How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation

“A world full of opportunities, the only thing missing is the eyes to find value”

With the rapid development of Web3.0, new things are emerging in endlessly. Every day, you can see various new product announcements. So how to capture industry trends and find “potential” projects at the initial stage of the project?

Let’s share some effective information channels and tools today.

To find “potential”, we must first have an overall idea, divided into three parts:

1. Widely available

2. Efficient screening

3. Continuous attention

Widely available


A lot of project information comes from Twitter, with various investors, technology geeks and KOLs active on it. These veterans will often release some promising projects or their knowledge of the industry, or announce the development direction of their projects, the solutions they have launched, and the latest cooperation plans.

As long as we pay attention to these people’s attention, repost, and like, we can find some directions.

There are roughly three types of accounts:

  • Capitalists and founders, such as: a16z, Alameda Research, Digital Currency Group, SBF, etc.
  • Public chain publicity accounts, such as Solana, BSC, Matic, etc.
  • Active veterans: From the above two types of Twitter following lists, you can find some people who often post unique insights about the industry or products.

Information platform

Recent financing information is also the key to obtaining industry hotspots. You can pay attention to the financing information of information platforms such as chain news and block rhythm.

How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation

How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation

If you do the above two points, you can have a clearer understanding of industry hotspots and development trends.

In this process, you can also directly select a more promising track and pay attention to multiple items on this track.

Efficient screening

The next step is to screen out relatively good projects from a wide range of projects. There is no very clear index to refer to, mainly from three aspects to comprehensively measure.

Mainstream capitalist

  • Generally speaking, there is at least one more well-known capital leading the investment.
  • Check out which investors are involved in leading projects on the market. Or check the information of the employer through the non-small number, Block123.

Team experience

  • This point is mainly to check whether team members have relevant industry experience or have greater influence in the community. Don’t be fooled by irrelevant glorious backgrounds.
  • For example: the chief architect of the NFT public chain Flow created and released the ERC721 standard.

Product features and public opinion verification

  • Clearly understand the advantages and characteristics of this product compared with related products, whether there are any unique features. In the process of obtaining information widely, it is easy to have a more intuitive feeling about this.
  • Combined with the third-party evaluation of the community, cross-validate whether these advantages and characteristics really exist.

Of the above three points, it is not necessary that all three are excellent, and at least two of them are better .

stay tuned

After selecting a project that needs attention, you need to continue to pay attention to the new development of the project. Learn about its recent development direction, cooperation situation, new breakthroughs, etc. This information can usually be obtained from Medium, Twitter, Discord of the project party.


Next, I recommend a few more advanced tools to help you discover “potential” projects.


Nonfungible is a data analysis tool for NFT, you can see the transaction data of various NFTs.

How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation


Tokentermainal provides many project indicators and can quickly compare project data.

How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation


DeepDao is a treasury analysis platform for DAO. It captures and analyzes DAO treasury data and provides a series of measurement indicators. From this, you can easily see the reserves and changes of a certain project treasury.

How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation

Dune Analytics

Dune is a highly flexible visualization data chart tool that can view Ethereum smart contract data in real time .

On Dune, you can directly view the data panels made by many analysts, or you can create your own analysis panels through SQL statements.

How to discover new potential projects? Tool recommendation

Some methods and tools for screening projects are described above. Hope that through these tools, you can build unique insights into this industry.

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