Humans are by nature repeaters

In fact, the crypto world is also a big “meme”.

The crypto world feels like it’s in the darkest of times, even though we’re entering a summer.

In the last article I also expressed some concerns, and in addition to miners, there seems to be a lot of bad news, grayscale in this summer there are still a lot of shares to be unlocked, I do not know if there will be an impact on the market here, with the current situation there is still a possibility of selling on the part of the institutions, there was a statement that unlocking because many are borrowing arbitrage, need to buy to return the coins, but in fact in recent months the amount of unlocking is not too small, and the price has not so much performance.

The other is the cottage aspect, the wind vane Ether if continue down, there are still many on the chain to be liquidated, if these chips owners do not pay back in time to redeem, then it may also mean that some Ether need to be thrown to the market to avoid the risk of lenders.

There is also a slightly better news is that the micro-strategy and holdings, including wood sister is also increasing the shares of coinbase, for the micro-strategy I also feel a little bit of that, I do not know if he is really standing higher pattern bigger, or is also just a big leek, but this information actually we have discussed, big money and our ordinary users of the strategy is different, they are more In the interest of getting this part of the chips, as for is not the lowest point is not so important, and many times the bottom of the downturn time period buying and selling are very depressed, for the big investors is more difficult, so for this kind of news, may that do not have to overly despise, because we can not say what the future will be, also do not have to follow or as a basis, because the information resources and risk tolerance are not the same.

As for the next, here are some of my personal ideas, one is to slow down the pace, when the crowd is boiling, always let people become anxious to roar, every opportunity is not to be missed, a little late to get on the car, this thought is easy to form inertia to the time of the collapse, but also anxious to be afraid of late to catch the price of the chips. No need to rush, take your time, take your time to observe, the more the overall market is difficult, but also the more the time to test the success of each project, the tide recedes, to see what can be left after removing those speculative factors these applications.

Another is that now is also a time for review, think about the wave of gains and losses, if there is a loss of what is the reason, and whether to modify your positioning, like the sound of everyone is shouting HODL, that now you can see their own mentality in the end is not suitable for HODL.

Go to now especially these recent market changes, I have a great feeling is.

The nature of human beings is a repeater.

Perhaps the current situation, the eyes of the public will look like this.

Humans are by nature repeaters

But we all know how the psychological cycle of the market goes round and round.

Humans are by nature repeaters

Once we have how wild and happy, one day we will have more panic and more confusion, now may come to this day may not yet, but I think if you have felt the chill, may be the next spring and not so far away.

I also still overestimate the development of this circle, although the fundamentals of overseas is different from the past, although we also have some application development, but from the mature speaking investment logic speaking track speaking value of the financial circle is still very far, which may have to repeat many bubble cycle in the middle.

We may have to see the “demise” and “outbreak” of air like doge again and again, and see the announcement and the gathering and dissipation of popularity again and again.

But from a certain point of view, such a market is difficult to say, but easy to say that it is also easy to find a less easy to die, learn to control their emotions, and dance with the bubble between panic and greed.

Reference can be made to the article (today’s panic index is also 10).

Panic is still going on, is there any salvation for the cryptocurrency circle in the face of this “epic black swan”?


Human nature is a repeater, and I’m slowly learning to feel it and see through it.

The majority of people in human society are subordinate to the masses and are vacuous and ignorant, and the great men, idols and leaders are their “cool brothers”, and people keep repeating their quotes. The more you read, the more complex the culture will be, and the more cool powder, the more prosperous the culture will be. This theory is called “modal theory” in academic terms, and the English modal is called “meme”.

In fact, the crypto world is also a big “meme”.

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