I got the first suite of my life in “The First Decent Metaverse in China”, and then…there was no more.

On the first day of the public beta, some people have already exchanged real estate for money and withdrew.

Come and come, the meta universe is new again. 

The vegetable basket of this concept has not yet woven a bottom, and there are more and more eggs in it. 

A few days ago, a popular publicity video released “Honnverse”. Some people even say that this is the first domestic game to play the meta-universe. 

I also tried it, let’s see what happened next. 

To enter the game, you first need to create an image, choose a gender, adjust the eyebrows, nose, mouth, and face shape. The difference is not bad. 

No one has the illusion that they can immediately find a meta-universe that allows them to immerse themselves in the virtual world, but I did not expect that the next one will be such an ancient interface close to the web age, and there will be bugs. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

After exiting from the personal page, the “cosmic search” leads to a Sims-style map. There are two marked locations on the map, but neither of them can be accessed. Simply put, this is more like a static page, but you can go home from here-Rainbow Universe has divided me into a house, a digital real estate, and the name is Garden House Type A. Going in is a small room with two floor-to-ceiling windows. Except for a garden outside the window, the house is surrounded by four walls. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

I bought a table for 60 diamonds, and then there was no money, even a chair. The “I” was walking around the house, the catwalk was added with the outer character, and the only thing “I” could do was jump on the table and lift off into the air without bending his knees. It was very strange. 

And for the first time, he jumped up and accidentally stopped in the air, because there were still some stuck in the universe. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

Many people in the public chat room are asking, “I’m here, what can I do?” The answer is to decorate the house or buy some decorations for yourself, but it all costs money. If you don’t have money, you can go to other people’s houses. 

I went shopping in a well-decorated house. The owner is a clothes seller. How did I know, because she bought a TV and put a short video of herself selling clothes in it. It’s very interesting, just like watching Travis Scott on the night of the fortress. And this looks like a rich man, because TV costs hundreds of diamonds, and she lives in the SS-class round island Haiyu. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

Now in this world, the end of the world is neither Ushuaia nor Tieling, but the meta universe. Facebook cut in from Oculus. Microsoft gave an office scene of PPT in a virtual space, as well as a lot of new stories starting with social interactions and games. 

And what does the rainbow universe in front of us rely on? 

Good guys, real estate. 

Now there are a few young people in China who have houses, and this bitter knife has entered the hearts of our tenants. 

Precisely, after registering an account, I waited a few days to go play, and 170,000 ahead of the same people who booked together . Why wait, because I don’t have a house. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

Rainbow Universe began its internal beta on October 28. Users made an appointment online to snap up virtual real estate. Users who are lucky enough to get the number can enter the game earlier than most people. According to the room type and topography, the virtual real estate starts from SS and S to the C level. It is divided into five levels. There are only 3,500 houses released before the public beta, which are generally higher-level virtual real estate. 

In a new universe, first engage in hunger marketing, a very smart cold start strategy. 

The good house is allocated away, and the allocated people can develop ahead of time. Those who don’t have a house have to wait, until the day of the public beta, one person will set up an affordable house of grade A to C, and the struggle is on the individual. 

By the time most people were ready to fight, the class gap had already come out, and the group that developed first had already earned a vote and started to withdraw. 

How do they “cash out”? The answer is Xianyu. 

The end of the world is in the meta universe, and the end of the rainbow universe is Xianyu. Nvidia ’s Huang Renxun is still developing a wormhole that connects the meta-universe and the real world . He doesn’t know that one idle fish is enough. 

“Do you want to buy a house, the polar wooden house, it is super scarce, buy two sets of pianos, as long as 999, you know everything.” 

Real estate speculators are also found in Rainbow Universe, which has the flavor of virtual mapping reality. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

There are now countless sellers of Rainbow Universe’s virtual digital collections on Xianyu, and most of them come to sell houses. In reality, the real money will be handed over, and the other party will give you real estate that cannot be traded back online. A set of low two or three hundred, high hanging up to 10,000 yuan. There are also forty sets of digital assets that Rainbow Universe claims to be NFT in hand and have not been able to get rid of reality for the time being. 

I tried to chat with a seller. In fact, it was more like he was taking the responsibility of the customer service of the game to introduce me to how to play the game, and also emphasized to me that the core status of virtual real estate was instilled in it. A few days later, he sold two sets of S-class houses for 1500, and then simply sold out the game accounts for 120 yuan. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

On the first day of the public beta, there were a large number of players hanging up things for takeout. This kind of scene always makes people feel weird, but this kind of drumming and spreading flowers may become commonplace in meta-universe games. Game factories, coin circle chain circle, VR/AR peripheral manufacturers, everyone suddenly gave Yuan Cosmos a tacit understanding, which has a lot of stock prices and money. This is a concept that makes the future beautiful enough , but it is a profitable business first. 

