How will the Metaverse change everyone’s lifestyle?

The crypto world is changing the way people around the world create value. Players in Southeast Asia make a living through the “play to earn” blockchain game. Artists also have a new way to make money, SnoopDogg is hosting a virtual party. Simply put, the meta universe is a digital world where everything is possible .

Companies like Facebook also want to participate. The social media giant is investing $50 million in its meta universe project called “XR Project and Research Fund.” Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Brands, revealed in an interview with Business Insider, “What Facebook’s project lacks is blockchain technology. It seems that none of the partners and institutions closely related to him have any cooperation with blockchain technology. Data rights are closely related .”

However, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is working on what is needed to solve this problem. It has launched its own stablecoin Diem, Novi digital wallet, and closely related NFTs.

For those who do not trust Facebook, the good news is that Facebook is not the only company that wants to launch a “meta universe”, even though Facebook is by far the largest company in this field. Other projects such as Decentraland , Somnium Space and The Sandbox have been in this field for a long time.

Many experts believe that the metaverse will not only affect our work and daily life, but will have a fundamental impact on the entire society .

Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, revealed in an interview with “Business Insider” that “Meta Universe is like a digital country, a brand new civilization.”

YatSiu, the co-founder and chairman of the Amoka brand, told Business Insider in a statement: “This pronoun is like a digital country, or even a brand new civilization.” According to Eric Elliot, co-founder of DevAnywhere It is said that the meta universe may develop into a globalized entity, and the value it generates may be 10 times the value of the current world economy .

Let’s take a look at 11 ways that Metaverse may change lives in the future:

Users will not be accidentally photographed in the event of embarrassment

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

During the epidemic, a reporter was accidentally photographed by the camera without wearing pants during the interview. However, in a virtual world, you can create a “fully armed” avatar to reduce the probability of such an accident.

Horizon Workrooms, created by Facebook based on VR technology, is a virtual meeting space specially designed for telecommuting personnel. It is an example of virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) beyond physical space. Its goal is to create an immersive digital environment where people’s avatars can communicate with each other, enhance the functions that people want to actually use, and ultimately reduce the company’s rent to zero .

We have seen changes in related fields during the epidemic. Many companies that have established digital infrastructure have also made better profits when their employees work from home. 

“Family Education” may have a whole new meaning

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Another major change during the epidemic is education. As schools around the world closed their doors during the lockdown period, they even allowed students to study at home in order to reduce the risk of the spread of infection.

This has forced schools and the entire education community to propose new methods of communication, collaboration and evaluation. The number of tools needed to maintain productivity has skyrocketed.

Just like the sense of immersion in the workplace in the meta universe, the classroom can also be transformed. It may have more social interaction, eliminate the gloomy faces seen in video calls, and the learning process can even be gamified .

Just as DeFi will disrupt the current international currency balance, Lee Kuan Yew of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) believes that universities with the best digital infrastructure and Internet-savvy human resources will become the new top universities.

“Play to earn”

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Games like Roblox and Minecraft have allowed users to spend hundreds of hours designing elements to create a world suitable for them to play. At the same time, casual games on mobile phones have become more mainstream, and games like Ludo have filled up fragmented time. Users spend several hours playing Candy Saga, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Clan Wars on their phones.

Although they have earned a certain token in the game, they usually cannot be exchanged for legal tender, nor can they be consumed outside of the game. The concept of “Play to earn” aims to change this situation . Players in Southeast Asia have already benefited from platforms like Axie Infinity, and they use their rewards to supplement their income. Even games like MIR 4 that have received a lot of negative reviews have seen users flock to their platforms to seek opportunities to acquire Crypto.

Projects such as Sandbox and Decentraland built on the blockchain allow users to create their own NFTs and sell them to other users. Since these transactions are done using Ethereum , profits can be exchanged for fiat currency used in the real world, or exchanged for another type of Crypto

Online Shopping

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Online shopping is already quite convenient. Brands like Amazon and Flipkart provide fast delivery and a variety of brands to choose from. However, there are still some issues that need to be resolved, such as the exact size, glitches in the refund process, and what a particular item looks like in real life , especially when buying clothes.

