How to earn while playing with Axie Infinity?

Recently, Axie Infinity has attracted a lot of attention.

In the past 7 days, this NFT game has generated more than $39 million in revenue. This almost exceeds the sum of BTC and ETH over the same period.

What is the reason behind it? First of all, Axie Infinity is indeed a good game.

Secondly, Axie Infinity gamers have many opportunities to make money. Encrypted games such as Axie Infinity are creating a mode of earning while playing in the game field.

You can get digital assets by playing Axie Infinity. These digital assets have real value, and the value has been soaring, which means that you can sell assets while playing games in exchange for real digital cash.

So how do players earn digital assets through Axie Infinity?

The following will introduce 5 ways to earn while playing, including providing liquidity for Uniswap V3 and using AXS tokens to participate in the upcoming staking.

In the next ten years, there will be billions of dollars worth of opportunities in the field of encrypted games. You should start joining the ranks of players now.

How to earn while playing with Axie Infinity?

The mainstream NFT game Axie Infinity is currently booming, bringing various economic opportunities to players.

However, this article must first make it clear that there are various ways to make money while playing, but there are also wrong ways. Therefore, this article will show how to use Axie Infinity cleverly to make money.

Goal : Learn different ways to make money in the Axie Infinity ecosystem

Skills : Intermediate to advanced

Energy required : depends on the individual

Return on investment : If the method is correct, then considerable potential benefits can be obtained!

Axie Infinity: New Economic Form

According to Token Terminal statistics, from July 10 to July 17, 2021, Axie Infinity’s total revenue exceeded $39 million!


What a shocking data, the revenue generated by ETH and BTC during the same period was only 37.9 million US dollars and 4.7 million US dollars respectively.

The transaction fees generated by Axie Infinity this week not only exceed the two most popular blockchains in the crypto economy, but also far exceed the combined transaction fees of these two blockchains!

Therefore, some people in the crypto industry joked that BTC has become a pet stone, at least for now, because this digital pet battle adventure game in Ethereum has shrunk BTC’s revenue.


But this game called Axie Infinity is not an ordinary game. This project is a good example, proving that working hard in the previous bear market in the crypto market can bring huge benefits today. In addition, the project also created a new game design, which is to make money while playing.

These mechanisms allow the Axie team to build a community of hardcore players all over the world. This community has now become the economic lifeline of Axie Infinity’s continuous development, providing interesting money-making opportunities for all types of users.


Does this sound like the game you want to play? If so, this article is perfect for you.

Axie Infinity can’t make you rich easily

Axie Infinity is not a game that can make you suddenly rich. In fact, the best players and members in Axie Infinity have been playing for a while, just as you think.

In other words, if you just want to make money through short-term play, you may be disappointed.

why? Because the game Axie Infinity is very complicated and has many unique features. On the surface, this game has cute cartoon characters, but the game mechanics are similar to chess and require quite a lot of strategies to win. In addition, the Axie Infinity economy is like a breathing organism, because the prices of Axies, $AXS and $SLP game tokens will continue to fluctuate.

In other words, you may not be able to make a profit successfully. If you do not pay attention to the details of the game, you may even lose money.

In the most ideal situation, you play Axie Infinity because of its interesting game mechanics, and you continue to pay attention to the game community because the community is rich in content and can provide a variety of useful suggestions that can help you play the game better, understand the game mechanics, and let You become the first group of game experts in the world to make money while playing.

In addition to money, you can also gain a lot of other knowledge.

Earn money with Axie Infinity

If you are really interested in Axie Infinity and want to know more about the various economic opportunities that this game brings, here are 5 feasible strategies. The first 4 can be used today, but the last AXS token pledge will be launched soon.

Strategy Earn while playing

The first step to participate in the Axie Infinity economy is naturally to play games!

The coolest part is that after winning the battle and completing the mission, you can get the Smooth Love Potions ($SLP) token in the game. The current transaction price is about $0.26. The token is used to breed Axies.

You can choose to sell or use the tokens, anyway this is the tokens you earn! In Axie Infinity, there are three main ways to earn SLP tokens, namely mission mode, adventure mode (PvE) and arena mode (PvP) .

Mission mode

Axie Infinity will provide daily missions , players can earn $50 SLP tokens for completing the missions. Weekly missions and other limited-time special rewards are coming soon.


