How to solve cross-chain delay problem by AnySwap?

For possible cross-chain delay problem, users can solve it through AnySwap network. is a multichain cross-chain platform developed by the AnySwap team and Andre Cronje, founder of (YFI), based on the AnySwap SMPC Network. Relying on the AnySwap cross-chain bridge, provides users with the channel and technology to exchange any two assets directly between different DeFi ecosystems.

Currently, is running on more than 10 mainstream platforms such as ETH, BSC, Fusion, Fantom, HECO, Polygon, Avalanche, xDAI, etc. It supports 295 digital assets, has 30 nodes, and locks total assets of about USD 300 million.

How to solve cross-chain delay problem by AnySwap?

Asset cross-chaining via, various instability factors can cause delays in the process of individual asset cross-chaining. For example, recently, the AnySwap team found that UNISTAKE users experienced delays in arrival when cross-chaining UNISTAKE from ETH to BSC via, with individual users even experiencing delays of 24 hours.

UNISTAKE is a digital asset supported by Through, users can realize the cross-chain of UNISTAKE between ETH and BSC as well as ETH and xDAI ecologies, enhancing users’ trading experience and UNISTAKE’s liquidity.

How to solve cross-chain delay problem by AnySwap?

For the possible cross-chain delay problem, users can follow the following actions through AnySwap network to solve it. Let’s still take UNISTAKE cross-chaining from ETH to BSC as an example.

Open the AnySwap web browser:

Click on the “Tools” tab.

In the “Tx Hash” field, enter the transaction ID.

Click on the “Token” drop-down list and select UNISTAKE.

Click on the “From Chain” drop-down list and select Ethereum;

Click on the “To Chain” drop-down menu and select BSC;

Finally, click the “Send” button.

How to solve cross-chain delay problem by AnySwap?

The above operation is also applicable to the cross-chain delay of other assets appearing in, users only need to fill in the correct content according to their actual transactions.

AnySwap and will not only exchange digital assets across different chains, but also exchange different kinds of digital assets between the ecologies built on different chains. AnySwap will continue to build a global unified digital asset marketplace by bridging the barriers between different blockchains, bringing more liquidity and richness to the entire blockchain digital asset market.

About AnySwap:

AnySwap is a decentralized cross-chain protocol based on SMPC secure multi-party computing + TSS threshold signature technology, which allows digital assets from any mainstream ecosystem around the world to be directly exchanged for any kind of digital assets from other ecosystems without the need to intermediate through other tools or channels. The AnySwap team has already broken through the SMPC secure multi-party computation + TSS threshold signature technology based on ECDSA, EDDSA and SM2 cryptographic algorithms, and completed its rapid engineering implementation, making the AnySwap cross-chain bridge able to cover almost all kinds of digital assets at present.


Unistake is a decentralized token protocol designed to empower DEFI projects and incentivize liquidity providers by issuing dividends, liquidity mining, and periodic bonuses.

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