“I don’t understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day”

What changes the Metaverse will bring to society as a whole is currently unknown.

In recent months, the “Metaverse” has exploded. In addition to Facebook’s high-profile entry into the Metaverse by changing its name to Meta, major manufacturers represented by BAT have started new “Metaverse” businesses.

In an instant, the Metaverse has become a new outlet. In addition to technology companies, all walks of life have begun to appear “Metaverse”.

There is “Metaverse Cattle Raising” under the banner of the Metaverse:

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

There are also “Yuan Family” formed by the union of many micro-businesses (the micro-businesses changed their surnames to “Yuan” and called themselves Yuan Future New Retail, preparing to “All in Metaverse”).

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Immediately

Even, the knowledge payment of the Metaverse has appeared.

Regarding the knowledge payment for the first lesson of Metaverse, there are 2673 paying users, and the cumulative total income is nearly 160w.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Network

However, although the Metaverse has exploded for nearly half a year, when asked “What is the Metaverse?”, most people may still be at a loss. Even the president of Nintendo said: “I don’t plan to enter the Metaverse for the time being.” , because I don’t understand it. 

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Caijing Network 

Today, let’s talk about the operation agency. What is the Metaverse in everyone’s mouth? How did it catch on fire? How is it going now?

01What  is the “Metaverse” in everyone’s mouth?

2021 is called “the first year of the Metaverse”, but for most Internet people, apart from the endless news, the Metaverse seems to be very far away, so what is the Metaverse?

1) The source of the Metaverse concept

The concept of the Metaverse was first proposed in 1992, when Neal Stephenson first proposed the concepts of “Metaverse” (Metaverse) and “Avatar” (avatar) in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash”.

In the novel, the Metaverse refers to a shared online world in which people can live and work.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

2) Current Metaverse Concept

Simply put, the Metaverse is a virtual space built according to reality.

Just like the real world, users of the Metaverse can not only experience various functions of the real world, but also experience the “impossible” experience in the real world, and even experience the feeling of jumping off a building.

So, the closest thing to the Metaverse right now is the gaming industry.

Dave Baszucki, CEO of the game creation company Roblox, summarized and refined the concept of the Metaverse. He believed that the Metaverse should include at least the following eight elements:

Identity, Friends, Immersion, Low Latency, Diversity, Anywhere, Economic System and Civilization.

Therefore, the sandbox game “Minecraft”, which occupies several of the eight elements, is temporarily called “the prototype of the Metaverse” by netizens.

Players build a new world in “Minecraft”, they will experience day and night, they can be online, add modules, build their own houses, explore the world, fight monsters and upgrade.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

But the Metaverse is not equal to video games, nor is it equal to the virtual world. Video games and virtual worlds are just the prototype of the Metaverse.

At present, there is no real “Metaverse product” on the market.

Regarding the concept of the Metaverse, there are currently different opinions. From the media person @ Fox Jun raphael wrote in the article “The Metaverse may destroy the world”, the Metaverse can be divided into four stages:

Stage 1: The virtual Metaverse, which mainly reproduces the sensory feelings of human beings in the real world;

Stage 2: The brain is connected to the Metaverse, separated from VR and other equipment, and connected to electronic signals through the brain interface to obtain sensory experience;

Stage 3: Consciousness Metaverse, transferring human consciousness to the server to achieve “immortality”;

Stage 4: Twin Metaverse, replicating the laws of the real world, allowing the Metaverse to gain more randomness.

According to this stage division, the current Metaverse technology is only the prototype of stage one (virtual Metaverse), and it is not the real Metaverse form.

For example, the current Metaverse can only replicate the human senses in the real world. In some current Metaverse games, the visual and auditory effects presented simulate reality.

However, some film and television productions provide a future reference for the Metaverse.

In the movie “Ready Player One”, users can enter the virtual world through “wearable devices” such as VR, and can smell, taste and perceive the whole world.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Ready Player One

02  How hot is the Metaverse?

This somewhat abstract and elusive “Metaverse” has been in a mess from last year to this year.

In fact, in 2020, the tide of the Metaverse is beginning to take shape.

During the 2020 epidemic, the famous American pop singer Travis Scott held a virtual concert in the game “Fortnite”, and a total of about 12.3 million gamers around the world became the live audience of the virtual concert.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Tencent Video

In addition, the stock market has also been affected by the “Metaverse explosion”.

On March 10, 2021, the sandbox game (player’s creative game) platform Roblox, as the first company to write the concept of “Metaverse” into its prospectus, successfully listed its shares on the New York Stock Exchange, and its market value on the first day of listing exceeded 40 billion US dollars. Detonated the technology and capital circles.

Then came the Metaverse craze.

1) Big factories swarmed up, vying to deploy the Metaverse

On October 28, 2021, Facebook, a well-known overseas social platform, announced that it would change its name to “Meta” and fully “bet” on the Metaverse.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Zuckerberg announced to the world that “from now on, we will be Metaverse First, not Facebook First.” Subsequently, from December 1, Facebook’s stock symbol will also be changed from “FB” to “MVRS”.

