How was the Metaverse played by Nvidia Huang Renxun shaped by NFT?

Meta Universe is an immersive virtual space in which users can conduct social, creative, entertainment and other activities. Its core architecture is to carry virtual identities and virtual assets, and NFT can also be used in Meta Universe. Digital identity, creative content, and the right to confirm items. From the perspective of “identity, diversification, economic system, and civilization”, how does NFT empower the meta universe?

“First to the egg!” The release of Spielberg’s “Number One Player” presents a huge and real virtual world for countless movie fans and game fans. In this virtual world, people have a unique and personalized avatar corresponding to the real world, and can map their lives into it. People call it “Metaverse”.

Today, the concept of Metaverse has broken the circle and has been mentioned many times by the world’s top company leaders. Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun even used a 14-second digital double at the GTC online summit to show the fantasy virtual reality brought by NVIDIA Omniverse technology. world. In addition to technology and infrastructure, we also cannot ignore the role of NFT in it. It is precisely with the development of NFT and people’s deeper understanding of it that the concept of meta-universe is more clearly revealed to us.

How does NFT empower the meta universe?

Meta Universe is an immersive virtual space in which users can engage in social, creative, and entertainment activities. Its core structure is to carry virtual identities and virtual assets. Based on the virtual world, unlimited users can freely create and communicate. Under ideal conditions, the meta-universe will realize the mapping and interaction between the real world and the digital world. At the same time, it will have a mature and self-consistent economic system and operate in a decentralized manner.

Roblox is a company registered on the NYSE with the concept of Meta Universe. It is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform with the creation of mini-games as its core. It can be seen in their prospectus that they have defined eight elements for Metaverse: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, everywhere, economic system and civilization.

The author believes that “identity, diversity, economic system, and civilization” among the eight elements require data processing and interaction. And each non-homogeneous token NFT can correspond to a unique thing, through NFT users can truly enjoy the unique digital ownership of Web3.0. Moreover, users can trade based on unique and scarce NFT value anchors. Therefore, NFT can also be used to confirm digital identities, creative content, and property rights in the meta-universe.

  • How does NFT complete identity authentication?


A line in “Top Player” mentioned, “People come to the Oasis to do what they want, but they can become whatever is the reason they stay.” There will always be one or more mappings of the user’s actual identity in the metaverse, which is the user’s virtual identity.

In the Web2.0 era, user identity information is kept and stored by a third-party centralized organization. Although there are drawbacks, the centralized organization can keep the user’s identity information well under normal circumstances and can authenticate the user at any time. . However, users need to consider two risks, that is, the centralized platform can delete the user’s account information at any time under the premise that the user violates the rules, and the centralized platform faces the risk of shutting down at any time.

In the Web3.0 era based on Metaverse, more attention is paid to the user’s personal data sovereignty—information data will be kept by the user, and users can freely shuttle through the various parallel universes of the Metaverse through their own identity information. The nature of NFT determines that it can be used as a target for user identity information to complete identity authentication to prevent it from being stolen or forged.

  • NFT confirmation of diversified content


If Metaverse hopes to diversify its content and expand infinitely to more fields in order to create a richer parallel universe, the means of NFTization of virtual content is indispensable.

For example, a piece of land on the Sandbox. Sandbox is a sandbox game. Through the three components of Voxel editor software Voxedit, Market and Game Maker, users can create 3D objects in the land of Sandbox and set animations for them. At the same time, users can use visual scripts to create games. .

Each piece of land in the Sandbox corresponds to an NFT. NFT guarantees the most basic right of the owner of each piece of land in the game to create and modify the land-NFT gives users the right to freely create content. This is also the basis of the diversified meta-universe.

  • An economic system that anchors value with NFT


If only homogenized tokens are used to construct the economic system of the meta-universe, then we should think about where the anchor point of the value of the content creator’s work in the meta-universe is, whether it is the value of the content of the work, or the number of homogenized tokens .

