“I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000”

“I was prostituting luxury cars in the Metaverse, and the car companies lost money and I made money!”

“In fact, both customers and car companies have made money.”

Today, major car companies have successively deployed in the Metaverse field, and their marketing methods may have long exceeded our imagination.

According to the judgment of Ma Tianyi, chief analyst of Metaverse of Minsheng Securities Research Institute, the application of Metaverse in automobile marketing may be implemented in one or two years, and more car companies will adopt more abundant marketing methods in the future.

The young man in the game has the first luxury car in his life

In February, Ferrari’s CEO revealed that Ferrari has established a division focused on digital services to explore potential opportunities in a Metaverse world that incorporates three elements of virtual reality, gaming and social interaction toenhance its brand in the virtual world.

Back last year, Ferrari teamed up with Epic Games to use Unreal Engine to bring its new 296 GTB hybrid sports car to the game Fortnite, the first highly realistic drivable vehicle in the game’s history. Players don’t need to spend money to buy this car, just run into one in the game world.

Epic’s director of advanced projects said: “This artistic and technical collaboration between us and Ferrari has been very successful, bringing the first experienceable realistic vehicle to the cross-platform multiplayer environment of Fortnite. Like this Launching a fully functional photorealistic rendering vehicle in a stylized scene is a wonderful way to advance our vision of the Metaverse.”

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

Not only Ferrari, but in March this year, Porsche also launched a supercar in the virtual world, the Vision Gran Turismo concept car. Created by Porsche and video game development studio Polyphony Digital, it officially debuted in the Gran Turismo 7 racing game for PS4 and PS5 without a real-world vehicle.

Porsche said: “It is strategic for Porsche to be more active in the gaming world. We can reach the target group in the gaming world, where their automotive dreams begin in the young and digital age.”

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

Car companies are building the Metaverse, and users are “experience the joy of prostitution”

The above car companies choose to link with games to allow users to experience the Metaverse, while some car companies directly create a Metaverse.

In September last year, BMW and XR technology company Journee launched JOYTOPIA based on Web3D technology. All users can access via browser and do not need username and password to enter JOYTOPIA.

At JOYTOPIA, users can create virtual avatars to participate in dancing and crowd surfing, as well as watch the band perform from many different angles and get close to the stage.

Fans who were not able to visit Max-Joseph-Platz’s BMW Hubs because they did not attend the auto show can also experience the visual highlights of the vehicle through JOYTOPIA .

Each section of JOYTOPIA addresses topics that are crucial to the future of the BMW Group. Among them, the “Re:IMAGINE” section is the core of the entire BMW brand family, used to display important information related to the brand.

In this regard, BMW’s vice president of brand communication and brand experience said: “We want to start a new dialogue with the audience and change the communication mode from brand interpretation to user interpretation. JOYTOPIA is a qualitative leap in the digital world. It allows us to communicate the brand. Take it to the next level.”

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

Similarly, domestic car companies are not to be outdone. On March 14, the “Lynk & Co Paradise” jointly created by Lynk & Co and Baidu was officially unveiled on Baidu’s Xiyang Metaverse platform, and the experience was open to the public.

With the help of 5G, AI, cloud computing, VR and other technologies, “Lynk & Co Paradise” reproduces Lynk & Co’s online exhibition hall at 1:1, and sets up three first-level scenes of fuel, new energy and performance vehicles, involving 6 car series, 12 versions.

Users can watch the car immersively in the virtual exhibition hall, experience the interaction of changing the body color, opening the door and trunk, and feeling the interior. At the same time, Lynk & Co Park can seamlessly combine online purchases with offline test drives and car pickups.

Lynk & Co said that in the future, it will gradually unlock new experiences such as online auto shows, new car launches, virtual test drives, and virtual spokespersons in Xiyong, and even allow users to learn about the production process and production processes of Lynk & Co’s factory such as vehicle manufacturing and model testing. The quality assurance system has a more intuitive touch and perception. And this clear personal experience can drive users to consume with confidence.

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

The car is in the Metaverse, and the “car model” is also in the Metaverse

In addition to building “Metaverse cars” based on physical cars, there are even “Metaverse car models” based on physical cars.

In March, Tencent’s first , the city of spicy energy messenger “Ling”, achieved a “hot start” at the cross-dimensional launch conference of SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu L.

The virtual human “Ling” is very compatible with the “Spicy Aesthetic Digital Coupe” Lingdu L released this time. Under the leadership of “Ling”, the online live broadcast of the conference has received a total of 40 million views, and the live broadcast interaction volume reached 40 million. 30 million. On the day of the conference, the cumulative number of Lingdu L deposit orders exceeded 18,000.

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

The virtual human car model is not only responsible for appearance, but also for wisdom. In January, GAC Aian held the “First Metaverse New Car Launch Conference in 2022”, and the virtual character “Du Xiaoxiao”, a Baidu AI exploration officer, served as the host of the event.

Focusing on the theme of “Intelligent Traveling Thousands of Miles” , Du Xiaoxiao interprets the performance highlights of Aion one by one, making the original boring parameter explanations lively and interesting, and linking them with elements such as the Metaverse and Mars experience.

On the product highlight of the AION LX PLUS, which has a battery life of 1008km, Du Xiaoxiao introduced: “In the ‘Metaverse’, 1008km is enough to drive from the Yellow Crane Tower in the Three Kingdoms period to the ‘Xiaomanyao’ in Guangzhou in 2022.”

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

“Virtual human + car” captures the interest of young users, and at the same time makes “a more perfect appearance of new cars” realized in a new way, which is a hot track now and in the future.

In April, Hyundai Motor Group announced a 2 billion won investment in Metaverse Entertainment, a subsidiary of mobile game developer Netmarble F&C, to fund a virtual human project.

Through this investment, the virtual human technology the company is developing will collaborate on various projects with Hyundai Motor. Hyundai Motor may partner with the company’s virtual influencer Rina, as well as K-pop, a virtual four-member girl group expected to debut later this year .

Buy a “Metaverse Car”, Get a “Metaverse”

Zhang Xiang, a researcher and automotive analyst at the Automotive Industry Innovation Research Center of North China University of Technology, once said:

“The Metaverse is a social space and a network tool. Car companies acquire users and fans in the Metaverse, and they can turn these users and fans into potential customers in the future. Car companies plan their layout in advance and can use the Metaverse concept as a product highlight to attract attention. Consumers buy cars, so that sales increase.”

“On the other hand, the Metaverse can also provide functions such as entertainment, business, and office. After the car realizes autonomous driving in the future, these functions will also be closely connected with the car.”

In fact, these functions will be implemented in the near future. In March, Audi announced that starting this summer, select Audi models will be equipped with the Holoride-enabled MIB-3 infotainment system.

"I drive a luxury car in the Metaverse with a monthly salary of 3,000"

Holoride aims to bring VR to the car as a data-based entertainment experience , transforming everyday travel into a hyper-immersive experience by combining navigation and car data with XR. So far, immersive VR experiences have been mostly visual, but Holoride includes real-time physical feedback of the vehicle you’re in to make the experience even more intense.

In addition, Holoride provides an in-car VR entertainment system for passengers to experience immersive games during the journey. According to the official website promotional video, the vehicle will be transformed into an animated car, space vehicle, etc., and the passengers will have different experiences as players.

It is believed that with the gradual advancement of Metaverse-related technologies, whether it is “car marketing + Metaverse” or “Metaverse in the car” , it is approaching a more wonderful future.

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