Huobi Prime countdown 1 day Two major changes to the subscription rules to note

From a spectator’s point of view, Firecoin will probably still put more effort on Prime in the coming period, so the expectation value is directly pulled full!

Huobi Prime countdown 1 day Two major changes to the subscription rules to note

After two years, Huobi Prime, the “king” of the exchange that has achieved the highest returns of 27.7 times for TOP and 7 times for NEW, will start its coin listing channel tomorrow! Among the many domestic exchanges, Firecoin, which has recently received excellent reputation for its user experience, is undoubtedly the best example of how exchanges can adapt to the diversification of the market landscape, and I believe many users have long been looking forward to it.

However, the market seems to be more or less worried in addition to the expectations these days, as Bitcoin has dived from $60,000 all the way down, and one of the major factors behind this is that “three major financial associations in China have joined hands to warn about the risks of coin speculation”. In my opinion, such worries are not necessary. In the following article, we will analyze the product innovation behind the seventh phase of Huobi Prime from the two major changes after the relaunch of Firecoin Prime.

Change 1: Free tokens for transaction

In fact, Huobi Prime is an innovative form of trading in the secondary market in terms of product mechanism, and after the relaunch, it adopts the principle of “free tokens”, which means that no matter how the new project performs in the market after its launch, users who successfully purchase Tokens will earn them back, and there is no loss.

On May 17, Huobi Global adjusted the rules of the 7th Huobi Prime event, based on the original Prime rules, Huobi plans to return the HT sold in the event to users within 3 working days after the Prime event, which is equivalent to giving away the tokens sold in the event for free.

If you won 1 lottery in the first round, and sold 100 HT after the proportional distribution, and 50 HT in the second round of equal distribution, then Firecoin will return all 150 HT actually sold to you within 3 business days after the end of the 7th Huobi Prime.

This is the most basic market judgment. Coins given away for free, regardless of price, are always just a matter of earning more or less for the users who succeed in snapping them up. Of course, in the current market environment, to buy the first time after the opening of the user, should always pay attention to the latest trends in the market environment, pay attention to control the risk.

Change 2: Extra sign-ups for loyal users

For Huobi Prime’s “re-emergence”, careful investors may have noticed that, in addition to the above-mentioned changes in the purchase rules, Firecoin has given greater rebates and concessions to users who hold coins in the station.

The first phase of Prime after the relaunch is based on the rules, Prime has a total of two rounds of transactions. The first round of trading requires a lottery to qualify. The system will automatically deduct the HT needed to buy the tokens after winning the lottery, and send the corresponding tokens directly to the user and return the remaining HT. simply put, the more HT and the longer you hold the tokens, the higher the chance of winning the lottery.

The second round of trading belongs to the sunshine prize, as long as the user meets the qualification and has a pending order to buy in the second round of trading, he or she will definitely be able to buy, and the final distribution is according to the proportion. For example, if I have a pending order to buy 100 HT, and all of them end up with 10,000 HT pending orders, then I can only get 1% of the second round of token sales, and the rest of the extra HT will be returned to me.

As you can see from the rules, the first round has a higher quota and more tokens are available after winning the lottery, and the key to determining the size of the quota is the number of Prime signatures. In addition to the simple rules of the number of HT Firecoin sign-ups, Firecoin also innovatively introduced the “star user” mechanism in the 7th Prime.

According to the rules, if the minimum daily position reaches 300 HT from September 12, 2019 00:00:00 to May 19, 2021 23:59:59, you will get an additional number of signatures corresponding to the file number. Star users can get up to 10 signatures. Simply put, if you are a long-term HT holder and your position has been greater than 300 HT for the past year or so, then you will receive a larger amount of concessions from Firecoin.

“Free tokens for transaction” and “extra signatures for loyal users”, this relaunch action of Firecoin Prime is full of sincerity. From an onlooker’s point of view, Firecoin will probably still put more effort on Prime in the coming period, so expectation value is directly pulled full!

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