Essentially, the transaction of the meta universe consists of bartering things. With transactions, there will be commerce. Business is the process of seeking truth and establishing mutual trust. The various economic transactions in it will eventually form the economic system of Metaverse, providing a fair economic system for all users in Metaverse. Among them, turning the original content NFT in the meta universe into value anchors based on unique scarcity can demonstrate the economic value of the creator. And the influx of countless creators will become building blocks, expanding the volume and influence of the meta-universe to which they belong.

  • Virtual civilization based on NFT


Civilization is actually a very large topic. We can look at the significance of NFT for the establishment of civilization from the “Omniverse” in the eyes of Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun. Omniverse is an enterprise-oriented real-time simulation and collaboration platform launched by NVIDIA in April this year. It is called the “engineer’s meta-universe”.

Regarding the future of Omniverse, Huang Renxun put forward some ideas: “In the future, there will be many designers and creators designing digital things in virtual reality and Metaverse; then they will complete the design in the real world, including cars, bags, shoes, etc. Wait for the product. I believe this will be a bigger market and a bigger field. Maybe the world in Metaverse will be hundreds of times larger than our real world.”

It is foreseeable that most of the content presented in the original meta-universe is still a mapping of the real world. On this basis, the creators of the meta universe can expand the boundaries of the meta universe by creating content and other methods. In addition to the NFT content created by content creators, some of the more intuitive and closer to reality in the meta-universe need to be confirmed by NFT.

In real life, we only need to show proof of purchase, or simply hold the item in our hands to show the outside world our ownership of the item, but in the virtual world, if you need to prove that the hat on your head belongs to yourself , It requires an indivisible and non-copyable NFT to confirm the ownership.

Civilization is the sum of the humanistic spirit, inventions and creations accumulated in human history that are conducive to understanding and adapting to the objective world, conforming to the pursuit of human spirit, and that can be recognized and accepted by the overwhelming majority of people. And it is the ownership of each item and content, and the resonance of each individual user, which together shape the civilization of the virtual world.

Former universe

With the development of the industry and the entry of top traditional companies such as Facebook, Tencent, Nvidia, Bytedance, and NetEase, the concept of meta universe has become more and more popular.

Facebook started to deploy Metaverse seven years ago and invested US$2 billion to acquire the VR company Oculus VR . At the same time, in the recent Facebook earnings conference call, Zuckerberg mentioned that “Metaverse is indeed a heavy investment project. The unit is one billion (US dollars)” . Tencent participated in the G round of financing of Roblox, the meta-universe platform mentioned above . In addition, Epic , another company in which Tencent is a shareholder, received US$1 billion in financing in April this year for the development of Metaverse-related matters . Epic is a video game and software development company, and the famous Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine) is from it.

A steady stream of capital is entering the market.

Behind the favor of Metaverse, NFT is inseparable from its underlying architecture.

However, it should be noted that because the meta-universe world is complex enough, our current technology and infrastructure are difficult to meet the large-scale or even unlimited number of users entering the virtual world, so that in the future, the meta-universe will often only be conceptualized. And incomplete forms appear.

In addition to the lack of technology and infrastructure, what the metaverse needs to carry is a huge virtual civilization. At that time, the information and data that the network needs to process is massive-how to use artificial intelligence to sort and sort the data and complete instant interactive communication is a difficult problem.

In this regard, Facebook Zuckerberg is also quite a headache, “Because the information carried by the meta-universe in the future will be much more than the information in the online world today, in terms of content review, (Facebook) will face more difficult issues than today. Challenge.” To this end, Facebook has hired a large number of content reviewers.

In CT Chinese’s June article ” Meta Universe + Blockchain, Will It be the Ultimate Form of the Internet?” ” Meta universe is a new world that carries many ideal realization methods of technology, including 5G, VR, AR, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.” It is mentioned in In the early stage, almost all the agreements on the market that can present us the idea of ​​the meta-universe are rough.

However, this does not limit our love for the meta-universe.

Including actively constructing their own collection gallery, creating top-level electronic music scenes, etc., everyone is enjoying the fun that Metaverse brings us. Because in essence, the core of the meta-universe is not a highly simulated world, it is more like an extension of our neural world-enjoying instant and fast social experience. NFT, as the underlying structure of Metaverse, will be the key to the future development of Metaverse.


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