How top NFT creators can make “good” NFT art

It’s often said that good art is subjective, but the same can be said for NFTs – digital creations are undoubtedly artistic, but also products, designed to make money for their creators?

While beauty is in the eyes of onlookers, top collections and studios follow a few principles to ensure their projects thrive.

Consistent design

As NFTs have become more mainstream, dozens of types, cases, and styles have emerged. Such as collectibles, art NFTs, in-game assets, virtual world lands, and various utilities. The endless possibilities and sheer output of the project mean that those with unique, consistent artistic themes stand out.

For PFP projects, a consistent design with repeating themes and overarching themes is a top priority. For example, here are the current 3 top collectibles how to solve this problem.

How top NFT creators can make "good" NFT art

  • CryptoPunks’ counterjudgment. Taking the dystopian spirit as the main theme, the harvest is a group of people with the same spiritual appeal.
  • BAYC’s misanthropy. It is inspired by an ape who is tired of life but has all the money and time in the world. It is possible to find one’s own image in the body of a bored ape, and the expression of this artistic image is particularly in line with the sense of human identity.

How top NFT creators can make "good" NFT art

  • The delight of Doodles. In stark contrast to many top collections, the designs of these NFTs look non-offensive and look pleasant. Especially for women, there is a natural advantage in transmissibility.

How top NFT creators can make "good" NFT art

Consistent design goes beyond the avatar itself and must also be reflected in the project’s messaging, tasks, and website.

Website design

While not as important as the design of NFTs themselves, it does herald the overall capabilities of the team behind the project. GameFi game project Illuvium, for example, which combines sci-fi elements with 3D models for publicity, has attracted many players — locking up their equity assets even before it launches any games or in-game NFTs.

The following summarizes the characteristics of the official website design of 5 projects:

  • CryptoPunks: ancient, plain and comprehensive
  • BAYC: Club-style website, typical, more comprehensive
  • Azuki: The most thoughtful, full-fledged and rational product design
  • Meebits: Pixel style, more comprehensive
  • Art Blocks: A collection of artworks, represented by special genres

On-chain mechanism

Unlike paintings, NFTs are interactive, living objects that can be incorporated into secondary projects, with fees and their own ecosystem mechanisms. Therefore, the blockchain on which the project is located is crucial-—— the most active chain of NFTs is Ethereum. Projects on BNB Chain, Solana or Polygon (the second largest chain of NFTs) will have different logics, and there will be different trading methods for buyers and sellers to pay currency.

In addition to this, the number of NFTs collected is also critical. At present, everyone’s motivation to buy NFT is to invest, buy low and sell high. This means that the creator must make everyone feel that the NFT he designed is promising and appreciating value, otherwise people will not come to Mint, buy and sell.

Design rules also include:

  • How much is the pricing
  • Selling methods
  • Top secondary market pending orders and in what form of auction
  • Charges
  • Incentives

NFT rarity design

Supply and demand are core principles of economics. Therefore, the rarity of artificial designs and the number of productions affect the price of non-traditional cultural artefacts.

While the value of an NFT artwork is often determined by a variety of factors, liquidity premiums and rarities are quantifiable. The rarity of NF T affects the price of NFTs, which is why NFTs of the same project can be sold for very different prices.

Social media activity

While this may not seem to be related to the quality of the artwork, NFT projects are our lives, community-driven efforts, and iterative. For example, a branch series like BACC.

Active social media accounts allow teams to validate their art and ideas, as well as get first-hand information about what their community likes. For example, the team will synchronize the content of their projects on social media such as Discord and Twitter, and interact with industry platforms and users.

brief summary

With the endless possibilities in the NFT space, only good-looking projects can thrive. But what is “aesthetic” according to personal preferences? While there is no right or wrong, there are several principles that guide top projects to make the art of “good”.

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