hat, I started making waffles for a group of small animal “customers” – yes, that’s how “mentally retarded” it sounds. It’s a bit similar to “Overcooked Scrambled Kitchen”, but it’s a bit embarrassing to use a VR handle to operate it. Reach “precisely” to the flour box, tap the button to lift it, move it to the front of the mixing bowl, release the button to pour the flour in. After mixing, reach for a spoon and scoop the roux into the baking pan. After one operation, my arms are sore – it’s more tiring than real cooking.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Watching Time in “Metaverse”丨Horizon Worlds

After exploring a few slightly rudimentary VR games, I understood that Horizon Worlds wasn’t originally intended for players to play “stand-alone” games at all. Zuckerberg wanted people to still be social.

This time I finally met two young men, a white guy with glasses and a black guy with shaggy hair. They sent out an invitation to Party Up, I accepted, and we “teleported” to an escape room game together. It seems that regardless of China and the United States, young people are equally obsessed with such games.

But in VR, it’s my first time. In the first room, we need to grab the wooden barrel in the corner with the hand (handle) and throw it to the skeleton guard to jump over the trap; then enter the second room, we need to continuously jump the stone pile (the same problem, how to jump without legs ), “slip” will fall into the abyss of fire.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Skeletons disappeared too weird丨Horizon Worlds

The two little brothers looked like game masters, and after I failed about 20 times, I finally skipped it. I was actually a little moved, because in the online games on mobile phones and computers, the hostility was too heavy, and the “pig teammates” were to be scolded. The patience and help of the two little brothers made me feel a little bit of friendship from the VR community. We raised our hands and gave a symbolic high five together in VR.

Before I went offline, the little buddy also sent me a friend request. See you next time together. It is because of the limitations of the device (Horizon Worlds only supports Oculus Quest2) that “temporary friendship” is the essence of the game.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Otherwise, you can only throw a plane boringly丨Horizon Worlds

There is another important reason for choosing to go offline from the Metaverse: I am so dizzy. It’s hard to imagine how to work, study, and live in a VR world all day, as Zuckerberg said.

The Metaverse is so rough  

Horizon Worlds isn’t complicated. Using MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) as an analogy, it can be easily understood. The game is similar to the “dungeon brushing”, the event is equivalent to the official festival event, the social square is the novice village or town center, and the Community Guide is the NPC.

Whether it’s my own experience or reading everyone’s discussions on Reddit, I feel that the content in it is pitiful. A single segment cannot be compared with other mature applications.

That zombie-fighting game roughly belongs to the level of “Little Bully Tetris with Voice Online”.

Several other games of slightly better quality are just simple VR remakes of existing games, such as “VR Fruit Ninja”.Compared with Horizon Venues, another VR world of Meta, where you can watch NBA games and listen to concerts in VR, Attend only has one or two official events per week. I can’t see the “Wuyangyang” group of people in Hangout either.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Horizon Venues last month’s event schedule丨Horizon Venues

One of the reasons why this metaverse world is so quiet is that, depending on the complexity of the scene, the space can hold a limited number of players. Generally speaking, a single space can accommodate 8 players, and when players choose to enter a game, the system will automatically allocate rooms. Of course, you can also open a private room where only invited people can come in.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Enter a world丨Horizon Worlds

However, another reason for the low popularity is that compared with the promotional video released by Meta, it is indeed a huge gap between “buyer show and seller show”.

I walked in the metaverse for a long time and entered the time of the sage

Horizon Worlds Promotional Video丨Meta

In response to the lack of good content, Meta said that it would take out a $10 million “creator fund”, but this is far from enough to create a world.

In Meta’s grand vision of the metaverse, the current Horizon Worlds are probably in the “Stone Age” of the new world. It is still far from building a complete “virtual time and space” where everyone can play, shop, and work freely.

Unless, like Clubhouse, which exploded at the beginning of the year, from time to time a celebrity parachutes into VR to chat with you, I can’t find a reason to start it again. The only good thing is that it’s free here. Otherwise, this “half body” villain is really not as good-looking as my QQ show.

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