I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

“The Era of New Hoarding Land”

Xu Wei, a post-90s generation, just made a sale from 10,000 yuan to 770,000 yuan.

Three months ago, he spent about 10,000 yuan to buy a piece of virtual land in a metaverse game, and in one month, it increased 77 times.

He shot in time and sold the land, earning more than 700,000 yuan. During the same period, a blockchain game he invested in ran away, and the project party withdrew all the funds in the game’s trading fund pool. In the end, the tokens of the redesigned game returned to zero, and Xu Wei also lost $2,500 for this. .

In 2021, the concept of the metaverse will explode. As long as companies in traditional industries add the concept of the metaverse, the company’s stock price will rise.

According to the 2020-2021 Metaverse Development Research Report released by Tsinghua University, the Metaverse is essentially a virtual society based on the Internet. The five elements that make up the Metaverse are: network computing power, artificial intelligence, game technology, and display technology (AR , VR), blockchain technology.

Does the Metaverse necessarily need blockchain technology as the underlying technology? Fans of blockchain technology believe that blockchain changes the development of communication technology from the transmission of information to the transmission of value. Because of the immutable nature of the blockchain, virtual assets can be confirmed after they are on the chain. The basis for the establishment of the economic system in the universe.

It is still in the early days of the Metaverse, and the future development direction cannot be completely predicted.However, under the blessing of the concept of the metaverse, various projects in the blockchain have once again produced the eye-catching effect of making money, and the frequent thunderstorms.

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

The price of a piece of land increases by 77 times in one month

In September 2021, Xu Wei realized that it was urgent to set up a blockchain-related business company. In the circle, although most people lose money, there are many opportunities to make a lot of money.

Xu Wei is a serial entrepreneur. He has worked in e-commerce, supply chain-related industries, and social innovation public welfare projects. “The profits of traditional industries are too low.”

In the early years, Xu Wei, who made millions of yuan from speculating coins, decided to “all in” the blockchain industry after tasting the sweetness. In October 2021, he and his friends jointly funded and established a company engaged in Metaverse and Chain Games related businesses. The company’s main business is to purchase land in the game, create multiple chain game accounts, participate in the game to earn money, and host a small amount of friends’ funds.

At the corporate level, he is responsible for judging investment projects, buying land and building houses in various Metaverse projects. At present, the land purchased by the company is basically not sold, but is stored there.

When asked why he bought the land, Xu Wei felt that it was a natural thing. “The land is the foundation. No matter what you do in the metaverse in the future, you must have land first.”

Xu Wei is waiting for these lands to play their role in the future as the metaverse world is built step by step.

In November 2021, the real estate transaction value of two blockchain top sandbox games exceeded $228 million. Virtual real estate developer Republic Realm announced on Twitter that it spent $4.3 million to buy a piece of virtual land in a sandbox game, setting a record for virtual real estate prices in one fell swoop. The famous singer Lin Junjie also announced on the special tweet that he spent 780,000 yuan on another sandbox game platform to purchase three pieces of virtual land.

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

The upsurge of virtual real estate speculation has also allowed many people to share dividends. In just one month, the piece of land that Xu Wei bought in a certain game has increased by 77 times. Although to the uninitiated, it is just a few blocks of pixels. In the face of 77 times the profit, Xu Wei felt that this was nothing. As far as he knew, some of the participants earlier than him had obtained thousands of times the profit.

At the company level, although Xu Wei mainly hoards virtual land, he occasionally conducts virtual land transactions. If the price of a certain piece of land rises too fast, he will sell the land. It’s not too late to come back.”

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

Lianyou exploded, and a guild offered a reward of 1 million to arrest people

From the perspective of blockchain industry insiders, Chain Games is the prototype of the future metaverse. Some games can buy land in it and create a virtual world jointly by members of the society, which is close to the current people’s imagination of the future of the metaverse. In some developmental and competitive games, there is also the acquisition and transaction of virtual currency for playing games. Compared with traditional games, there is an additional layer of economic model that can be connected with reality.

These things that Xu Wei has done are different from the high threshold of blockchain technology development. They are things that ordinary people who do not understand technology can also participate in. They make money by relying on poor information and obtain the latest news of various projects through various channels. , participate in the project at the earliest stage, and get profit from it.

In addition to hoarding land, the main job of several young employees of the company is to take the “equipment” purchased by the company and make money in the chain game game through operation. And do some interactive tests of blockchain products, so as to get some token rewards, which is called “smashing wool” in the currency circle.

The way to play a similar game is very simple. At the beginning, you need to spend money to buy a meta beast in the game, go online every day to do tasks, and get game token rewards. At the most, Xu Wei earned 15 times the initial capital. However, he said: “These games do not currently have a gaming experience, and the people who participate are just to make money.”