Today, Lenskart, an e-commerce company that sells glasses in India, has taken virtual try-on measures, using cameras to show how different glasses frames look on your face. However, taking a closer look, you are not just buying things for yourself, new concepts of virtual fashion and avatar skin will appear, replaced by fashion companies and brands that may only exist on the Internet.

As people’s working hours change, try-on in a virtual environment may become more important , and your avatar may choose the right tie for you in the meta-universe.

Travel and tourism

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Travel was restricted last year, and VR tourism in ancient Greece and Egypt became very popular. The developer plans to immerse visitors and recreate events such as the American Civil War. You can cross borders without leaving your home, and you can set back time .

There are also some travel meta-universe apps that plan to use MR technology to guide drivers, provide more information about scenic spots, and gather travel strategies together for a more enjoyable experience . For example, people who visit a museum can automatically receive more background and information about the exhibits they see.

In addition, because the office uses the meta-universe just mentioned above for collaboration, there is no need to travel long distances, which saves budget and fuel. For students who want to study at an international university, the cost will be greatly reduced as the demand for accommodation and travel decreases.

Online parties and concerts

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Houseparty, Netflix Party, Eventbrite, and Instagram have all introduced a series of new features that allow users to have more video interactions during the epidemic. This is only part of the few apps that try to change the way people gather at home.

In many ways, this is much easier than attending a party in real life. However, it does lack the “look and feel” of a real life party. The meta universe is looking for a way to bridge this gap . Projects like Sandbox, built on the Ethereum blockchain, allow users to buy land, build real estate, and host any event they want. The rapper SnoopDogg even rebuilt his mansion in “Sandbox” and offered VIP tickets to users for them to attend his concerts.

The land in the meta universe has been sold for millions of dollars.

Own online digital property

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

In real life, art and land have always attracted investors. So would you be surprised to hear the news of the establishment of real estate on virtual land in the network?

As more and more people set foot in the meta-universe, at least some people have understood the value of “land” in the meta-universe. Land has a certain value as an NFT, and investors have placed bets on projects such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels .

Adventure in the meta universe

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Unless it’s James Bond, real life is not exciting enough. Otherwise, how can you explain that some people will endlessly pursue excitement, visit some theme parks, participate in adventurous activities such as skydiving.

With the advancement of VR technology, even those of us who are not billionaires can experience the same exciting activities . For example, ten friends who are far apart can participate in activities such as kayaking, racing, mountain climbing, parachuting, roller coaster rides, and even space travel.

Some gamers have already tasted how interesting it can be. Like Second Life, EVE Online, Minecraft, Minecraft has already allowed users to experience that a completely virtual world can replicate the real world, and has social functions and economies of scale.

Change the way we interact with computers

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

Just as touch screens have been around for decades before entering the mass market through the iPhone, bringing great changes to daily life. If any form of VR hardware becomes more popular after the “meta universe”, we will find that moving a finger in the air to manipulate a computer will become very common.

These are all linked to DeFi

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

There may not be a formal banking sector in the world of Metaverse. But solutions like DeFi are emerging. This is the way to buy NFTs and digital assets, sell tickets, exchange tokens, and generate other transactions .

If traditional banks continue to pay little attention to this aspect, the momentum of people living in the meta universe will increase, and DeFi will explode in accordance with the exponential increase in the number of transactions. So far, each Metaverse platform has tried to use different encrypted tokens. Facebook’s meta-universe may revolve around its stable coin Diem.

Meta universe will change the technology you buy

How will the Metaverse change everyone's lifestyle?

The meta universe is diverse, and its applications are also diverse. Just like someone who owns a personal computer buys a keyboard and mouse to go home, the integration of Metaverse into our lives may change the technology we need to survive in the digital world .

App can get the functions of Metaverse by using a simple camera, such as the camera built into any laptop or mobile phone. This will enable them to run in MR mode, which means that your screen displays the real world seen by the camera , but there is a translucent layer on it, provided by the App, just like the user interface of Pokemon GO.

The more ambitious and comprehensive Meta Universe App uses VR headsets instead of headset companies like Oculus. Conversely, the smooth operation of a VR headset requires a high-end mobile phone, or a powerful laptop or desktop computer, with a good graphics card and processor. VR headsets are not convenient to use when they are on the move, but it is a boon for companies that want employees to work from home. It provides an immersive experience.

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