Major domestic companies such as BAT and ByteDance have also announced the layout of the Metaverse.

On August 29, 2021, VR startup Pico issued a letter to all staff, announcing that the company would merge into ByteDance’s VR business. It is reported that the acquisition price will reach 9 billion yuan.

In November of the same year, Byte Investment’s “Code Universe” officially launched “Restart the World” on all platforms. The game is called the “first-generation version” of the Byte Metaverse game by the outside world.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

In October 2021, at the Yunqi Conference 2021, Alibaba Dharma Institute announced the establishment of two new laboratories: the operating system laboratory and the XR laboratory.

XR, also known as Extended Reality, is a fusion of technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality).

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

On November 30, 2021, Tencent’s “Super QQ Show” debuted.

In the 1.20 Beta test version, users can see some functional changes: not only can you get your own exclusive image by “pinching your face”, you can also dress up, even buy furniture, and decorate and build in “QQ Nest”, It’s like reshaping the world.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

On December 27, 2021, Baidu announced the launch of its own Metaverse product “Xi Rong” at the “Baidu AI Developer Conference”.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Network

Baidu AI Developer Conference site 

The big factories came to an end one after another, and more people saw the business opportunities of the Metaverse. The Metaverse began to become a new outlet, attracting more entrepreneurs and creators to join in.

2) Celebrities drive out of the circle

News about the Metaverse is also frequently searched on Weibo, and the Metaverse gradually went out of the circle with the “celebrity publicity”.

There are dozens of Weibo hot searches about the Metaverse.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

On the morning of November 5, 2021, Luo Yonghao posted a Weibo saying, “Our next entrepreneurial project is actually a so-called Metaverse company.” Will the idea this time be successful?”

Subsequently, “Luo Yonghao Layout Metaverse” also became a hot search.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Weibo

At the end of October 2021, Douyin’s first virtual human blogger @刘夜秀 released the first video content, and within two days, it attracted 150w+ fans and went out of the circle;

As of the post, @刘夜希 has uploaded a total of 8 videos, accumulating 867.2w of fans and 2452.9w of likes.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Image source: Douyin @刘夜希

Many media have equated Liu Yexi with the Metaverse. Although this statement needs to be verified, Liu Yexi’s explosion has undoubtedly made more people understand this concept.

3) Metaverse “products” are sought after

At the same time, Metaverse’s products have also been sought after by everyone, including not only the NFT artwork of “Curry Loves”, but also the paid knowledge of Metaverse.

① Explosive NFT digital collection

With the explosion of the Metaverse concept, the “new concept” of NFT has also been noticed by more people.

NFT, Non-fungible Token (non-fungible token), unlike Bitcoin (fungible token), it is not interchangeable.

Most of the knowledge about NFT artworks may have started from Curry – it is reported that Curry purchased the NFT ape avatar for $18w (about RMB 113w).

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Twitter

In the Hupu community, the discussion about Curry’s NFT avatar of the same style has nearly 85w+ views, which is a hot topic in the “Warrior Zone”.

In the comment area, not only many users popularized the concept of NFT, but also extended and discussed the behavior of many celebrities buying NFT. Some users said that not only Curry, but Simmons also spent $253,000 (about 1.5993 million yuan) to buy With the “Curry Same Model”, both NFTs belong to the “Boring Ape” series.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Not only celebrities, but also NFT artworks in the mass market are in a state of “hype”. Just like shoe circles and medal circles, many users have begun to buy and hoard a lot in anticipation of adding value.

After entering some “NFT art purchase groups”, users in the group often said “I bought 10 and waited for the price to increase”, and “In a frenzy, there will be no more in a while.”

Everyone’s enthusiasm for the overall NFT art market is no less than the “stamp collection” of the year.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

But why is NFT so popular? Are NFTs related to the Metaverse?

Some users believe that NFT digital collections will become an important part of building an economic model in the Metaverse.

Because, in the concept of the Metaverse, the core of the future Metaverse is virtual assets and virtual identities. As a non-fungible token (there are no two identical NFTs in the world), NFT can guarantee the uniqueness of virtual assets.

The current public opinion is that in the future virtual world, your ownership of a virtual item is not guaranteed by a company or institution, but by mathematics and algorithms, that is, to achieve complete “decentralization”.

Therefore, NFT collections will be considered by some netizens as the economic lifeline of the future Metaverse world.

② Metaverse knowledge payment is sought after

The enthusiasm of users for the Metaverse has also led to the payment of knowledge for the Metaverse. After experiencing various “out-of-the-circle events”, everyone is generally curious about the concept of the Metaverse.

On the “Get” platform founded by Luo Zhenyu, nearly 8w people have participated in the frontier course·Metaverse 12 lectures, and the estimated income is about 370w+.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: get

③ The emergence of Metaverse social apps

On May 10, 2021, Soul defined itself as a social Metaverse for the first time in its prospectus, promoting to “build a social Metaverse linked to Soul”.

However, in terms of specific gameplay, Soul users do not actually feel its connection with the Metaverse.

