I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

Players enjoy the freedom here: there is no script, no character positioning, all players play by themselves.

It is no longer necessary to say how hot the meta universe is. It seems that VCs that do not invest in Metaverse are already classical VCs. They have never heard of Metaverse, and they are as out as they have never heard of blockchain.

However, a thousand people have a thousand meta-universes in their hearts. How to define it, and how to implement it from concept to application?

The science fiction movie “Top Player” is the film and television model closest to the meta-universe imagination. Although the story is partial to cyberpunk, the parallel world it mentions coincides with the meta-universe vision.

Metaverse meta-universe, meta means “transcendence”, universe means “universe”. The original concept comes from the 1992 American novel “Avalanche” (<<Snow Crash>>) . This novel describes a virtual world that is parallel to the real world but surpasses it, that is, the virtual world replicates everything in reality as it is, and at the same time has new creations.

Under this assumption, if you are a music fan, in the future, you can invite good friends of Yuan Universe to instantly travel to Beijing Cadillac Center, Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Center, Hong Kong Red Pavilion and other venues to listen to a concert. This concert The protagonist can be a world-class star, of course, is also played by their meta-universe clones.

We have experienced several hot games or applications such as Roblox , Decentraland, The Sandbox , Cryptovoxels, and Axie Infnity that are closest to the meta-universe form. We felt the “future” in advance and came to the following conclusions:

1. In the game world of Metaverse, players enjoy the freedom here: there is no script, no character positioning, players from all walks of life can play freely , such as: architects can build houses, artists can hold exhibitions, civilians can make friends and play, or even lie down No one cares about the sun. This kind of unconstrained gameplay, on the contrary, creates exquisite private scene layouts and wonderful game design, which is also attracting more and more players. Concept games have great potential.

2. If the real-world physical trading or e-commerce transactions are translated to Metaverse in the future, a new trading framework may be built, or a huge profitable market will be formed . NFT has already made many attempts in Metaverse, and there are even fans in the game. The “Andy Lau Solo Exhibition” was set up here.

3. The initial state that is still developing , such as the immersion of concept games is still relatively limited, and most players operate in front of the PC screen. Once the real meta-universe is added to the holographic virtual reality environment under the future technology, it will be more flexible.

Metaverse Concept 1.0: The World of Games

The so-called meta-universe concept is important- to give players enough space to play freely, because meta-universe pursues the imitation of the real world, and reality has no script .

These platforms also specifically provide users with the possibility of creating and developing, using the “land” in the world in the system as a starting point. After the transaction is successful, all the remaining development is left to the player. Games are nothing more than scenarios and players, so diversified innovation points are also concentrated in these two areas.

One way to play is to build different scenarios after purchasing the land, which is mainly divided into real-style building and virtual-style game scenarios. The famous ones are Cryptovoxels (CV for short), decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox.

CV is the most well-known concept game, and its core is “building”. More than 5,000 plots of various sizes have been developed on 20 islands, and more than 90% of the plots have been sold. These plots are connected by at least two streets adjacent to each other to achieve overall connectivity. In terms of content, different communities are formed mainly through the functional distinction of buildings, so the classification of types is very detailed, including: Gallery (gallery), HQ (headquarters), Tower (high tower), Garden (garden), House (private house), Shop (commercial street), Club (club), Museum (exhibition hall), etc.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

These static scenes are built by the players themselves, forming a city pattern in the system. Players can call friends, build exquisite gardens, private houses and other places to have a hearty party. Tired of playing, go outside, go to exhibition halls, galleries, towers and other places to see the latest various NFT paintings. Which one is pleasing to the eye? You can directly click the link to buy it.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 Click-to-purchase NFT 

A commercial street to the front corner is the equipment trading center, which has everything from wigs and glasses to guitars and pianos. Some stores are also equipped with awesome music and thoughtful video introductions of the stores, and one family walks over and is dizzy.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 Fans and players set up “Andy Lau Solo Exhibition” in the game 

If you see a building in the center that looks almost the same as in reality, this may be the official method of a certain brand, specializing in publicity, and you may see the QR code of the brand’s official account on which wall or Twitter account. If you are interested in CyberBundy, you can go to the club and watch a related auction.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

Playground with simulation store. In addition, it also sells land, and some platforms are different. Players build their own game projects on their own three-acre land, such as: The Sandbox, Roblox, etc. Walking between the different plots of these systems is not to enter different buildings, but to join a variety of different games. This type of platform does not provide games at the beginning, but only provides development platforms and communities. The original intention is to achieve a decentralized world created by users, and the same is true for Metaverse.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 You can choose the game you want to play after logging in The Sandbo 

Regardless of the above gameplay, all major platforms will provide rich and complete tools to minimize the operating threshold. It doesn’t take a lot of people’s time or professional programming skills. As long as you are creative, the existing tools can easily help you achieve it. The sandbox even has free 3D modeling services.

