Huobi’s Incubated NFT Platform iBox Goes Live, Releases First NFT Work with Chen Xiaochun

Huobi-incubated NFT platform iBox is officially launched, and the first NFT work is released in cooperation with Chen Xiaochun.

On May 17, iBox, a comprehensive NFT service platform incubated by Huobi X Center, was officially launched. iBox ( will launch NFT trading services to global users, aiming to build the world’s leading NFT trading platform. iBox’s mission is to promote global The mission of iBox is to facilitate the circulation of value of global resources and provide basic services for building an efficiently functioning digital world.

On the first day of iBox’s launch, the first NFT work “iBox No. 001” was issued in cooperation with the famous movie star Chen Xiaochun, which is also the first star NFT work in China.

Huobi's Incubated NFT Platform iBox Goes Live, Releases First NFT Work with Chen Xiaochun

Compared with other NFT Marketplaces, iBox focuses on high-end NFT distribution and circulation, and serves NFT players in Asia more deeply. Most of its NFT products are jointly released with well-known IPs, famous artists or public figures familiar to the public to ensure NFT quality and collection value. Currently, iBox has received investment from several institutions.

It is understood that iBox is already online with HECO ecological chain and supports Little Fox wallet login. Users can open the website, link the wallet and buy their favorite NFT works for trading or collecting.

Huobi's Incubated NFT Platform iBox Goes Live, Releases First NFT Work with Chen Xiaochun

Leo, the person in charge of iBox, said that it will next be deployed on multiple public chains with features such as security, low transaction fees and high speed, supporting the buying and selling of digital assets under ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, and users can trade assets through pricing issuance, blind box issuance, multi-format auctions, AMM, etc., while supporting a variety of liquidity enhancement solutions.

It is reported that iBox operation team mainly consists of a group of senior operation experts from Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan and Oxford, with many years of blockchain and Internet operation experience, team members have successfully incubated apps with daily activities of over 100 million users and led cross-border M&A projects with a total scale of over $200 million, team members include early evangelists in the blockchain industry, senior analysis experts in the industry track, successfully The team includes early blockchain industry evangelists, senior industry track analysts, and has successfully laid out a large number of high-quality DeFi and NFT projects ahead of time.

iBox is incubated by Huobi X Center, the innovation division of FireCoin Group, which aims to find the next strategic high ground of FireCoin Group and focuses on innovation business, collaborating with multiple departments to jointly explore the layout of key tracks such as meta-universe (including NFT), DeFi, blockchain big data, HT ecology, distributed storage, boka ecology, etc. .

X Center focuses on the investment and incubation of start-up projects, and uses the power of the Firepower ecosystem to accelerate the growth of new projects. Through the comprehensive layout of innovation opportunities in new tracks, it helps the overall business of FireCoin Group to obtain new traffic entrances and industrial opportunities.


How to buy NFT products in iBox platform.

Web-side operation process: ①Login to — ②Select the NFT you want to buy — ③Connect to Little Fox Wallet — ④Click “Buy Now”

Mobile operation process: ①Login or install TokenPocket wallet — ②Click on “Discover” — ③Click on “iBox” — ④Enter iBox official website — ⑤ Select the NFT you want to buy — ⑥ “Connect TP Wallet” — ⑦ Click “Buy Now”

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