How to enter the web3 industry in 7 steps without writing code

Li Jin, co-founder of Variant Fund, recently shared his advice on how to enter the web3 industry.

7 steps for non-technical personnel to transition to the web3 industry. Moving a career to web3 can be daunting, especially for those who don’t know how to write code. Web3 has new jobs that don’t exist in other industries, and recruitment appears to be informal and web-based.

1. Start with learning the basics of blockchain.

a16z Encryption Entrepreneurship School (, where @jessewldn takes the lead, is an important resource for understanding the basics of encryption and web3. 

Don’t skip this step, because it clarifies how and why WEB3!

2. Immerse yourself in the industry by reading top information sources:


forefront-social token/DAO;

banklessDAO-Decentralized Finance

Defiant News


OurNetwork-on-chain indicators

Linda Xie—all about web3

My newsletter:









Tip: When you find a project you want to know about, search for the podcast interviews of these founders to learn more about their thoughts.

3. Follow people on Twitter.

Twitter is the “layer 0” of web3, and many networks and information flows occur here.

Here is a list of some good users worth following:

Twitter is already valuable as a read-only experience, but outputting some content allows you to get more out of it.

First write summaries of various spaces, podcasts, curated links, etc. Don’t be afraid to join the conversation and ask questions-many people will respond!

4. Use encryption products: learn by doing.

Buy some ETH or SOL on the exchange, transfer it to a crypto wallet, such as phantom or MetaMask, and start using dapp:

Buy NFT-Opensea or MagicEden

Support crowdfunding @viamirror

Exchange tokens @Uniswap or @Sushiswap

If cost is an obstacle, try the DeFi app on the low-fee chain:


@DeFi_Land (gamification DeFi)

@orca_so (user-friendly dex/liquidity pool)

@solendprotocol (borrowing)

@DriftProtocol (Perpetual Futures)

Or try the DeFi app on Polygon:

@PoolTogether_ (No-loss prize game)


@PolymarketHQ (match betting)

@furucombo (optimize DeFi strategy)

5. Find your niche.

There are many sub-industries in web3, and each sub-industry has its own rabbit hole of resources, content and products:

For NFT, please follow @context to see what people are casting and trading.

For DAO, browse @withBackdrop to see what the people of DAO are participating in.

Music lovers, join @water_and_music @songcamp_, and browse music NFT at @catalogworks and @soundxyz

6. Join various DAOs and start contributing.

This is a great lightweight way to meet people built with web3. Introduce yourself in Discord, meet with core contributors, and ask how you can help.

@Cooopahtroopa has shared some DAO lists:

7. Finally, commit to one (or several) DAOs or work for a start-up company.

At this point, you will have a clear understanding of what you are interested in and where you want to spend more time.

To find a full-time job, you can find it in the @variantfund portfolio ( or

For those who are not looking for a full-time job, resources such as @rabbithole_gg, @layer3xyz, and @dao_exchange aggregate various DAO revenue opportunities.

There are organizations like @MetricsDAO, @ScribeDAO, or @Pub_DAO that provide users with opportunities to work and earn tokens.

What non-technical skills does web3 require?

Community building: managing social interactions, promoting participation, and establishing connections

Content: write interpreters, tutorials, documents; complete the narrative

Governance: make suggestions and participate in governance forums

Web3 skills that are more needed:

Data analysis: create an on-chain analysis dashboard

Token economics: design token economics according to the specific nature of the project

Project management: Take notes, summarize community calls, and become a “glue man”

The Web3 project also aspires to all traditional non-technical entrepreneurial roles: product management, design, BD, finance, recruiters, etc. Good at any of these skills, you are very suitable!

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