In terms of player freedom, decentraland games with similar gameplay even adopt the DAO community governance model-players can create polls to vote on platform activities and rules. These actions will lead to an Ethernet Square changes Decentraland intelligent contracts on the network. This operation has milestone significance for decentralized games.

The key is to play freely, regardless of where to play, so games that put creativity on the players themselves are also very popular.

For example, the popular game Axie Infinity on Ethereum has “pets” at its core, and the system refers to them collectively as Axies. The platform has painstakingly designed Axies’ uniqueness rules: Axies has more than 500 different body parts available, including aquatic, beast, bird, insect, plant and reptile parts. There are four different rarity levels for each type of part: common, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary-and Axies can be any combination of body parts, so they are highly variable and usually very rare.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 Pets in Axie Infinity can be upgraded through battle 

Compared with multi-player simultaneous online role-playing games, these meta-universe concept games have no scripted plot and no single end point. The player who buys is the decision maker of everything in this land, from building houses to later gameplay. All are planned by the player’s creativity.

Concept games want to achieve the effect of giving players their own strengths by giving enough freedom. For example, architects can build houses in them, businesses can open shops in them, etc., and finally form a rich virtual world that resembles reality, a reality-like world. It was created by the meta-universe image.

Axie Infinity’s Pokemon can best reflect the diverse settings of players in the future meta-universe. This multi-selectable setting that is different from real characters has always been the cornerstone of all games’ attractiveness. Whether escaping from reality or seeking a breakthrough, a large number The players came here.

In the future parallel worlds created by the meta-universe, there will still be clear paths and different sceneries, such as The Sandbox and Roblox, which can already vividly show this idea. Only in the realm of the meta-universe, what we see is a replica of the real world. If you open the window and you can see the viaduct in reality, and there is a snack shop downstairs, then the meta universe will be designed like this. This is the gameplay defined by its “parallel” world, and it is different from the concept game. The same place.

Metaverse Concept 2.0: It’s a place to make money

You may not help asking, since it is the same as real life, why should I come to the meta universe? Because here you can design a new character yourself and experience the world again. The social nature of the parallel world gives people another possibility beyond Milan Kundera’s conclusion. He once said that “people can only live once, cannot be corrected, and cannot be prepared.” This new possibility full of unknown and exciting is full of attraction.

So, I am very satisfied with real life, and I am not interested in games. Is it necessary to come to the meta universe? There are also, because you can make money here .

Many meta-universe concept games are no longer a krypton gold contest between RMB players . For example, although space, equipment and other trading objects, as well as regular game upgrades, remain the same, the trading methods have changed. They established a connection with the blockchain and began to point to the future . Blockchain is also an important reason why they are called “metacosmic concept” games.

For example, CV and decentraland are projects based on Ethereum. Users must log in with the Metamask wallet to start trading. After being certified, tradable land and equipment will be officially marked as NFT assets. If their ownership changes, they will also be recorded on the blockchain, and some data may be set for public viewing.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 In addition to the guest mode of decentraland, normal character creation requires the Metamask wallet to be authenticated first 

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 Create personal characters, each character in the concept game is an Avatar (incarnation)

 This name also comes from the novel “Avalanche”

Recently, NFT is very popular. Many creators have taken a fancy to the display space and blockchain nature of such games, and they have begun to buy or lease land in concept games, set up showrooms, and conduct exhibitions and sales. NFC works purchased here can also be placed on opensea for a second transaction. At the same time, as the owner of the land, once a distinctive display space is created, lease and sale will increase the value of the land and form a virtuous circle of capital.

Axie Infinity is more straightforward, every sprite is an NFT. These pet NFTs can be traded directly, and players can also take over the labor work of raising pets on behalf of the pets. The income after cultivation can be 50-50 for owners and spokespersons.

I tried the 5 hottest Metaverse games and discovered three secrets

 Different series of pets with different parameters have different prices 

As Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity, quoted in the white paper: “We believe in a future where work and entertainment are combined. We believe in empowering our players and providing them with economic opportunities.”

