HSC All Things Growth Plan will empower HOO new application scenarios

Recently, Hoo Smart Chain (HSC), based on a new development direction, launched the Grant Plan – “All Things Growth Plan” to global decentralized application developers.

The new plan not only promotes the development of decentralized applications with incentive schemes, but also in-depth explores infinite possibilities including the visualized public chain ecology and the Metaverse public chain, and will also extend the application boundaries of HOO.

According to reports, the “All Things Growth Plan” is divided into four incentive parts, namely TVL (total lock-up value) reward plan, NFT and GameFi project transaction volume reward plan, cross-chain portal reward plan and HOO Token pledge bonus reward. 

Among them, the HOO Token pledge bonus reward is a reward mechanism specially established for the expansion of HOO scenarios, and this part of the reward has a wider scope.

The head of the HSC community said, “Whether it is in Ethereum, Heco, BNBchain, Solana or any other public chain, or any track such as DEX, lending, insurance, income aggregators, financial derivatives and NFTs, such as lending protocols Financial channels that support pledged HOO lending and income aggregators to increase HOO are also included.”


For example, if the TVL of a project reaches the level of 1 million USDT, and at the same time, more than 100,000 HOOs are also pledged in the project, then in addition to the TVL (total lock-up value) reward scheme, it can also obtain an additional 10% of the HOO pledged. bonus.

Today, HOO is not only the platform token of Hoofo Exchange, but also the native token of the HSC chain. In Hoofo Station, HOO already has many transaction-related application scenarios, including HOO holders can enjoy discounts on transaction fees, There is an opportunity to enjoy the increase in the investment limit of Hoo Labs, the ability to lend more than 20 encrypted assets by staking HOO, and the opportunity to enjoy the first airdrop of new HooPool projects, etc.

HSC’s “All Things Growth Plan” will continue to extend the use boundary of HOO, and also try to promote the circulation and application of HOO in more public chains and race tracks.

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