I heard that you can earn rewards for saving files How do you do it?

Explore the grand blueprint of distributed storage by doing hands-on exercises from scratch.

I heard that you can earn rewards for saving files How do you do it?

The most shiny thing recently is the Poca ecological card slot auction, and one of the dark horses is Crust that we wrote about before. As a project that can participate in the first batch of Kusama card slot auctions, from initially not being well received by the public to attracting many CRU Token pledges today, all signs show that its value is not as simple as we see.

From the storage method alone, we see the difference between Web2.0 storage and Web3.0 storage on Crust ecology. Is web3.0 storage, which represents the future, really landing so soon? Let’s get our hands dirty and explore Crust’s unnoticed late-stage advantages.

I started from 0 basis, step by step for practical operation, aiming to explore the grand blueprint of distributed storage (Hao Yang Mao).

The full article takes about 6 minutes to read and contains benefits.

I. How to use Crust for storage

Why should we store files on Crust?

First of all, the decentralized storage technology it offers is safe (it will not be deleted, blocked or tampered with), efficient and low cost, so users with storage needs may want to see if it is practical.

In addition, even readers who do not have a strong need for storage will not refuse the opportunity to earn money when it comes to their mouths, and Crust has officially opened a 180-day “Data Creates Value” campaign starting June 25, 2021, where you can earn CRU rewards for storing files. So the heart is better than action, in the end, how does the operation feel, see the editorial review it.

1、Crust on-chain storage (Web3.0) evaluation

(1) Operation process

For Crust on-chain storage, you need to enter the official website of Crust Apps (see below for the link) to register an account, in addition to downloading a tool IPFS to store files, make sure there are enough CRUs in your account and IPFS is open when storing.

The specific operation process is as follows.

①Prepare the account: you can do it in Crust Apps (link to the specific operation tutorial is attached below).

②Mapping of CRUs: Crust storage is done in Crust Apps, and the storage process requires a certain fee, so Crust account must have CRUs before storage can be done.

③Local download of IPFS: Crust, as the incentive layer of IPFS, does not store files itself, the storage of files happens on IPFS, so you must ensure the normal operation of IPFS before storing in Crust Apps. ” in Crust Apps.

Note: IPFS is essentially a decentralized DFS that uses the hash of the file content as the only retrieval tool. It is more efficient than the original DFS and difficult to tamper with, while file encryption protects user privacy and is the big trend in the storage market.

④ For storage: After the above preparations are completed, the next storage operation is still very simple, and the official storage operation tutorial has been done in sufficient detail, so I will not elaborate too much here. (See the link below for specific tutorials.)

Link Summary.

Crust Apps link:

Account preparation tutorial:

Tutorial on mapping operations:

Storage operations tutorial:

Among the overall operation process, the CRU mapping is the most complicated and requires cross-platform operation, which also requires ETH as the fee, I transferred a total of 0.054 ETH, Huobi Global fee costs 0.004 ETH, imToken is 0.0008 ETH. The full set of process experience takes about 1 hour to complete. The mapping time is about 80%, which is acceptable overall.

(2) Result display

For the validity of the measured data afterwards, the file size added by me is 373.9MB.

About ten minutes to start generating copies, of course, the speed is related to the network environment. You can also browse in the file, the fluency and clarity are high, with the increase of time the number of copies of the document will also increase, the following picture is the copy information after 30 minutes of uploading the document.

(3) Some problems encountered in the process of operation

In the operation process, I switched to the HECO chain of imToken wallet because the fee of HECO chain is cheap, but the requirement of CRU mapping is ERC20 chain. If you have transferred to the HECO chain during the operation, don’t panic, your coins are not lost.

To retrieve please refer to the link.

(4) Shortcut for white people to participate

I’m sure the newbies who are not yet familiar with distributed storage are already going to be dissuaded by the above wave of operations, don’t worry! Crust Grants project Decoo has created a shortcut, just upload the file through the browser, the background will automatically help you complete the storage, absolutely newbie-friendly.

However, it should be noted that since Decoo’s server is overseas, the data upload speed for domestic users will be relatively slow, while there will be no such speed problems through Crust chain storage. So I still encourage you to learn actively, although the shortcut is easy to operate, but maybe it doesn’t help us save time, and in spending the same time, if you learn new knowledge is another form of reward, after all, the world always encourages diligent thinkers.

For storage via Decoo please refer to the link

(5) Summary of the evaluation

Although it is complicated in operation, it will not progress if we do not move forward. We can think about the current platforms that have a huge number of users such as Taobao, Jitterbug, Drip, etc. based on the analysis of user information to extract a lot of business value. However, users, as the producers of information, can only provide their own data for free, while suffering the risk of falling into the “algorithm” carefully designed for us by the platform, and the worry of personal information being misused or even sold.