Tables and pianos can be bought, but real estate is not, so these rare high-level real estates have become the basic board of this game. As long as these properties can be constantly changed hands at high prices, this game can continue to be played . 

A meta-universe game is also a profitable game above all. Everyone is not stupid to learn to cut leek downwards. 

On the other hand, when the keen first batch of players did not rush to the game, the roughness and lag of the game are allowed. 

This seems to be the default style of the so-called meta universe products that have appeared recently. Rainbow Universe is not alone, and Baidu ‘s Meta Universe product “Xirang” is also a rough look. People walk drifting, and they can’t talk when they encounter other players in the space. Even the most basic collider that prevents models from interspersing is not set up. 

This is why when I was visiting the Feng Tang Art Exhibition, I accidentally grew up on Feng Tang. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

This trend is not surprising, after all, ” My World” and “move Mori” On the surface is rough pixel screen wind. Facebook has changed its name to Mate. The villain in Horizons Workrooms still has no legs, right? Even, you can interpret this kind of shoddy in this way: this kind of roughness stimulates the nerves, and it looks like the world is still in chaos. By the way, it gives people an illusion that they are walking on the field of hope of Web3.0. 

From a rational point of view, every brick in “Minecraft” can be moved, so the screen has to lower the requirements to ensure the smoothness of the entire sandbox. But in my garden house type A (including the scenery outside the window), except for the table and the landscape seen from the Greek observatory, these are all patches that don’t waste much computing power. I can’t even open the door of my house to see what it looks like outside. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

The roughness of Hirong makes people doubt Baidu’s seriousness of this work. In contrast, the roughness of Rainbow Universe is more real, and it may be that the body can’t keep up with the consciousness. 

Tianxia Show Chairman Li Meng issued an open letter on November 18, claiming that Rainbow Universe is a 3D virtual social product based on blockchain technology, and it has moved in VR, AR and MR (MIXreality) as well as material science and distribution. Informal science, AI algorithms and even quantum computing to endorse themselves. 

The chairman also drew a bigger pie in the letter. 

“I believe that soon we will be able to build a “building” in the Rainbow Universe. All employees of the Universe will work together in the virtual world of the Rainbow Universe for one day. In the future, there will be more in the Rainbow Universe. Enterprises and institutions, this is also in line with China’s future low-carbon environmental protection theme.” 

But one day after the information was released, Tianxia Show received a supervisory warning from the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The first reason is that Tianxiaxiu is suspected of using non-statutory information disclosure channels to release important information related to the company’s operations and other important information, which may mislead investors; second, Tianxiaxiu’s main business does not involve the content mentioned in the open letter. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

On the evening of November 19, under pressure, Tianxia Show had to post a clarification announcement, stating that this is only a test phase product that realizes social networking based on 3D scenes. Participate in the research and development of AR, VR, MR and related hardware technology, and have no related hardware technology reserves or patents” 

To put it simply, Tianxiaxiu said that Rainbow Universe is currently only an initial product of the popularity of the universe. As for virtual immersive social networking, the character has not been written yet. 

However, the stock price has gone up anyway. 

I got the first suite of my life in "The First Decent Metaverse in China", and then...there was no more.

Before the announcement of the internal test of Rainbow Universe on October 28, the stock price of Tianxia Show has been on a downward trend throughout the past year. In just 20 trading days after entering Meta Universe, this company with its main business as the “Red Man Economy” ushered in 7 daily limits. The current stock price has almost doubled compared to the end of October, and also exceeds the stock price of the same period last year. 

The world show under the label of “Red Man Economy” has not been able to cash in on the stock price after its backdoor A-share listing in 2020. Li Meng has been trying to uncover the label of a “media company” in the world show and shape the image of a “platform company”. There are also reasons why he hopes to increase the company’s overall valuation imagination. At the same time, the celebrity economy and even the live broadcast e-commerce itself are being increasingly questioned. The world show whose main business is unstable needs a new story that is cheesy. 

Now with the new “Red Man” of Rainbow Universe, the most important goal has been achieved. And in the end, what will this inferior meta universe product develop into, is it the QQ Speed ​​10 years ago, or the current Shell VR viewing? 

It is not important anymore. 

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