How to have an exclusive collection of NFT in an era when all data can be copied?

Recently, the news of Tencent’s launch of the NFT trading app has aroused widespread concern among NFT collectors. It is worth noting that Tencent is not the first Internet giant to set foot in NFT. As early as June of this year, Alipay launched the payment code NFT skin based on AntChain, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The NFT, which sold for only 9.9 yuan, was sold at Xianyu at a high price of several thousand yuan by collectors.

The collection market is always frantic and boiling. Investors, collectors and literati have always spared no effort to buy high-priced collections. In May of this year, the first NFT space art work of “Xu Bing Tian Book Number” released on the iBox platform was sold at a final price of RMB 2 million, setting a record for the highest unit price in a digital collection in China. After traditional Internet companies have successively entered the NFT, NFT has become more and more important to people. This new thing is redefining the concept of “collection”.

How does NFT redefine “collection”?

The emergence of NFT challenges people’s nerves. With his innovative proof of ownership, he created the potential to change the art world. The value of artwork comes from the spiritual enjoyment of artistic aesthetics, and the carrier is only the material means or media system through which the artist conveys the aesthetic image. With the advancement of technology, the emergence of new artificial carriers has enriched the means for people to master the world in an artistic way.

In the period when creation relied more on natural carriers, the creative language was correspondingly poor, and the emergence of artificial carriers greatly enriched the artistic language. For example, artificial pigments can express colors more abundantly and more delicately. In this sense, the emergence of NFT is a breakthrough and a revolution.

The changes brought about by NFTs are not limited to creation. Being part of the NFT wave can also stimulate the circulation of art. The emergence of NFT is changing the art ecology and to a certain extent challenges the agency relationship between galleries and artists. It also allows buyers to skip galleries and middlemen to buy on trading platforms, and get rid of opacity issues.

In the traditional art market, the primary market (galleries) and the secondary market (auction houses) control most of the circulation of art. NFT is decentralized, which challenges the agency relationship between galleries and artists to a certain extent. It also allows buyers to skip galleries and middlemen to buy on trading platforms, and get rid of opacity issues. “The decentralization advocated by NFT does not exist in the traditional art market where you must be a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and your work is selected by a gallery to make a living from your work. Instead, every creator can make a living on his own talents. Money.” Some collectors explained this to Lu Dong.

Decentralization does not mean that there is no threshold. More precisely, NFT decentralizes the pricing power of collections. No one has the power to determine the value of a work by his own preferences and cognition. Collection should be based on one’s own cognition, understanding of the work, and the opinions generated after communicating with the artist. When NFT art appeared, the spontaneous generation of decentralized works of art brought real subjectivity to creators and works.

Take interest collections as an example. On July 30, a small yellow duck blind box was launched on the iBox platform. This blind box is issued by the famous Pancoat company authorized by the industry’s well-known game MEGA HEROES. The first 1996 blind box is available for sale immediately. The SSR yellow duck has a premium of more than 10,000 yuan in the trading market, which is more than 100 times the issue price. .

Technological neutrality: people’s misunderstanding of NFT needs to be clarified

NFT works, as works using NFT blockchain technology, generate a unique code on the chain that cannot be tampered with for digital works to ensure their uniqueness and authenticity. Technology itself is neutral and has no clear value orientation. However, many people use NFT as a proxy for a certain type of virtual currency, which is misleading.

It should be noted that the NFT itself is not the object of the transaction. The digital commodity that achieves the above functions through the NFT technology is the object of the transaction, and the corresponding value is also realized by the digital commodity. NFT is a non-homogeneous electronic voucher that records the content of digital works rights and historical transaction circulation information. NFT is unique and indivisible, and it is not issued for the purpose of financing.

The collections traded through NFT are first based on the displayed collection behavior, which provides users with social value. When people reached a consensus on the value of collections, collectors’ cognition was not limited to collections, but also other collectors who collected similar collections. Therefore, the market price reflects the value consensus of the group, not the value cognition of an individual. Collectors of artworks, interest collections, multimedia works and other things will form a community consensus for reasons such as the stories behind them, emotions, narratives, and community recognition or resonance. The emergence of NFT allows this kind of community consensus to be maintained at the lowest cost. NFT is entitled, unique, and indivisible. It is not only a collection, but also a carrier of consensus.

Take iBox as an example. The platform has been committed to giving digital collections more social value. This direction may bring new imagination to digital collections. iBox has collaborated with many well-known artists to distribute its NFT works. Compared with physical collections, this collection can maintain the common value of fans and provide social value for collectors at the same time.

At present, as a new field, NFT needs to be known and recognized by more people. As a new creative medium, NFT can not only empower creation. Based on its immutability, NFT is the best solution for copyright protection of digital works. It allows ip to truly control the right to speak.

Take movie peripherals as an example. Previously, the development of movie peripherals was often restricted by many factors, such as a long cycle, uncertain product quality control, and low collection value, while NFT collections did not. The NFT platform iBox and the producer of the movie “Dynasty Warriors” jointly released the first domestic movie NFT series. The series of NFT works involve 30 different forms of props and posters in the movie “Dynasty Warriors”, including stills and costumes of characters played by Gu Li Nazha, Louis Koo, Carina Lau, Wang Kai, Han Geng, etc. , Is the first attempt of cooperation between the domestic digital collection e-commerce platform and the head movie IP. Derivatives around the film also combine the reproduction and re-engraving of classic scenes, and with the blessings of many first-line movie stars, the entire set of NFT works are highly enjoyable.

NFT application prospects are broad, far more than collection

Picasso once said: “Art itself does not evolve, and the form of expression of art only changes with the changes of human concepts.” When industrial practice walked before the theoretical boundary, artists had to carry out a lot of innovative attempts and thinking in order to obtain More feedback. Nothing is more important than the thought of the artist. An artwork can be expressed in many ways, such as painting, photography, sculpture, behavior, language, etc. What the artist needs to choose is just which expression is more suitable. The blockchain technology provides richer and more revolutionary media and methods for art creators. The birth of NFT transformed art into a new value orientation, as well as a carrier for presenting and carrying this value orientation.

But this does not mean that there is no problem with encryption art at the moment. The NFT industry is still in an early stage of exploration. Artists are also very taboo to be seen as followers of new concepts chasing short-term interests. The number of artists entering this field is less than 1%. At present, there are also some chaos in the market, such as infringement, plagiarism and other problems from time to time, and the solution of this problem depends on the supervision of the platform. At present, the importance of the platform in the NFT trading market is still very important. A benign development platform will have a positive effect on the entire market.

In the future, when the application of NFT is popularized, it may form an ecology where creators, collectors, and communities benefit from each other. In the traditional collection market, once a work is sold, no matter what price it circulates in the secondary market, the creator will not be able to obtain additional income; and most of the current NFT art platforms write the artist’s share into the underlying agreement. After selling the work for the first time, you can still get a share directly from each subsequent resale.

In addition, the iBox platform has issued the first set of public welfare NFT works in China, creating a precedent for using blockchain voucher technology to help public welfare undertakings. Artwork, interest collections, public welfare, copyright protection… The application scope of NFT is constantly expanding. As a new thing that was born not long ago, NFT is getting closer and closer to the general public. In the future, with the popularity of NFT and the landing of more applications, the prospect of this track will go far beyond collections, or will become the main battlefield for IP operations.


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