In the future, players can also earn money from the meta-universe. Just like the real world, there are architects building houses, gardeners planting flowers and plants, etc. All things in this world will be marked with blockchain for their uniqueness and the legality of transactions. The model is just like what the concept game shows.

In addition, the reality of Metaverse represents that it will have more unlimited development space, that is, ordinary merchants use this as a display platform, and copy the physical transactions in reality here.

For example, such an idea is not impossible: move your online store to the virtual shopping street of the meta universe, display physical photos on the shelves, and follow the detailed introduction in Taobao format. Consumers can shop and order here, then You will become a meta universe merchant. Back then, the reason why the short video station was so popular was also because of its feasibility of trading.

Such a future is also in the evolutionary possibility of the meta universe.

Metaverse Concept 3.0: Virtual and Reality

Liu Cixin, the author of “Three-Body”, once famously commented: “There are two roads in front of human beings, one outward, leading to the stars and the sea; the other inward, leading to virtual reality.”

In addition, recently, Apple CEO Cook also said at the end of an interview with Time Magazine that for the so-called “meta universe” concept, Apple calls it Augmented Reality (AR).

At the same time, Cook also emphasized that the current artificial intelligence technology has spread all over previously unimaginable products, and the superposition of the virtual world and the real world in AR will not only distract humans from the physical world, but will even strengthen each other. Relationship and cooperation.

The two, virtual reality (VR)-the imitation of reality, and augmented reality (AR)-the interpretation and transcendence of reality, are the core of the future meta-universe . For example, in the parallel world simulated by the meta-universe, we can experience various streetscape buildings and so on. This is the “real object”. But when you need to navigate, there may be arrows pointing the direction directly in front of your eyes. Intelligent navigation is a “virtual effect.” The fusion of reality and additional information may be the essence of the meta universe.

In fact, this future-oriented market is being regarded as a ticket to the next generation of the Internet by more and more tech giants. Roblox’s listed stock has skyrocketed, with a market value of US$47.6 billion; Zuckerberg publicly announced in July this year that Facebook would transform Facebook into a meta-universe company within five years; recently, Bytedance acquired the virtual reality social product pixsoul and began the meta-universe layout.

So, how do we need to describe its appearance?

First of all, to be parallel to the real world, then the metaverse must exist for a long time and independently, and not be affected by the decision of any single company or sudden bankruptcy. The current meta-universe concept games are nothing more than virtual reality + social/shopping. Virtual reality technology can create many good applications in the future, but as long as they still need to be born on other platforms, they can be installed or uninstalled. Long-term independence involves risks.

In addition, what Metaverse wants is the participation of the whole people and the future created by the masses. Applications created on Metaverse should connect with each other to ensure that the equipment purchased by users in the A scene of Metaverse can still be used in the B scene. This requires Decentralization. Existing centralization faces complex potential problems. For example, Android and IOS are now in separate battles. When users change phones, file migration is really a headache. To go to the center, it is difficult to achieve results only by relying on the blockchain. After all, the major companies developed on the Metaverse platform have no obligation to carry out information links. This is also a difficult problem facing in the future.

There is such an assumption, perhaps, the existence of an operating system is the ultimate solution for long-lasting, world interoperability.

If you only locate games in the virtual world, the meta-universe will not be so valued. It should be a product that is closely connected with reality and serves reality, and the most important thing is economic connection. It does not need to have an independent payment system. In addition to blockchain tokens, ordinary merchants can still use WeChat, Alipay, and digital renminbi for ordinary transactions. This may be the most ideal development.

In a sense, Metaverse will be an interface revolution between the real world and the digital world. The immersive experience will defeat the abstract program interface, and the real world will be seamless with the digital world through immersive experience. connect.

If the future technology is further iterated, such as brain-computer chips and the like, coupled with the construction of a holographic virtual world, users will have a more realistic perception experience.

The virtual world in “Ready Player One”, which requires heavy wearable devices to enter, is considered to be the most primitive meta-universe. With the development of technology, wearable devices have become more and more portable. In Facebook’s latest teleconferencing system, Workrooms, virtual devices can better complete human eye tracking and gesture recognition, laying the foundation for the immersive experience of the meta universe.

About the future of this war, the concept of the game Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki said: “meta-universe include at least the following elements: identity, friends, immersive, low-latency, diversity, anywhere, economic system and civilization” , technological advances are Keep trying this future possibility.

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