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

The interface diagram of Xu Wei’s online gold-making chain game|Provided by the interviewee 

Of course, there were times when he failed to invest. He once played a BNBHEROES game developed by the Chinese. On November 15 last year, the game released its own token, which is a token that can be obtained by participating in gold in the game. But after only 20 days, the project party took all the tokens in the game trading pool and ran away, causing the game tokens to return to zero directly. Xu Wei lost $2,500.

Xu Wei understands very well that most chain games are fund-raising games, and the game experience is extremely poor, and some of the things their team is doing now is earning money from the later takers. Whether the company is buying land or making money from games, it is possible to encounter situations similar to game companies running away with money.

After the collapse of Xu Weiwan’s BNBHEROS (Chinese name “Binance Hero”), online retail players and the Chain Game Association issued a public announcement, which was willing to offer a reward of 1 million yuan to find the project party.Some media quoted industry insiders as saying that 90% of the participants in the chain game circle are not really doing chain games, but investing.

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

NFTs become a marketing tool for big companies

Fu Rao, founder of Novotel, is also someone who has seized the opportunity of blockchain. Since 2018, he has been engaged in some NFT-related work in Hong Kong. In 2021, NFT-related business has surged, and he has set up a company to undertake it. Related Business. In just one year, he felt that “NFT” had completely gone out of the circle. Many traditional companies found them, and the first sentence he said was: “Look, our competing company has made such an NFT project, you can help us. We do something similar.”

In March 2021, digital artist Beeple’s work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for a sky-high price of $69.34 million at Christie’s auction house, setting a new record for the highest transaction of digital art auctions, which is regarded as NFT art by industry insiders. The symbol that the collection is fully out of the circle.

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

“Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by digital artist Beeple 

NFT is a non-homogeneous token, which is different from homogeneous tokens such as “BTC” and “ETH”, which are divisible, integratable, and substitutable. NFT is a means of confirming the rights of virtual assets, and no NFT is similar. Yes, they are also irreplaceable. For example, the land purchased by Xu Wei in the game is a kind of NFT on the chain. It is recognized in the industry that this property of NFT can provide support for assets in the metaverse and is the only means to ensure that virtual assets belong to themselves.

The technology sprouted in 2015 and achieved a full-blown explosion in 2021. As of December 27, 2021, the total market value of NFTs has reached $10.349 billion, and the current number of NFT holders is 1.356 million. From the beginning of 2021, Internet giants such as Ali, NetEase, and Tencent began to deploy, and then a number of technology companies such as Vision China entered the market one after another.

Zhou Xingchi’s movie “The King of New Comedy” found Fu Rao’s team during the announcement process, and Fu Rao’s team helped Zhou Xingchi to cast the adaptation rights of the most classic twelve comedy classics into NFT. After helping BYD to make 999 music NFTs that were bundled and sent out for new car sales, BYD’s stock price rose 4%.

For many traditional enterprises, NFT is a kind of brand promotion. Fu Rao clearly felt this trend in the industry. The museum turned the collection of the town hall into NFT, and there were nightclubs holding a party in the virtual real estate.

However, the transaction of virtual digital currency in China is illegal, and various companies produce their own NFT products not for transactions. When facing reporters, Fu Rao repeatedly emphasized that what his company does does not involve transactions, and everything is within the legal permission.

At the personal level, Fu Rao also buys and sells NFT collections, and he has also obtained six or seven times the income.

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

Fu Rao’s collection of NFTs 

His philosophy is that buying digital collections is a way to participate in blockchain social practice, and he spent over $500 on an NFT work by artist PAK. To be precise, I participated in the creation of an NFT work. In the presentation of images, all people can see are circles. But in fact, this time the work is sold indefinitely for a limited time, and everyone who participates can get a part of the work, and these parts will be integrated as people trade. In the future, as the number of transactions continues to increase, it may eventually consolidate into a big circle, and everything is still unpredictable. But the innovation hit $92 million for a digital collection set by artist Beeple.

I am speculating in the metaverse, 10,000 becomes 770,000

Visitors take a group photo in front of a media artist’s immersive art installation, which is later converted into an NFT for auction. 

Fu Rao enjoys this kind of social experimentation and innovation. But he also said that the current NFT is too rough, “I went to see Justin Sun’s NFT collection exhibition, the organizer gave him a very beautiful exhibition, but compared with everyone’s works displayed in the adjacent exhibition hall, it is too inferior. too much.”

An unknown painter born in the 1990s found Fu Rao and asked Fu Rao to help him make his works into an NFT digital collection. Offline, the sale of painter’s paintings is about chance, and after the NFT was made, the works were sold quickly. Up to now, more than 60 paintings have been sold, and the price of each painting is 180 yuan.

Fu Rao understands that this is the “bonus” of the times.

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