Zhihu user @二三事 said that the existing gameplay on Soul does not actually conform to the concept of the Metaverse, and the popularity is not high enough. Even compared to Soul, World of Warcraft and Jianwang Sancai are more like the Metaverse.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Soul

But in fact, the social app “Jelly” is the only one to really get out of the circle. On February 11, 2022, Jelly surpassed WeChat in the Appstore ranking and reached the top.

In the game, players can not only change clothes and post news, but also generate various behaviors such as “rushing, eating, sleeping” to simulate reality.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Jelly

However, Jellie was subsequently taken off the shelves on February 13, and new users were suspended from entering. Although it was taken off the shelves, it is not difficult to see that the concept of Metaverse social networking is gradually increasing in popularity among users .

03  How long will the Metaverse be popular?

Regarding how long a “new concept” can be popular, the famous consulting firm Gartner once gave a “Technical Hype Cycle Curve” (HypeCycle).

Since 1995, every new technology hype and disillusionment has mostly gone through the following 5 stages:

Stage 1: Technology Trigger

Stage 2: Peak of Inflated Expectations

Stage 3: Trough of Disillusionment

Stage 4: Slope of Enlightenment

Stage 5: Maturity (Plateau of Productivity)

There is no doubt that the popularity of the Metaverse has continued to rise, and it has been “hyped” by the outside world, making this “new thing” enter the “expansion period of expectation”.

But after the madness, you also need to see the reality clearly. The concept of the Metaverse seems to be getting “cold”.

On the one hand, the head Metaverse Company handed over a staged report card, and the results were unsatisfactory.

According to Meta’s latest financial report, its Reality Labs division, which specializes in the “Metaverse”, will lose about $10.193 billion in 2021.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: official financial report

Another game platform Roblox (RBLX.N), which has the “first share of the Metaverse”, has also been cut in half. According to @ Xuan Krypton, as of 19:59 on February 23, the price of Roblox per share was US $ 45.68, which is higher than its share price. The highest price of $141.6 has retraced more than 67%, and the market value has shrunk significantly.

On the other hand, in the domestic market, Metaverse concept stocks are also getting colder.

For example, the stock price of “Zhongqingbao”, a game company that focuses on the concept of the Metaverse, also fell from the highest price of 42.64 yuan to 26.34 per share. (close on February 18), a retracement of around 40%.

Other stocks related to the concept of the Metaverse (mainly virtual humans, VR) have also retreated.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

Source: Xuan Krypton

Although the results are unsatisfactory, it does not mean that everyone’s expectations and action on the Metaverse have weakened.

Zuckerberg said that he will continue to work on voice translation and voice assistants to help AI in the virtual world have the ability to understand the environment and learn like humans.

The International Data Corporation IDC also predicts in its “IDC Worldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide” that China’s AR/VR market will reach a market size of US$25 billion in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 20%.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

On December 23 last year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article “Deep Concern: How the Metaverse Rewrites Human Social Life”, and mentioned the following points in the article:

From the perspective of the industry, the Metaverse will become the goal of the next-generation Internet development for a long period of time, which depends on the core technological breakthroughs, technological evolution and changes in the underlying technology and computing power.

At the same time, the arrival of the 5G era also provides a hotbed for more development of the Metaverse. The most intuitive change is the increase in network speed, which can bring lower “latency” to real-time interaction between users.

Station B UP master @teacher hello I’m classmate He once mentioned in the video that in the future, due to the “low latency” of 5G technology, doctors are even expected to remotely control instruments in real time to operate on patients in the future.

It is not difficult to find that the attitudes of all parties towards the Metaverse are generally “open and optimistic” and willing to “embracing” new technologies. However, some people are also skeptical, worried about the possible negative effects of the Metaverse.

For example, some literature and film and television works have already carried out predictions on the Metaverse, and deduced its evolution through text and comics.

As early as 2012, the animation “Sword Art Online” depicted a Metaverse blueprint and tried to join the conflict between the virtual world and the real world.

In the play, players enter the game by connecting Augma, a new type of AR device in their brains, and the food in the game is also directly transmitted to the brain in the form of “brain waves”, making players feel “full”.

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

In the animation plot, due to the malicious tampering of AR device developers, players who join the game need to clear the game before they can exit, otherwise they will die of brain death.

However, as He once mentioned in the video, “People’s predictions about the future cannot escape the limitations of current technology and thinking.”

04  Epilogue

What changes the Metaverse will bring to society as a whole is currently unknown, but it is foreseeable that in the future, connecting with others and having more sensory experiences will become a trend.

However, for most users, while understanding the Metaverse, they should also treat the Metaverse more rationally, so as not to be cut off if they are not careful…

"I don't understand the Metaverse, but I can earn 9w a day"

As for where the future of the Metaverse will go, we will wait and see.


“Metaverse and Post-Human Society – Carbon Chain Value”, Zhu Jiaming

“The Metaverse May Destroy the World”, Fox Jun raphael

“Meta and Roblox’s market capitalizations have dived one after another, so where does the A-share Metaverse outlet go?”,hooligan

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