In contrast, distributed storage is still in its infancy and obviously cannot shake the status of traditional centralized applications in people’s daily lives, but it has undoubtedly fired the first shot of information independence, and the flame of a star will eventually become a prairie fire. The storage of information is just the beginning, when the data content can be guaranteed not to be tampered with, the ownership of the data can be determined, the data can be traded, and the value of the data can really be used by its owner.

2、Crust ecological project for storage (Web2.0) evaluation

If you have no other motivation to use the more complex Web3.0 storage tools other than to obtain benefits, and want to store some files easily and quickly, while enjoying the advantages of decentralized storage, then the Crust ecological Web2.0 project Decoo please understand.

(1) Operation procedure

Decoo is a storage and distribution application developed based on Crust Network, an important ecological project of Crust, similar to the decentralized “Baidu.com”. It is more friendly to users who are used to Web2.0 operation, and users can directly login to Decoo’s webpage to store and share data.

Web link:

The specific operation process is as follows.

①You can register and log in after entering the website, but you can store files without registration, but you can’t see the file management. After logging in, you can upload files by clicking Add file.

②After successful uploading, you can find your document in the file manager and gently click on the customer identification code to copy and share the uploaded document.

(2) Result display

For the validity of the data measured afterwards, the file size added by me is 373.9MB.

The whole process is very simple, simply a brainless operation, very friendly for users who are used to Web2.0, the whole process takes about 5 minutes, the time used for uploading files is 2-3 minutes, of course, the speed also depends on the network environment, the video files are high definition, good smoothness of playback, overall good storage experience. However, you can only upload files smaller than 500MB, which is suitable for users with relatively small storage needs.

(3) Evaluation Summary

Decoo as a Crust ecological project for storage (Web2.0) path, in addition to the advantages of cheap storage cost and more storage backup, there is another point that the user’s files are stored by the decentralized storage network, the data belongs to the user, and the authenticity is also guaranteed, because from the whole network will not (no motive and no ability) tamper with the user’s data. At present Decoo has the basic functions and expects the subsequent better development.

Second, how to store the data and get the reward?

It is said that in order to encourage more people to experience the real availability of Crust decentralized storage, Crust official launched the “Data Creates Value” campaign, CMC airdrop, Kusama slot auction, and experience the Crust storage function – – “Data Creates Value”. -The three events of “Data Creates Value” will give away 2700wCSM+14.4wCRU.

In addition, for 10 consecutive days from July 1, Crust officials also launched a 10x arithmetic activity, which means that during this period, all nodes will get 10 times the arithmetic power by depositing files on the Crust chain. So if users participate in these 10 days, they will have a higher chance to get a higher reward than other times.

Don’t miss it if you are interested.

To sum up, although the whole operation of Crust on-chain storage is a bit troublesome, I see the future of the distributed storage track and even the whole blockchain industry.

Crust, as an infrastructure, is now doing everything just to open the initial directory for the Web3.0 era. With such a strong cornerstone as Crust, I believe the future Web3.0 era will be more and more exciting.

III. Summary

Many readers may see here will think, they have some photos and so need to store, Baidu cloud disk is also enough, and not afraid to lose, similar to Crust chain storage (Web3.0) what is the significance of it?

Then we have to think about a question, when we talk about Crust, what exactly are we talking about? Is it storage technology? Blockchain? Mining? Digital assets? Making money? It seems to be all of them, but it’s not just that.

We are swept along by history, and every seemingly uneventful second of our lives is making history, only some will be remembered and most will be forgotten. Many events that can go down in history are created in the moment we breathe. The difference is that some people are the creators of historic events, some are the witnesses, and some are simply driven by the changes in history and have to adapt to the new world.

From the creation of the Internet, to Web 2.0, and then to Web 3.0, almost all people are aware that we are in the midst of a technological revolution, and that technological updates have greatly changed our way of life, but those who can actively embrace change will always be in the minority, like astronauts exploring a new planet, facing challenges and shouldering hope.

Why the dinosaurs became extinct is a matter of opinion, but one thing is certain, it ultimately failed to adapt to the changes of the Earth. Breakthrough of the original thinking and behavior habits is certainly uncomfortable, but growth is always accompanied by pain, and it and the anxiety brought about by backwardness, we must choose one or the other. To try new things, or eventually become an old man who can’t play with all the appliances away from his children, in fact, we always have a choice.

History is a stage play that never ends, people sitting in the front row watch the stage change, but the back row can only hear the noise. All we have to do is, go to the front row and sit down.

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