Huang Renxun is about to build a “second earth”

“All the technologies we have invented so far are indispensable for the realization of the meta-universe. I can’t imagine a more magnificent and important use than this.”

At the CTG 2021 Autumn Conference, Huang Renxun once again “appeared” to show the outside world his obsession with the meta universe.

In the nearly two-hour keynote speech, Huang Renxun introduced Nvidia ‘s major plans and how these plans will affect the industry, creation, and even the world.

Huang Renxun said bluntly, “How to use Omniverse for simulation” is the theme throughout the article. The speech also contains the latest technologies in the fields of quantum computing, conversational AI and natural language processing, as well as new applications in the virtual world. Factories, cities, and entire regions build digital twins.

A few days ago, the market value of Nvidia rose to 700 billion US dollars, and for a semiconductor company that plays an important role in AI, intelligent driving and “meta universe”, Nvidia is full of confidence.

01NVIDIA Quantum2

At the GTC conference, NVIDIA updated many excellent new features and new platforms, NVIDIA Quantum-2 is one of them.

In order to solve the dilemma of long time-consuming manufacturing of quantum computers and lack of ultra-high-speed quantum simulators for verification, the cuQuantum DGX device created by Nvidia this time is equipped with an acceleration library for quantum computing workflow, which can use state vector and tensor network methods to Speed ​​up quantum circuit simulation.

Huang Renxun is about to build a "second earth"


The simulation that used to take several months can now be completed in just a few days. With cuQuantum on DGX, quantum computer and algorithm researchers can use the fastest quantum computer and algorithm researchers can use today’s fastest computer to invent the computer of the future. With a high bandwidth of 400Gbps, NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand doubles the network speed and triples the number of network ports. 3-fold performance improvement, demand for data center switch structure is reduced 6-fold, while reducing the number of data center power consumption, data center space occupied is reduced by 7%.

And NVIDIA Quantum-2 is by far the most advanced end-to-end network platform. It consists of Quantum-2 switch, ConnectX-7 network card, BlueField-3 DPU and a set of software for this new architecture. It is a 400gbps InfiniBand platform.

NVIDIA Quantum-2 is a network platform that integrates the performance of supercomputers and multi-tenant sharing of cloud computing. Its emergence enables supercomputers to have the original Yunsheng capabilities and will be better optimized.

02 update Omniverse

“It’s an understatement to say that the Internet has changed everything,” Huang Renxun said.

People have needed to connect to each other since ancient times. The essence of the Internet is the digital expression of the world, covering mainly 2D information such as text and pictures. With the emergence of modeling technology to create a new 3D world, the future may be completely different. The face.

When talking about the metaverse issue, Huang Renxun had some predictions about Omniverse: “In the future, there will be many designers and creators who will design digital things in virtual reality and Metaverse; then they will complete the design in the real world. Including products such as cars, bags, shoes, etc.” He believes that this will be a bigger market, a bigger field, and the world in Metaverse may be hundreds of times larger than the real world.

At this GTC conference, Huang Renxun still expressed the same view and gave specific examples.

Things that operate in Adobe will be connected to Autodesk through Omniverse, which enables designers to collaborate in a shared space. The changes made by a designer in a world will be updated to all associated designers in real time, essentially like a cloud shared document of 3D design. “Omniverse will completely change the way in which 40 million 3D designers work together.”

In addition, companies can build virtual factories in them and use virtual robots to operate. Virtual factories and robots are digital twins of their physical copies, while the physical products they produce may be copies of digital products.

Huang Renxun is about to build a "second earth"

BMW’s Virtual Factory|Nvidia

At the GTC conference in April this year, BMW showed people how to build a digital twin of the Regensburg plant. Now their virtual factory has expanded to three other factories with a total area of ​​10 million square meters. Omniverse can launch new simulation functions whenever and wherever BMW needs it, in order to make important decisions and introduce automated production processes to improve agility and optimize production efficiency.

In the keynote speech, Huang Renxun also updated four important functions of Omniverse, namely: Showroom, an Omniverse application containing demo and sample applications, showing the core technology; Farm, a system layer used to coordinate across multiple systems , Workstations, servers and virtualized batch job processing; Omniverse AR, which can stream graphics to mobile phones or AR glasses; Omniverse VR is Nvidia’s first full-frame interactive ray tracing VR.

03Create an avatar

After the “True and False Huang Renxun” incident caused intense discussion, Huang Renxun made a dialogue avatar called Toy-Me for himself this time.

Huang Renxun is about to build a "second earth"

Virtual Image Toy-Me | NVIDIA

Huang said: “You will see this avatar is based on the current language of the largest language training process to build the model, including the sound is synthesized using my own voice, you can see the fine based on real-time ray tracing beauties like.” Faced with issues such as climate change, astronomy, and biological protein, Toy-Me is fluent and fluent in action.

In addition to the avatar based on Huang Renxun, this time Huang Renxun also released the NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar platform, a platform that can generate artificial intelligence avatars.

Avatar is an interactive character developed by NVIDIA. It has the ability of ray tracing 3D graphics. It can keep watching people’s eyes when interacting with the outside world, communicate with people on a wide range of topics, and even judge the intention of the dialogue.

The Omniverse Avatar brings together Nvidia’s technologies in voice AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines and simulation technologies. The platform opens the door to the creation of artificial intelligence assistants that can help process billions of daily customer service interactions, including restaurant orders, bank transactions, appointments, etc., thereby bringing greater business opportunities and improving customer satisfaction.

04The second earth

Mention of Nvidia’s future focus mainly includes biosynthesis, climate prediction and other aspects closely related to the future of mankind.

“The future of drug development is to perform end-to-end computational modeling of disease pathways involving genes, drug-target interactions, and off-target interactions, with Million-X million-fold acceleration and machine learning for protein and chemical structure prediction. , And the integration of Physics-ML simulation methods, we are witnessing the dawn of the biological revolution.” Soon after the speech, Huang Renxun expressed his expectations for the future biological revolution.

As for climate science, predicting climate change in order to formulate environmental and adaptation strategies can be said to be one of the difficult problems to solve at present. It is not easy to model the physical properties of the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and waters, ice, land and human activities and their interactions. So far, people still cannot accurately predict the climate in a few decades.

However, long-term climate prediction is very necessary, and humans need to “take actions to mitigate and adapt before it is too late.” In NVIDIA’s plan, in the future, physical principles and data derived from principle models and observations may be used. The Physics-ML model can be optimized to be trained on multiple GPUs and multiple nodes to predict climate change and create in super real-time. The digital twin model of the earth may transmit its data to the meta-universe.

At the end of the speech, Huang Renxun said unhurriedly: “We still have an announcement to be released.”

Nvidia’s last supercomputer was named Cambridge-1, or C-1. Next, Nvidia will start to develop a new supercomputer “E-2”, or “Earth-two”, the second earth.

“All the technologies we have invented so far are indispensable for the realization of the meta-universe. I can’t imagine a more magnificent and important use than this.”

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