Adventure mode

For casual players, you can try the adventure mode of Axie Infinity and get tokens by defeating computer-controlled monsters . But the battle will become more difficult as the level is upgraded.


Arena mode

You can also win tokens by fighting other players’ Axies, and you will get $SLP tokens for each arena victory.


In this mode, you need to remember the following points:

1. The upcoming V2 battle system will provide free Axies for novices to play, but before that, you must first buy (or borrow) 3 Axies to create a team.

2. The main center for purchasing Axies is the official Axies market , which is now on the Ronin sidechain for game development. You can check out Axie Infinity co-founder Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin’s video tutorial to learn how to migrate assets to the Ronin sidechain.


3. Download the Mavis Hub Launcher for launching and updating Axie Infinity directly from .

Strategy Cultivate xies

In the Axie Infinity universe, another opportunity to make money comes from nurturing Axies. When you breed more Axies, you can sell, rent, and create Axies scholarship teams from your inventory, that is, allow other players to use your Axies in exchange for the SLP tokens earned by the players.

The breeding cost is 4 AXS tokens, and the cost will increase according to the number of breeding times. For example, it takes 300 SLP tokens to breed two unmated Axies, and then increase them proportionally, as shown in the figure below.


Quick guide: How to nurture xies

1. Select the Axie you want to breed, and click the “breed” button on its introduction page. Enter the two Axies you want to mate, and you can start.


2. Ronin wallet will prompt you to approve the reproduction fee, please press the “Confirm” button.

3. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive a new Axie egg in your inventory.

4. After Axie breeds and lays eggs, it will take 5 days to become an adult. After 5 days, you can go to the inventory page of the Axie market and click to collect the eggs.


5. After you open the properties page of the newly born Axie, click the “Become Adult” button. The Ronin browser wallet will prompt you to sign the transaction. You have to press the “Confirm” button to complete the signature. The process takes a few minutes, and then you will have a new adult Axie!

Strategy Provide liquidity for xie tokens

The utility of SLP tokens in Axie Infinity has been introduced above, and the game’s native governance token $AXS will be introduced below.

Both of these assets contribute to the development of Axie Infinity, so as the game develops, the demand for these tokens will also grow. One of the ways to participate in the Axie Infinity economy is to provide liquidity in mainstream DEX to meet the demand for tokens.

You can especially consider providing liquidity in the following pools:

Uniswap V3 AXS/ETH liquidity pool

Uniswap V3 SLP/ETH liquidity pool

Sushi AXS/ETH liquidity pool

Keep in mind that you have to bear the risk of impermanent loss caused by the provision of liquidity in these pools, but at the same time you can earn transaction fees and continue to gain exposure to Axie Infinity’s economic upward trend.

Strategy Speculate on the rare xie

Do you think Axie Infinity will continue to prosper? Will the rarest Axies become a classic like fine wine?

If so, a potential way to make money is speculative fragmented Axie. In other words, after fragmentation, Axie becomes a homogeneous ERC20 token, making it easier to own rare Axie collectively.

For this strategy, there are two ways to choose, either a single fragmented Axie or a series of fragmented Axies.

An example of the former is Almace, which is a super rare Axie divided into 10,000 ALMX tokens through NIFTEX. An example of the latter is Unicly’s uAxie token, which represents 24 mysterious Axies.


Strategy AXS token pledge (coming soon)

Remember that in addition to the recent huge gains of Axie Infinity, did you also mention this pledge project in the previous article?

These huge amounts of income will enter the Axie Infinity community treasury governed by AXS tokens . As the AXS pledge system is about to go live, these revenues will begin to be distributed to players who pledge AXS tokens.

The following figure shows the process of generating passive income through pledge.


AXS pledge may be launched later this year, so please pay attention to the latest news!

Future goals

Axie Infinity is now full of opportunities. In order to make the most of these opportunities, you have to use curiosity to explore this rapidly growing NFT game, and invest time and energy, so that you will soon become an experienced player.

Please remember that playing Axie Infinity is like de-banking. It is a frontier field full of risks. You will face price fluctuations, impermanent losses and other issues. You must put in effort to succeed.

If you are ready to meet the challenge, you will have a lot of fun in the process, which is a reward in itself.

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