HUAWEI CLOUD launches new blockchain cloud service and releases blockchain white paper

At the Huawei Full Connect 2021 ” Huawei Cloud Starts Application Modernization Journey and Realizes Application Agile Innovation ” forum, Huawei Cloud launched a new blockchain engine cloud service, and released the “Huawei Blockchain White Paper 2021”, showing the industry Its new capabilities and breakthroughs in the field of blockchain.

Huawei Cloud Blockchain “Dual Core” Development Strategy

According to the diversified development demands of the blockchain industry, Huawei Cloud blockchain services adopt a “dual-core” development strategy, providing Huawei Cloud blockchain engine and Hyperledger Fabric enhanced dual-core blockchain engine for users to choose from.

Huawei Cloud Blockchain Engine : After more than ten years of blockchain technology development, performance and scale are the main reasons why blockchain technology has not been able to be promoted on a large scale. Huawei’s self-developed blockchain architecture design refers to the industry’s mature blockchain technology framework, and combines Huawei’s advantages in hardware, network, and security. The performance and scale have been increased tenfold, the scale increased by a hundredfold, and security aspects have been improved. Based on TEE support, and pure software-level security and privacy protection. It is very friendly to government, financial, and enterprise-level customers with high requirements in terms of scale and performance. It also further provides a strong technical reserve for the national one chain, IoT and other comprehensive chains.

Hyperledger Fabric Enhanced Edition : Based on the open source blockchain Hyperledger framework, it is reinforced and optimized in terms of consensus algorithm, security encryption, reliability, etc. It is fully compatible with the community in terms of use, and provides a friendly way for POC testing and technical feasibility verification. choose.

HUAWEI CLOUD launches new blockchain cloud service and releases blockchain white paper

At this Huawei Full Connect 2021, Zhang Ping’an, Senior Vice President of Huawei, CEO of Huawei Cloud, and President of Consumer Cloud Services, released a new Huawei Cloud blockchain service, using a newly developed blockchain engine, single chain support per second 50,000 items of product information are uploaded to the chain at the same time, which is 10 times higher than before; 10,000 participants are supported, and the number of participants is increased by 100 times, meeting the requirements of high throughput and large-scale network scenarios. At the same time, it introduced the digital copyright DCI protection service based on the Huawei Cloud blockchain and the cross-border traceability service of the e-commerce full life cycle.

Under the “dual-core” development strategy, Huawei Cloud Blockchain Service BCS has the characteristics of high efficiency, security, ease of use, and openness:

Efficient and reliable

  • Support 50,000 TPS transaction performance, 10,000+ alliance node network; Nodes support cold storage capacity, save a lot of storage resources, and a hybrid storage engine based on distributed storage supports efficient storage and distribution;
  • Efficient execution of smart contracts, provide contract life cycle management, and focus more on application innovation and development;
  • Hybrid cloud, edge and other diverse deployment capabilities, to achieve cross-cloud disaster tolerance design, and fully meet the requirements of differentiated networking.

Safe and trustworthy

  • Provide full-stack security and trustworthy solutions; privacy isolation based on light nodes, BFT algorithm, national secret encryption algorithm, etc.;
  • It has patents and technology accumulation with independent intellectual property rights in consensus algorithms, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proof, carrier-grade cloud security, etc. It provides secure computing, trusted data sharing, distributed identity and other capabilities to improve the efficiency of multi-party trusted collaboration.

Cloud chain integration, easy to use

  • Provide unlimited and expandable infrastructure resources required by various blockchains, rich and diverse supporting cloud computing products, and customized industry solutions.
  • Support one-click creation of blockchain computing, storage, network resources, full life cycle network, organization, node management, resource monitoring, operation logs, alarm panoramic view; support visual smart contract management, online code editing, Go, Java and NodeJS Wait for multiple languages.

Cooperation open

  • Build enhanced capabilities based on mature communities in the industry, support friendly access, focus on the construction of the underlying blockchain technology and platform service capabilities, and work with partners in various industries to jointly create trusted blockchain solutions based on Huawei’s blockchain services. Ecological, and jointly promote the landing of the scene.
  • Supports cross-chain and cross-system mutual authentication and interoperability to ensure the consistency and atomicity of multiple chain transactions; supports IOT collaboration, cross-link interface easy adaptation, does not modify the original chain logic, and is friendly to heterogeneous systems.

At present, Huawei Cloud Blockchain has been applied in 400+ projects in multiple fields, helping companies build enterprise-level blockchain industry solutions and applications quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

In the wine field: Blockchain technology makes it possible to trace the authenticity of wine and reduce fraud. Served the wine supply chain of Mossel, based on the new blockchain of Huawei Cloud, supported the concurrent upload of 10W+ wine product information, and carried out cross-border traceability for the whole life cycle of red wine production, transshipment, inspection, customs clearance and other data to ensure the source of goods The authenticity of the product allows consumers to buy with confidence.

HUAWEI CLOUD launches new blockchain cloud service and releases blockchain white paper

In the field of digital copyright: With the rapid development of self-media, issues such as the reproducibility, ease of modification, and non-exclusiveness of digital content have led to the continuous occurrence of digital copyright infringements, and the rights of original authors have been severely challenged.

HUAWEI CLOUD blockchain supports HUAWEI terminals, and the joint regulatory authority has launched DCI digital copyright protection capabilities to help digital content creators to deposit and confirm their rights at the source of the creation of the work, and realize copyright protection as soon as the work is produced, and it can also be followed up. Realize the online authorization and rights protection of works, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of originals.

HUAWEI CLOUD launches new blockchain cloud service and releases blockchain white paper

In the field of intelligent construction: During the construction process, there are many problems such as the construction of participants, the difficulty of mutual recognition between all parties, and the fact that the authenticity of information is difficult to identify. Shenzhen Swell Technology builds an intelligent and credible engineering visa management platform based on the Huawei Cloud blockchain service, which integrates various information throughout the project construction process, and assists all construction participants in the management and control of cost, schedule, quality, and safety. , Carry out process management on contract performance, and ensure high-quality project delivery on schedule.

Blockchain is developing at an unprecedented speed and affecting our lives and work, changing the current business model. HUAWEI CLOUD Blockchain will always adhere to the open development perspective, aiming at the basic network facilities of credible transmission, realize the credible circulation of data and value in the digital network, and enable a value-based programmable society and a fully automated intelligent society develop.

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