How will Web3 develop in the new year?

The term Web3 was born in 2014. At the beginning, it was used to describe a new type of protocol that achieves decentralized consensus. Today, it has become a general term for public chain ecology, applications and even design concepts.

While the concept of Web3 is sweeping most of the technology space in 2021, it has yet to mature and is currently defined by specific examples of platforms, products and services.

Many in the industry say that Web3 will experience considerable growth in 2022.

Today, researchers continue to take you to further understand Web3.

Features of Web3

Unified identity authentication system

There is only one identity for a user to log in to the Internet, and this unique identity of the user can be shared among various applications and systems.

Instead of being stuck on a single web platform, users can bring their data and interaction history together wherever they go.

Data confirmation and authorization

Return data ownership to users, allowing users to take control of their data and dispose of their digital assets.

Privacy Protection and Censorship Resistance

Web3 browsers have strong anti-tracking (tracking), anti-cookie and anti-ads (advertising) capabilities.

Browsing records and personal information are no longer owned by the platform, at least not by the platform alone, so users can decide for themselves whether or not to be tracked, and at what level.

New Internet Governance

Simply put, it is to perform a certain governance function through smart contracts commonly used in the blockchain environment. Customers can directly trade peer-to-peer without the credit endorsement of a large platform.

Advantages of Web3

Internet of Everything: Every device will be connected to the Internet, with a transparent and credible Internet economic model.

Stronger Connectivity: Leverage semantic metadata to provide stronger connectivity.

Peer-to-peer network: The decentralized network of Ethereum technology can protect user privacy and digital identity.

3D Graphics: Utilize virtual reality (VR) to present more realistic and natural images.

Semantic Web: Semantic analysis of intelligent networks to better understand information without relying on keyword tags.

Artificial Intelligence: Computers can understand information like humans.

How Web3 will evolve

“Last year was a big one for Web3 and its derivatives, and I expect this trend to continue into 2022,” said Ceesay, COO and co-founder of decentralized social marketplace Calaxy. community opportunities will grow exponentially, expanding the demographics covered by these sub-sectors.”

Ceesay added: “As a subset of Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse will appeal to audiences more than other elements of Web3. This is mainly because they can be intertwined with the social and experiential offerings offered by content creators, brands, etc. DeFi And the development of The DAO will provide the necessary discussion space for core crypto users to unite and work together to overcome the challenges that individuals often face in the traditional financial world.”

Given that Web3 is generally about decentralized power and governance over a community platform or application, other industry players believe that Web3 will be a big driver for community-driven brands and companies with a culture of innovation and creativity.

Adam Soffer, founder of Web3 Index, said: “Brands that stay close to their customers will see great results from the Web3 project.”

For Solo Ceesay, content creators will lead the development and growth of Web3, including writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creatives.

He said: “Content creators will continue to be the pioneers of Web3, considering that these ideas have been discussed in the community, such as ownership and monetization, are some of the biggest issues facing influential figures in the field right now. Web3 technology provides A solution that allows for a more direct and efficient transfer of value between fans and content creators — a far cry from the shackles that centralized parties have placed on this transfer of value in Web2.”

Amid the continuum of content creation, social media for sharing content will be another ripe area for Web3, according to BitTorrent (BTT) CEO Steve Liu, who said: “Web3’s next hot field of competition will include lucrative Social media, which is increasingly dominated by a handful of centralized platforms.”

In fact, the purpose of Web3 is not to replace the current tech giants, it is more of a social movement that is moving from arbitrary power to a more rational model of freedom.

In the future, Web3 may take us in multiple directions, changing industries, improving access to information, and even lowering barriers to entry for new businesses. And now, we need to do more for these possibilities.

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