How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

How to bring Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Two of the hottest projects in the NFT space recently are Cryptopunks, which has been selling for a lot of money, and Meebits, a newcomer that has the same creator in common – Larva labs.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

The emergence of Cryptopunks has led to the ERC721 token standard, which has now been recognized by the market for its collector value, so what makes Meebits sell for a sky-high price?

It is said that Larva labs is trying to explore the metaverse (Metaverse) concept that started to go hot recently through Meebits.

In this guide, we will show you how to convert Meebit to VRM format (which is the best open standard for avatars), and then you can introduce it to Webaverse and many other metaverse platforms.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Magicavoxel: https: //

Unity: It is recommended to get the version used by VRChat:

UniVRM: https: //

Convert Vox files
Download 3D Voxel model file (T-pose) from Meebit page

Open the vox file in Magicavoxel for conversion

a. Use the folder icon to open the T-pose vox file

b. Click Export and select the object option to save

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Assembly in Mixamo
Next, we need to add the skeleton controller (skeleton rig) so that our model can have a skeleton. The easiest way to do this is through Mixamo, a free service provided by Adobe.

Compress the obj, mtl, and png texture files exported from Magicavoxel together and upload the compressed files to for assembly (rig).

Set a similar position with “No Fingers” and click Next. The automatic assembler will take care of the rest of the work.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Upload the zip file containing the obj file to mixamo, add the points, and set No Fingers at the bottom

Now, just download the generated file using the default settings: FBX Binary in T-pose.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Download the model without changing the default settings after assembling the model

Convert to VRM
Download the latest UniVRM-0.xx.unitypackage version of UniVRM:

Create a new project in Unity. I recommend downloading Unity Hub to keep everything in order.

On the top menu bar, click Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package… , then Import UniVRM unitypackage.

Import the FBX file from Mixamo into the project by dragging and dropping it into the Assets folder on the bottom panel.

Click on the FBX model, go to Inspector -> Rig on the right side, then select Humanoid as the “Animation Type” and “Apply”.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Click the model in the Unity Assets panel, then go to inspector to set the humanoid animation type

  1. Drag the avatar file into the Hierarchy, making sure it is scaled correctly. Select the avatar in the Hierarchy, then go to VRM0 and click Export.
How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Highlight the meebit in the Hierarchy hierarchy, and then “Export UniVRM” using the name, version and author

  1. Enter the title, version and author of the VRM. This information, along with role-based permissions, will be encoded as metadata in the VRM file. Click “Export” when you’re done!

VRM Applications
You can use VRM files in many great applications, here are a few examples.

  1. Webaverse
    Webaverse is a virtual world composed of NFTs, and it is currently in the early access stage. To use your Meebit as an avatar, just talk to the project in Discord and they will tell you how to take the next step.
How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Taking my Meebit around the Webaverse world with full IK and VR support in the browser!

  1. VMagicMirror

VMagicMirror is an open source vtuber software, you can use it without webcam.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Use your Meebit with vtuber software, it looks cool.

  1. VRoid Hub
    Link: https: //

VRoid Hub is the largest repository of VRM files on the Internet. There is a WebXR viewer to view your avatars in AR and VR, and an SDK integrated with many apps that automatically imports VRoid hub avatars into the program.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Uploading Meebit to the VRoid Hub will allow any application using the VRoid SDK to access it.

  1. VRAST!

VRAST! is a standalone fighting game that integrates with the VRoid Hub SDK in order to import custom fighters.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

In this indie fighting game, you can use Meebit to fight other VRM characters!


Cratopia is inspired by a mashup of many different games, such as Zelda BOTW, Pokemon, Fortnite, Tony Haw Pro Skater 2, and more.

This game supports multiplayer mode.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Advanced Play: Adding Mouths
Prep tools


Here are some instructions on how to add a mouth to your Meebit avatar.

Import the assembled Meebit FBX model into Blender and add the CATS blender plugin as an add-on.

Create a cube, change the background color to black, and add a mouth to the Meebit’s face.

Connect the Meebit villain body to the mouth (ctrl + j).

Go into edit mode and select the mouth so that it is fully highlighted. On the right side of the Object Data Properties, go to “Vertex Groups”, select “Head”, and click on “assign”. assign”.

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Now exit edit mode, go back to object mode and add 4 Shape Keys. rename the keys as follows

Key 1 -> AA

Key 2 -> OH

Key 3 -> CH

How to introduce Meebits into the Metaverse (Metaverse)

Make AA, OH, CHC sound like IRL and write down your own mouth shape. Edit the mouth shape to match each sound.

Go to the CATS Blender plugin and open the “Visemes” tab. Make this menu wide and change the 3 default Visemes to match the name of the Shape Key you just set.

Click Create Visemes to generate the rest of the Visemes set. When you’re done, you’re ready to export!

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