I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

You’ll never guess which app I used to complete the cryptocurrency payment process.

As a tosser who needs to experience a lot of new products, the App Store in China is hard to satisfy me. A lot of new products, services and games cannot enter the app store in mainland China in the first place for various reasons, so many people try to register overseas accounts, especially in the US or Hong Kong.

The threshold for registering an overseas account is getting higher and higher, but fortunately it is a once-and-for-all thing that many people can solve in various ways, and the difficult part is actually “payment”.

Yes, “payment” is a particularly troublesome thing. Take Apple for example, if you want to bind a credit card payment method, most of the domestic credit cards can not be bound to the U.S. zone account, Paypal is the same situation. I’ve heard before that there have been some special credit cards that can get around these restrictions, and there are some special means to get around them, but there’s no guarantee that the effect will last.

So many people, including me, choose a special way to pay, and that is to preload through gift cards. And such gift cards are also domestic e-commerce continued to suppress the product categories, comprehensive shelves many times, and for those who do not know what keywords to search for users should not be able to find such products.

So my approach is to find a few fixed partners, and then on the WeChat transfer transactions. Of course this is actually very insecure, so it’s also very torturous to have to make multiple purchases in smaller amounts.

Is there no channel that offers cryptocurrency to buy gift cards?

After several years of tossing and turning, I just can’t stand this annoying experience anymore. Also, there has been a recent surge in demand for the types of services (like Apple TV+) that can be purchased from the App Store.

So recently, I searched Google for keywords like “USDT Gift Card” and found that there are really channels that offer cryptocurrency to buy such online services or gift cards, and after doing some filtering, I finally decided to buy one on a platform called Coinsbee.

After a brief check on Coinsbee’s background, I found out that it is a company founded in Germany in 2019. Miraculously, they also offer a Chinese version of their website with very common translation quality and have registered the Chinese domain name Coinsbee.cn, but their main website is still Coinsbee.com.

They support the purchase of a wide variety of online services through cryptocurrency, and also have access to offline purchases through gift cards. From their website, they support gift cards from Amazon, Apple, and Target, to game points from Xbox Live, Steam, and Battle.net, and prepaid virtual credit cards from Visa and AMEX, for example, to top up phone bills from various operators including domestic cell phone numbers, and more without helping them advertise.

Experience it
For such a product I had never heard of, I was initially worried if there was a scam, especially since their website didn’t look like it was reliable, and the design was still in the style of 10 years ago.

Even so, I decided to give it a try, starting with an iTunes gift card that I just needed, because if this product could meet my needs, I wouldn’t have to look for a merchant with a high premium and a strange experience before.

The first step is to pick the type of product to purchase. iTunes gift cards support multiple regions as well as different amounts, so pay attention to the filters. Cross-region top-ups should not work, probably because the billing currency and tax rates are not quite the same in different regions. That is, if your account is from any region, you should choose the gift card from the corresponding region.

I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

Once you join the purchased car, you can checkout, you don’t even need to register an account, fill in your email to receive the redemption number of the gift card.

I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

Select the payment method and surprisingly, besides on-chain transfer, Binance Pay is also supported! I have never used the payment function of CoinA before either, so I tried this payment method.

I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

It turns out that Binance Pay is paid by QR code, so it should be similar to the Alipay process.

I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

The next step is to open the Coin app and there is a button to scan the code in the top right corner.

I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

I had not opened a Binance Pay account before, so the first step after scanning the code was to open an account. The account opening process is relatively simple: register a username and a 6-digit payment password.

However, I encountered an error during the account opening process, which I didn’t take a screenshot of at the time, but the error can be skipped.

After opening the account, you’ll be taken directly to the payment page, where you’ll pay 50.5 BUSD for a $50 gift card, which may include taxes and fees? But even so, it’s still cheaper than the merchant I was looking for.

Yes, you can only pay with BUSD here, not USDT, so it’s a bit tricky to change the USDT in your account to BUSD and then recharge the BUSD to your Binance Pay account before you can continue paying.

Then you can continue to scan the code, confirm the amount, enter the payment password, and finish the payment.

I actually bought an Apple gift card for the US region via cryptocurrency

There was a small problem after the payment was made, the Coinsbee webpage did not immediately pop up the payment success page (because usually the web side will remind the user that the payment is completed after the Alipay payment is made).

However, after a few minutes, I received the payment completion email and the corresponding gift card code.

Then I followed the same process as before and redeemed the code on my account page in the App Store to complete the recharge.

There are some risks with this service, so don’t try it if you don’t know what the risks are or what the consequences will be, and this is just an experiment to experience their website and the Binance Pay payment process. It doesn’t mean that I will definitely use their services in the future, and there may be better options.

Of course, these risks are not only for Coinsbee, but also for the merchants I contacted before. Simply put, the gift cards themselves may be at risk, and if they are obtained through special channels such as dark money or credit card theft, they may subsequently lead to your Apple ID being blocked.

Therefore, the safest source of gift cards is to buy them directly through offline channels or have a friend buy them for you.

Besides gift cards, can I use cryptocurrency for food, clothing, housing and transportation?

There are already more and more companies offering these solutions.

For example, recently, Cryptocurrency has launched the hotel booking function (Beta testing), users can book hotels directly in the Cryptocurrency App and pay through cryptocurrency.

In addition to “Stay”, Bitrefill, for example, can also provide gift card purchase similar to Coinsbee and support more services, their vision is “Live on Crypto”. However, at the time I saw that they didn’t support the US in the iTunes gift card support area, so I didn’t try it.

The ultimate vision of “food, clothing, shelter, and transportation” through cryptocurrency may still be some way off, but at least it’s a good answer to those who question the “uselessness” of cryptocurrency. These companies have bridged the world of cryptocurrencies and the real world through digital means like gift cards, and while Alipay and Paypal have also implemented some of these features, cryptocurrencies without geographical restrictions may further open up this market and provide a more practical way to pay without borders.

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