How to find and track crypto whale wallets?

In cryptocurrencies, you can profit by following the wallets of professional investors and whales because they have more information and leverage than you. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into how to find and track wallets using a block explorer. include:

  • Monitor wallets with Etherscan
  • Use DeBank
  • NFT Wallet Tracking

Let’s open Etherscan, you will see all the ERC tokens here. On the HEX page, there is a lot of useful information to study. But now let’s move to the holder section.


In general, Etherscan sorts assets from largest to smallest. This tells you a lot:

  • If all the coins are concentrated in a few accounts, this can be a bad sign, as there will be a noticeable drop in price if they sell.
  • If a lot of tokens are being held on exchanges, it could mean that the holders are only there for short-term gain.


If your goal is to find wallets that entered large positions early on, you can filter based on the size of your holdings.


You can also do this by viewing the transfer history.


You can do this for any token. For example, this is a token I found – LYNK. It was just released about 8 days ago and is up 26% today. We first go to get its contract address.


Then search for it in the relevant block explorer and you can start looking for a wallet.

I started with the earliest transaction records, with the goal of finding a wallet that entered a large position early on. Immediately after, this deal piqued my interest. This account bought 60K LYNK tokens 4 days after the token launch and I would like to investigate further.


Then copy and paste their wallet address into a block explorer to bring up their transaction history, account balance, and their investment history.


Here is their Erc20 transfer record, and it looks like they regularly buy large amounts of unknown tokens. I wonder if they have many success stories, that’s the hard part.


Copying them, and studying their patterns, is the way to become a better investor. Etherscan is not so clear for looking at the large number of coins they are invested in, for a more organized analysis, DeBank can be used.


Once you find the accounts you want to track, you can follow them on Debank and regularly check their transactions on the block explorer. Of course, this method is also applicable to NFTs. You can view the NFTs and investment portfolios of your tracking targets on Ethscan and Debank.



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