Hunan Provincial Museum is the first to release the digital collection of Zhenguan Zhibao together with AntChain

One side is ancient cultural relics, and the other is digital technology. When old art meets new technology, history and culture can be preserved and spread forever on mobile phones. …… The four digital collections designed from the treasure “T-shaped silk paintings” of the town hall of Hunan Provincial Museum will be officially released at 10 o’clock on September 30. Users can purchase, appreciate, and share.


The Hunan Provincial Museum has always been an innovative benchmark for building a smart museum. The cooperation with AntChain marks an attempt to develop a new form of cultural and museum digitalization, and it has also realized the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture based on digital technology. Not long ago, its first digital collection of four “Zhudi Painted Coffins” cultural relics went online and quickly sold out, setting off a new round of museum craze.


The Hunan Provincial Museum is the first batch of national first-class museums. It currently has a collection of more than 180,000 cultural relics, with the most distinctive cultural relics unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Tomb, Shang and Zhou bronzes, and Chu cultural relics. Zhudi painted coffins and T-shaped silk paintings are national treasures. The former is rich in decorative patterns and represents the super attainments of Chinese lacquerware craftsmanship. The latter is also called Mawangdui Han tomb silk paintings, which show the customs and brush painting level of Chu in the early Han Dynasty. The cultural and artistic development of Xiangchu more than 2000 years ago.

As a pioneer of industrial blockchain, AntChain provides credible and efficient technical solutions to the cultural and museum industry through blockchain, 3D rendering, IoT and other technologies, and jointly promotes the integration and innovation of digital technology and museums, which is a Chinese tradition. Cultural renewal injects the power of science and technology.

There are three phases of the digital collection of the Hunan Provincial Museum. Artists Chen Chao and Wu Daijie rely on physical cultural relics to create and design. Through the ant chain technology to confirm the rights, generate unique digital certificates to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of users in the links of purchase and collection. While effectively protecting the digital copyright of cultural relics, more traditional culture lovers can have digital collections that cannot be copied, preserved forever, and appreciated and shared at any time.

“Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound. With the help of digital technology, it can link people and culture more efficiently, spread it in a better way of experience, and let more young people know, like, and inherit it.” Chen Chao said.

Each museum is the precipitation and treasure of Chinese culture, and each piece of cultural relics splices the development history of human civilization. Today, these thousand-year cultural relics and their stories are not only kept in storage cabinets, they use technology to link the digital world, they are no longer restricted by time, space, restoration and other conditions, and they are completely commemorated and passed on with the help of the new carrier of digital collections.

“Chinese traditional culture needs protection, exploration, and interpretation and activation. We hope that AntChain technology can help traditional cultural symbols travel through time and space and gain more lasting vitality.” said Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group and President of Intelligent Technology Group.

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